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“And those who were seen dancing were thought to be insane by those who could not hear the music.”

Friedrich Nietzsche

Prince heard the music. He wasn’t just another sleeping beauty, he was wide awake, and maneuvering through our dream world with his gift of magic like his body was a ball of electric creation that couldn’t stop making music. He lived it. Prince was the music. A modern day Mozart, Prince was a musical genius that could play over twenty-three instruments, write, arrange, compose and perform all of his own music plus he owned the rights to his own master recordings. After an 8-Year Fight Against Warner Brothers he was finally free from the record companies that had been ripping him off nearly his entire career.

By the time of his untimely death Prince was in a position to call his own shots and dictate the recording and releasing of his new music any way that he liked. He refused to license his music to iTunes or Amazon, and even on YouTube, his music isn’t as prevalent as other artists of his stature because he constantly fought against having his work streamed for free. He famously told Jay Leno and his nationally televised audience in 2000 that Mariah Carey’s astounding $20 million dollar contract was a rip off. The audience gasped and he then explained why she was getting ripped off with some real insider math to a silent crowd. Prince rebelled against the major record labels like no artist before him or since. He even gave away a million free copies of his new album by including it in the Sunday edition of a London newspaper.

Two dying mediums that Prince was able to use in getting his message across to his former masters at the illuminati. He was not their slave anymore. He talked openly about obtaining transcendence and shunning the internet, calling it “Over” As A Source Of Money making streams for musicians. He was right as not only is the music industry basically dead but the endless amounts of free music available on the world wide web has made it pretty pointless to actually pay for music. Certainly nobody is buying CD’s anymore.


Prince was seemingly aware that his days on the planet were coming closer to an end. In his last public appearance he told the crowd assembled at his private club inside his Paisley Park compound to, “Wait a few days before you waste any prayers” before showing off a new piano to the stunned audience. Either Prince was extremely sick and fearing the worst or knew that an illuminati hit squad was lying in the wake and ready to reclaim its property.

Since his death Prince’s music sales have soared over 70,000 Percent, with over 5 million units sold within the last week alone. That’s a pretty hefty sum of money not going to the man who fought the record companies tooth and nail for nearly two decades over the control of his music. In the wake of Prince’s death those same record companies are set to cash in big time this year.

Despite his untimely death, Prince was awake, he even wore sunglasses that covered his Third Eye, that invisible pineal gland located above the eyes on the upper forehead.

Prince changed his profile picture on his twitter page before his death revealing that his third eye was opened and he was indeed aware and awakened. His eerie last message on Instagram read: Just When You Thought You Were safe. But he wasn’t safe, Prince was found unresponsive in an elevator by the sheriff’s department. The same elevator he referenced as the devil in one of his hit songs “Let’s go Crazy”.

Was this a clue that Prince was murdered by members with ties to the occult forces that he so desperately tried to escape from?

Did they leave him to be discovered in the elevator as an occult symbolic reference? Prince was last seen looking extremely sick and disheveled outside of a Walgreens pharmacy the night before he died. Camera’s from his Paisley Park compound show him entering his home at around 9 p.m. and nothing more is known of him until thirteen hours later when he’s discovered dead in an elevator.

Wouldn’t Prince also have cameras on the inside of his vast Paisley Park complex? And if so where is the footage?


Prince foresaw the collapse of corporate musical empires amongst other eerie things like predicting 9/11 three years before it happened. A 1998 live recording from a show in Utrecht, the Netherlands shows Prince predicting the atrocities in New York in 2001, he even blames the bombings on Osama bin Laden! Prince sings, “I got to go back to America. I got to get ready for the bomb…Osama bin Laden, get ready to bomb…America you’d better watch out…2001 hit me.”

It’s an absolutely Stunning Thing To Hear. Of course we all know that CIA Patsy Osama Bin Laden and his Al-Qaida Goons were later blamed for the so-called worst attack of all times on US soil. An attack that was at the very least pre-planned for demolitions rigging at the twin towers and the never mentioned tower #7 and then imploded with high-powered explosive devices, as Dr. Judy Wood pointed out numerous times despite being all but banned by the mainstream media.


Prince was a unique character, he turned down his first record deal at 14 and died under mysterious circumstances at 57. The press has already started to paint him as the usual portrait of the drug addicted artist, claiming he overdosed on Percocet because of a secret drug problem. The press has also started to claim that Prince was involved in drug fueled orgies in the 80s and 90s that left him with HIV from a result of drug use and unprotected sex. They also been hammering the point home to how weird Prince was, and how he dressed strangely and was an introvert weirdo that holed himself up in his Minnesotan compound known as Paisley Park.

