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Half Way Tree in JAMAICA erupts After Tessanne Chin WINS The Voice 2013 {VIDEOS} Performs with Celine Dion

Tessanne Chin Performed Whitney Houston’s classic “I Have Nothing” The Voice Final Dec 16 [VIDEO]

Tessanne Chin Win The Voice 2013

Tessanne Chin is the winner of The Voice 2013.

After 12 weeks performing on the Emmy-winning talent show, Tessanne Chin emerged The Voice 2013.

The Jamaican songstress won after a sizzling performance of Whitney Houston’s classic hit “I Have Nothing” on Monday’s final live performance show.

Tessanne Chin topped the iTunes chart twice and rocked up record numbers of votes to take home the grand prize of a recording contract and $100,000 cash.

A rep for Tessanne Chin says she was very nervous going into tonight’s final episode.

“Naturally anyone would be nervous in a situation like and this was probably the most nervous I’ve ever seen her [Tessanne Chin],” the rep told us. “But most of us were very confident she would win and Adam was right there to help her get her mind ready for the inevitable.”

Tessanne Chin has had an amazing journey on The Voice season five, carrying an entire nation with her a long the journey. She managed to get all four judges to turn around during her blind audition on September 24. That memorable night she performed Pink’s “Try,” a song fit for the occasion.

During a recent interview, Tessanne Chin says before the blind audition she was doing backup vocals for reggae legend Jimmy Cliff in Jamaica.

“Before the blind audition I was singing background vocals for Mr. Jimmy Cliff in Jamaica,” Tessanne Chin said. “When all four judges turned around I was proud because I felt like this is my chance to be a solo artist. Working with Adam I definitely feel closer to being the artists that I want to be.”

The entire Jamaica and those in the diaspora are in celebratory mood tonight. One fan of Chin told Urban Islandz on Facebook that he and his crew planned to celebrate the win for the rest of the year.

“They should just declare it a merry Tessanne Chin Christmas because we will be partying for the entire holiday,” Kevin said.

Tessanne Chin and Adam Levine

Tessanne Chin is currently crying happy tears after after her remarkable victory on The Voice 2013. The entertainment media is already clamoring to get an interview.

Last night a large crowd of people gathered in Half Way Tree in Kingston, Jamaica’s capital watching The Voice on a gian

What’s next for Tessanne Chin?

She currently has a recording contract so her fans can look out for some new singles from her in the coming months and possibly an album.

She sure will be spending some quality time with her husband Michael Anthony Cuffe Jr and her sister Tami Chynn, who is also a popular artist in Jamaica.

The Voice 2013 third place: Will Champlin
The Voice 2013 second place:

Tessanne Chin is The Voice 2013.

Congratulations to Tessanne Chin.


Tessanne Chin And Celine Dion Perform On The Voice Final [VIDEO]

Tessanne Chin and Celine Dion The Voice

Celine Dion joined Tessanne Chin on The Voice final episode to perform her classic single “Love Can Move Mountains.”

The duo left everyone on their feet including the judges.

Tessanne Chin who has received high praises for her vocals on The Voice was rivaling the iconic singer.

Although the winner of The Voice 2013 has not yet revealed, Tessanne Chin is the hot favourite after performing Whitney Houston’s classic “I Have Nothing” on Monday night’s final live performance episode.

Rehearsal footage shows Tessanne Chin crying when she learned that she will be performing with Celine Dion on The Voice final show.

“I look up to her so much you just don’t understand,” Tessanne said.

Better video coming soon.


Tessanne Chin Advanced To The Voice Finals, Despite Personal Issues

Tessanne Chin I Have nothing

Tessanne Chin lived up to the hype on The Voice 2013 final live performance on Monday night with a mammoth performance of Whitney Houston’s classic “I Have Nothing.”

Houston is undoubtedly a giant shoe to fill in the singing world, but Tessanne Chin made it look too easy.

“I dont have thoughts right now,” Adam Levine said after a long pause. “Everybody know this is sacred ground. Everybody stay away from Whitney Houston because it is so hard… It is unlike anything I’ve ever heard… I have no doubt in my mind that you are the winner of this show.”