What they don’t tell you is how awakened Prince was, how generous he was, how aware he was and most importantly how Normal he was.

You see Prince wasn’t the typical Disney assembled pop stars that we currently have, he was a throwback to the times when you needed to have actual talent to make it in the music industry. Prince revolutionized the industry a few times over, to the point of writing SlaVe on his face in protest and changing his name to a symbol to the infinite ire of his record company. In 1993, Prince spoke out against the Warner Brothers record label that Owned Him:

Prince is the name that my mother gave me at birth. Warner Bros. took the name, trademarked it, and used it as the main marketing tool to promote all of the music that I wrote. The company owns the name Prince and all related music marketed under Prince. I became merely a pawn used to produce more money for Warner Bros.


Prince wasn’t a Slave to the New World Order, he was a truther, a fan of Infowars and the works of David Icke and spent many hours sharing articles of awareness on his Facebook page. In 2009, Prince appeared on a PBS-televised talk show hosted by the American author and political activist Travis Smiley. During the interview, Prince explained how his song “Dreamer” was inspired by the words of American civil rights activist Dick Gregory. Prince claims that Gregory was the first person to tell him about chemtrails and the sudden realization of what they were was like an epiphany for him. Prince Told A Nationally Televised Audience That:

"You know, when I was a kid, I used to see these trails in the sky all the time. So that’s cool, a jet just went over. And then you started to see a whole bunch of them, and next think you know everybody in your neighborhood was fighting and arguing and you didn’t know why, okay, and you really didn’t know why, I mean, everybody was fighting. So he started riffing about the chemtrails, and, he started to say things that hit home so hard, and I would recommend that everybody try to get what he said online, or wherever, and try to get a copy of it and just listen to it, because I was so moved that I had to write this song.


While the helicopter circles us, this theory’s getting’ deep Think they’re spraying chemicals over the city while we sleep? Come on I’m staying’ awake, you can call me a dreamer too – Ahh I got one eye open for these devils – Wake up, wake up.

In the interview Prince laments on how America is nothing but a modern day plantation, where the masters reside at the police stations and how we’re all just indentured servants that are close to being replaced by robots anyway. Making his death stranger was the fact that it was predicted in an episode of the Simpsons and that Niagara Falls just happened to light up with the color purple the day that he died. They claim that the Falls were lit up in honor of the Queen’s 90th birthday.

If that is true then why the color purple? Of all the color’s they could have chosen for the Queen’s birthday colors, purple seems the oddest choice. Perhaps the purple was in honor of the Queen’s ritual sacrifice of the Prince? Or perhaps Prince was even killed by the very same chemtrails that he spoke out against? One theory claims that Prince and legendary country singer Merle Haggard could have both been killed by the mysterious chemtrail flu that’s been currently making the hospital rounds. “What I hate is looking up and seeing chemtrails in a clear blue sky today,” Haggard once sang, before complications from the flu took his life a few months ago. Chemtrails are being dispersed from the exhaust channels of planes directly into the atmosphere where they eventually find their way down to the ground, or either landing on and seeping through the skin of unaware humans and animals. Chemtrails are also the reason why farmers keep discovering excessive amounts of aluminum particles in their soil.


As for the real reasons for Prince’s death, we may never know if it was related to chemtrails or not. Maybe a combination of the chemtrail flu and a weakened immune system from HIV and years of drug abuse? Prince’s former drug dealer has revealed that the singer had a Severe Twenty-Five Year Addiction to Dilaudid pills and Fentanyl patches, spending over $40,000 at a time for monthly stashes of the highly potent opioid painkillers. It’s likely we’ll never get the real truth, Prince was supposed to be a healthy vegan that shunned alcohol and drugs and was a devout supporter of the Jehovah’s witnesses. Whatever the case may be, Prince chose to talk about Chemtrails and felt it was an important issue that needed more mainstream attention. Even though the final days of Prince’s life will be shrouded in conspiracy theories, Chemtrails may be more than just a conspiracy theory.

To learn more about them start looking towards the skies, you can see them everywhere.

Also watch the documentary films Aerosol Crimes And What In The World Are They Spraying? But first listen to the incredible tunes of Prince and be thankful for the seemingly endless amount of beautiful music that he left us. Prince’s musical vault has actually been Drilled Open and it’s said to contain enough music for an album a year up until the next century.

Maybe we should party like its 1999? After all it’s getting harder to tell whether it’s the year 2016 or 1984.


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