During rehearsals Tessanne Chin did not get phased when Adam told her she should sing Whitney Houston’s “I Have Nothing.”

“Of course I can’t sing like Whitney Houston, but I consider this as a tribute to her,” Tessanne Chin said.

Tessanne Chin and Whitney Houston

Tessanne Chin roared into The Voice finals last week with a flawless performance of “Bridge Over Troubled Water.” She went on to top the iTunes chart later that night with that performance.

The Jamaican songstress is the hot favourite to win The Voice 2013 grand prize of a recording contract and a cash prize of $100,000.

#TeamTessanne is currently the top trending topic on Twitter.



Tessanne Chin husband Michael Cuffe Jr. and her parents were in the audience sheering her on.

She is going into tomorrow night’s (December 17) final episode the hot favourite to be crowned the champion.

Tessanne Chin chin has had an inspiring journey on The Voice season five. She entered the competition as the first Jamaican contestant in September and made it all the way to the final through. Now her eyes are on the grand prize.

Tessanne Chin was already an established performer in Jamaica, who also did back up vocals for reggae legend Jimmy Cliff. She was encouraged by dancehall icon Shaggy, who mentored her, to auditioned for The Voice.

Watch Tessanne Chin performed Whitney Houston “I Have Nothing” On The Voice final on Monday, December 16 below




Tessanne Chin And Adam Levine Performed “Let It Be” On The Voice Finals [VIDEO]

Tessanne Chin and Adam Levine The Voice

Tessanne Chin outshines her coach Adam Levine on The Voice finals on Monday when the two duet with The Beatles classic single “Let It Be.”

Tessanne Chin and Adam Levine drew a loud cheer from the audience when they added a little reggae flavor to the single.

The Jamaican songstress is making her final push to be crowned The Voice 2013 champion. The final episode will be on Tuesday night, December 17.

Chin has the entire Caribbean and the huge Jamaican diaspora in North America and Europe behind her.

She is still the top trending topic on Twitter.


Tessanne Chin Performed “Bridge Over Troubled Water” On The Voice Dec 9 [VIDEO]

Tessanne The Voice final

Tessanne Chin advanced to The Voice finals on Tuesday night results episode.

The Jamaican songstress overcome some personal issues on Monday night’s live show to gave a powerful performance of “Bridge Over Troubled Waters.”

Chin drew one of the largest cheers from the audience we’ve seen to date and left her coach Maroon 5 frontman Adam Levine lost for words.

“I’ve never been speechless on this show before,” Levine said.

Tessanne Chin’s “Bridge Over Troubled Water (The Voice Performance)” climb to No. 1 oniTunes last night putting her in the front seat to go to next week’s final.

Tesanne Chin in the studio

Tessanne Chin was the last to perform of the Top 5 contestants on Monday night. It was revealed from her rehearsals footage that she was dealing with some personal problems that was not immediately revealed. The clips where she was telling Adam about what was going on was cut out.

Unconfirmed reports are that a friend of her passed away. However, a close source to the “Hideaway” singer confirmed that she is going through a bit personal issues the source declined to name.

“She is going through something but she is doing okay, Tessanne has a strong personality, she is so pure and she will make it through,” the source said.

Tami Chynn and mom Christine

Tessanne Chin’s sister, Tami Chynn, and her mother, Christine Weston, are in California supporting her. They both were spotted in the audience.

Despite breaking down during her rehearsals, Tessanne Chin pulled off one of the best performances on The Voice to date, according to her coach Adam Levine.

Tessanne Chin cry on The Voice

Tessanne Chin is going into next week’s The Voice finals as the hot favourite to win the competition. The Voice grand prize includes a recording contract and a $100,000 cash prize.

Even contestants that don’t win sometimes saw a huge boast in their career after competing on the show. So if Tessanne Chin does not win, a major label might picked her up given hertrack record on the show this season.

The Voice final three:

  • Tessanne Chin
  • Jacquie Lee
  • Will Champlin
  • James Wolpert – sent home
  • Cole Vosbury – sent home


Tessanne Chin Advanced To The Top 5 On The VoiceTessanne The Voice

Tessanne Chin put on another sizzling performance on The Voice on Monday night.

The Jamaican songstress performed Simon and Garfunkel classic single “Bridge Over Troubled Water” much to the delight of the audience and the judges who all had high praises for her.

“That was crazy what just happened,” Adam Levine said. “I’ve never been speechless on this show before. Regardless of popular opinion that is probably the most flawlessperformance I’ve ever seen on this show.”


Blake agreed with Adam.

Tessanne Chin’s sister Tami Chynn and her mother were in the audience cheering her on.

But without votes her performances will be in vain because on Tuesday night the resultepisode for the Top 4 contestants will be aired.

Last week Tessanne Chin rocked the stage with Bob Marley’s “Redemption Song,” and Katy Perry’s “Unconditionally.”

To vote for Tessanne Chin call 855-864-2305 or text 5 to 8642.


Tessanne Chin Performed “Redemption Song” On The Voice, Dec 2 [VIDEO]

Tessanne Chin pic 2014

Tessanne Chin two performances on Monday night were enough to take her into the Top 5 contestants in the competition.

The Jamaican songstress was saved by voting on Tuesday night’s elimination episode.

Tessanne Chin performed Bob Marley’s classic “Redemption Song” and Katy Perry’s “Unconditionally,” on Monday night.

Tessanne Chin James Wolpert and Will Champlin

This means Tessanne Chin will continue in season five of the Emmy-winning competition next week.

The Voice 2013 Top 5 Contestants:

Jacquie Lee
Cole Vosbury
Tessanne Chin
Will Champlin
James Wolper (saved via Twitter)
Matthew Schuler (eliminated)



Tessanne Advanced To Top 6 On The Voice Nov 26

Tessanne Chin bob marley redemption song

Tessanne performed Bob Marley’s classic “Redemption Song” on The Voice on Monday night.

The Jamaican songstress wowed the audience even making Adam Levine get emotional.

“That song is as important to me as it is important to you,” Adam Levine said. “I was so immerse and lost in that performance.”

“Every week I hear that Jamaican accent getting more and more strong I hear it comes out more,” Christina Aguilera said.


Tessanne Chin continues her journey to nab the top prize on season five of the Emmy-winning talent competition.

Tessanne Chin is still the hot favourite to win the recording contract and the grand prize of a $100,000 cash.

To vote for Tessanne Chin call 1-855-864-2302 or text 2 to 8642. Voting close on Tuesday at 11 a.m.


Tessanne Chin Performed “Underneath It All” On The Voice Nov 25 [VIDEO]

Tessanne Chin and Adam Levine


Tessanne Chin is one step closer to winning The Voice season five after she advanced to the Top 6 on Tuesday night’s elimination episode.
In a nail biting votes results show, the Jamaican songstress was the fourth to be name among the top six as the competition grows intense.
Tessanne Chin put on a powerhouse performance last night with “Underneath It All” a Grammy-winning single by No Doubt featuring Lady Saw.



Contestant Matthew Schuler was saved via Twitter after he came in the bottom three.

The final Top 6 list The Voice:

1. Will Champlin
2. Cole Vosbury
3. Jacquie Lee
4. Tessanne Chin
5. James Wolpert
6. Matthew Schuler


Tessanne Chin Through To Top 8, Performed “Royals” With Caroline [VIDEO]

Tessanne Chin The Voice 2013

Tessanne Chin put on another stellar performance on season five of The Voice on Monday Night.

The Jamaican songstress performed No Doubt and Lady Saw classic hit “Underneath It All.”

The judges and the audience were in awe after Tessanne belted out the lyrics for Lady Saw’s dancehall verse on the Grammy-winning single.

Tessanne Chin has had an amazing journey on The Voice season five coming in from a small Caribbean island. She has managed to be a fan favourite and a hot favourite to win the competition.

“This is the most well rounded thing you could do on this show, this song was tailor made for you,” Adam Levine said.

“The sound tonight makes you feel irie,” CeeLo Green said.

“Thank you for listening I finally find something what I was searching for,” Christina said.

Only voting can keep Tessanne Chin hopes of winning The Voice alive. So vote for her by calling 1-855-865-2302 or text 2 to 8642.

Voting close at 11 a.m. on Tuesday.



Usain Bolt Appeared On The Voice To Support Tessanne Chin As She Performed “If I Were Your Woman” On The Voice Nov 18 {VIDEO}

Tessanne Chin and Caroline Pennell

The Voice hot favorite Tessanne Chin advanced to the Top8 contestants on Season 5 ofThe Voice on Tuesday night.
The Jamaican songstress secured her spot with a powerful performance of Gladys Knight’s classic “If I Were Your Woman” on Monday night live performance episode.
Tessanne Chin also rocked the stage on Tuesday night performing Lorde’s “Royals” in a duet with Caroline Pennell from Team Ceelo.
Lorde is a New Zealand singer/songwriter.
Caroline Pennell, Austin Jenckes and Kat Robichaud were the bottom three contestantstonight, but America tweeted to save Caroline. Austin and Kat were sent home.
Tessanne Chin will continue her journey on The Voice as the live performances of the Emmy-winning talent show continues next week Monday on NBC.
Watch Tessanne Chin and Caroline Pennell performing “Royals” below.



Usain Bolt Tessanne Chin

Jamaican sprint sensation Usain Bolt just stopped by The Voice to support his fellow Jamaican powerhouse Tessanne Chin.
Bolt who is doing the promotional rounds for his new book and for Puma, stepped on the stage to loud cheers from from the audience.
When host Carson Daly asked him how is the feedback at home in Jamaica, Bolt said “it’s been crazy everybody is watching and rooting for her you know.”

Usain Bolt and Tessanne Chin The Voice

When asked if he want to perform on The Voice, Usain Bolt said “no I will pass on that one.”



Tessanne Chin later performed Gladys Knight’s classic “If I Were Your Woman.”

Tessanne Chin secured her spot in the Top10 & Performs “A Hard Day’s Night” With Adam Levine On The Voice [VIDEO] 

Tessanne Chin pic

Tessanne Chin continues her flawless trek The Voice with a powerful performance of Gladys Knight “If I Were Your Woman.”
The judges and audience couldn’t get enough of the Jamaican songstress.

Tessanne Chin will know if she will remain in the competition on Tuesday’s eliminationepisode.
“I don’t think anyone has ever done that song on this show,” Adam Levine said. “We’re talking about Gladys Knight, big shoe to fill there.”
“I know you had your apprehension but I tried to talk you into it because I thought it was one of those moments where what a song and what a lyric and its so easy to understand and convey what that song means especially with your voice,” Adam told Tessanne Chin.

“I heard your Jamaican accent came out for the first time in a song and I loved it,” Christina Aguilera said. “I love your Jamaican accent.”
Tessanne Chin husband Michael Cuffe Jr was in the audience cheering her on.


The “Hide Away” singer is a hot favourite on season 5 of the Emmy-winning talent show. But she will need your vote and lots more if she is ever to win the grand prize of a recordingcontract and a $100,000 cash prize.

To vote for Tessanne Chin call 1-855-864-2306

Watch Tessanne Chin performing “If I Were Your Woman” on The Voice below.

Tessanne Chin Performs “My Kind Of Love” On The Voice {VIDEO}Tessanne Chin team adam

Adam Levine rounded up his team which includes the powerhouse Tessanne Chin for aperformance of “A Hard Day’s Night” on Tuesday night’s episode of The Voice.

Tessanne Chin secured her spot in the Top10 after a powerful performance of “My Kind Of Love” on Monday night and a nail biting elimination episode on Tuesday night.

The Jamaican songstress will now go into rehearsal for her next big performance as the Emmy-winning talent competition gets more intense.

Watch Team Adam performing “A Hard Day’s Night” below.




Tessanne 1

Tessanne Chin advanced to the Top10 contestants on Season 5 of The Voice.

In a nail biting results episode on Tuesday night, the song bird secured her spot among the 10 remaining contestants in the live round.

The Jamaican songstress performed a powerful rendition of Emily Sandé’s “My Kind Of Love” on Monday night’s live round episode.

She received a lot of praise from Adam Levine and Christina Aguilera, who touted her as one of the strongest contestants in this season of The Voice.

Tessanne Chin husband Michael Cuffe and her sister Tami Chynn cheered her on from in the audience.

When votes closed on Tuesday at 11 a.m., Tessanne was logging behind in terms of the total number of votes each contestants received. But she received just enough to take her through.

Tessanne was the fourth contestant to secure her spot in the Top10 and was the first from Team Adam.

Tessanne Chin will be return to the stage next week when the live performances continues and the competition gets tougher.


Tessanne Chin Made It Through To Top12 On The Voice (VIDEO)

Tessanne Chin

Tessanne Chin performed a powerful rendition of Emily Sandé’s “My Kind Of Love” on The Voice on Monday night.

The Jamaican songstress wowed the audience and the judges as she belted out the lyrics to the soulful single.

“Everything I hear you sing my mind is just blown,” Adam Levine said.

“There was a lot of passion in that,” Christina Aguilera said.

Tessanne Chin husband Michael Cuffe and her sister Tami Chynn looked on from the audience.

Two contestants from tonight’s performers will go home tomorrow and its all based on voting.

To find out the many ways you can vote for Tessanne Chin click here.

Watch Tessanne Chin performed “My Kind Of Love” below.

Watch the original Emily Sandé “My Kind Of Love” video.


Tessanne Chin Sends A Special Thank You To Her Fans [VIDEO]

Tessanne Chin photo

Thanks to the hundreds of thousands of people who voted Tessanne Chin has made to through to the Top12 on Season 5 of The Voice.

The Jamaican songstress secured her spot in a nail biting results show last night on NBC.

Tessanne posted a video on her Facebook fan page just moments ago thanking her fans for their overwhelming support.

“Good morning you all, I have a busy day ahead of me but I couldn’t start the day without telling you thank you so much,” Tessanne said. “It’s because of you why I am even hear today and I got a chance to wake up and do this again. I love you and thank you so much.”

The Voice will continue live performance next week after which more contestants will be eliminated.


Tessane Chin Performs ‘Many Rivers To Cross’ On The Voice Live [VIDEO]

Jamaican songstress Tessanne Chin is making her homeland proud.

The reggae singer has made it through to the Top12 contestants for Team Adam on Season 5 of The Voice.

Tessanne was the second contestant saved for Team Adam and went through to the Top12 for next week.

Before the results were revealed, all members of Team Adam took the stage to perform Capital Cities’ “Safe & Sound.”

Tessanne Chin wowed the judges and viewers on Monday night’s live show when she performed Jimmy Cliff’s classic “Many Rivers To Cross.”

But no matter how talented you are, you need votes and plenty of it to advance in the competition.

The Voice Top12 list:

Team Blake
Austin Jenckes — SAVED By Votes
Cole Vosbury — SAVED By Votes
Ray Boudreaux — SAVED By Coach
Nic Hawk — SENT HOME
Shelbie Z — SENT HOME

Team CeeLo
Caroline Pennell — SAVED By Votes
Jonny Gray — SAVED By Votes
Kat Robichaud — SAVED By Coach
Tamara Chauniece — SENT HOME
Amber Nicole — SENT HOME

Team Xtina
Jacquie Lee — SAVED By Votes
Matthew Schuler — SAVED By Votes
Josh Logan — SAVED By Coach
Olivia Henken — SENT HOME
Stephanie Anne Johnson — SENT HOME

Team Adam
James Wolpert — SAVED By Votes
Tessanne Chin — SAVED By Votes
Will Champlin — SAVED By Coach
Preston Pohl — SENT HOME




Tessanne Chin Wins Another Battle, Defeating Ashley DuBose In The Voice Knockout Round [VIDEO]

Tessanne Chin

It’s no surprise Tessanne Chin shed some happy tears after performing “Many Rivers To Cross” on the voice. We are all so obsessed with her and her amazing voice.

Tessanne Chin was the last performer on Monday night’s episode of The Voice.

The Jamaican songstress delivered a solid performance of Jimmy Cliff classic “Many Rivers To Cross.”

Tessanne nailed the performance all the way to the ground and the judges and the audience were all in awe with her.

Tessanne Chin The Voice

“Your talent is mind boggling,” Adam Levine said. “In my opinion, it does not get better than this.”

After tonight’s performances from Team Adam and Team Blake, tomorrow Team CeeLo and Team Christina will perform. The top 12 contestants from Monday and Tuesday’s performances will be selected.

Vote Tessanne Chin The Voice

After tonight’s performance there is no doubt Tessanne Chin is among the top contestants on season 5 of The Voice.

To vote for Tessanne Chin call 877-553-8710 or text 10 to 8642.

You can also vote for Tessanne Chin by downloading her singles performed on The Voice on iTunes

How did you like #TeamBreadandButta and #TeamTessanneChin performance on Monday night? Sound off in comments below.

Watch Tessanne Chin perform “Many Rivers To Cross” below.


The Voice: Tessanne Chin Wins Her First Battle, Move On To Knock Out Round [VIDEO]
Tessanne The Voice

Tessanne Chin continues her winning streak in Monday night’s episode of The Voice season 5 Knockout Round.

The Jamaican songstress went up against Ashley DuBose where she easily scored victory, performing Kelly Clarkson’s “Stronger.”

This means Ashley DuBose will be going home since none of the other judges picked her up.

It was a tough decision for Adame Levine but Tessanne Chin turn thing up a notch with a strong performance of “Stronger.”

“I think you both have aspirations as artists,” Levine said.

Christina Aguilera says Ashley DuBose delivered in her performance of Train’s “Hey Soul Sister,” but “Tessanne, you made it sound easy.”

Tessanne Chin moves on for Team Adam Levine.



‘The Voice’ coaches were back Oct. 14, and ready to duke it out on stage, as they each pinned two of their own team members against each other.
It was the first night of the battle rounds on The Voice‘s fifth season, and nothing compared to the face-off between Donna Allen and Tessanne Chin. These two powerhouse vocalists tore up the stage with their rendition of Emeli Sande‘s “Next to Me.” Donna’s voice was so powerful, the judges couldn’t stop comparing her to Tina Turner. But it was Tessanne Chin’s dynamic vocal performance that made Adam Levine choose her. He just couldn’t give up on the one he said could win The Voice.


Even before Monday night’s episode of “The Voice” airs, we can answer that question with a “yes.” Adam Levine made a huge mistake putting Donna Allen and Tessanne Chin together for the Battle Rounds. It’s like taking two gladiators and forcing them to fight each other in hand-to-hand combat.


Tessanne Chin Performed “Try” On The Voice Audition [VIDEO] Picked Adam as her coach

Tessanne Chin The Voice

Tessanne Chin killed it on stage the new season of The Voice on Tuesday night.

The reggae singer performed “Try” to the delight of the audience and to the amazement of the judges.

All four judges pressed the red button and turn around to watch her pour her heart out on stage. But it was Adam Levine who proved to be the most eager to get her on his team.

CeeLo Green also tried a few slick moves, but Levine reminded him she was wearing a wedding ring on her finger. And yes her husband, Michael Anthony Cuffe Jr., and her dad, Jamaicanbusinessman Lascelles Chin, were backstage cheering her on.

Tessanne Chin’s performance has not yet broadcast live so we are yet to know who she chooses as her coach.

Watch a sneak peek of her performance below.

Even before Monday night’s episode of “The Voice” airs, we can answer that question with a “yes.” Adam Levine made a huge mistake putting Donna Allen and Tessanne Chin together for the Battle Rounds. It’s like taking two gladiators and forcing them to fight each other in hand-to-hand combat,

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