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Tech News: Internet Explorer bug leaks whatever you type in the address bar

All your private addresses and search queries are belong to us.

There’s a bug in the latest version of Internet Explorer that leaks the addresses, search terms, or any other text typed into the address bar.

The bug allows any currently visited website to view any text entered into the address bar as soon as the user hits enter. The technique can expose sensitive information a user didn’t intend to be viewed by remote websites, including the Web address the user is about to visit. The hack can also expose search queries, since IE allows them to be typed into the address bar and then retrieved from Bing or other search services.

The flaw was disclosed Tuesday by security researcher Manuel Caballero. This proof-of-concept site shows the exploit works as described on the latest version of IE.

Revealing the content of the address bar on IE

The proof-of-concept makes it transparent that the attacking website is viewing the entered text. The hack, however can easily be modified to make the information theft completely stealthy. Either way, this weakness may allow malicious sites to view information the user presumed was private. People should strongly consider using Google Chrome, Microsoft Edge, or another non-IE browser. Microsoft officials didn’t immediately have a comment for this post.

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Comment by GospelPan on September 29, 2017 at 12:01am
All your info is already out there, careful with your cell phones and the apps you install...check the agreement on the Facebook messenger app!
Comment by rafael monzon on September 28, 2017 at 9:04pm
Now that part I didn't know thanks for the heads up on that
Comment by El-Bull on September 28, 2017 at 8:59pm

rafael monzon you can also sue those companies for up to $1500.00 per call if they keep calling you 

Comment by rafael monzon on September 28, 2017 at 8:54pm
This is 100% true. I used to get a lot of junk emails which eventually leads into annoying phone calls just because you searched something on the internet. It wasn't until one day speaking with one of my customers that she informed me of the methods taking by companies to track your searches. The first thing everyone need to do is put their home and cell phone numbers on the national do not call list. Takes a few days but once your on there they can no longer call you. Don't mean they won't but you can inform them watch how fast they hang up. If you really want to get them in trouble act like you're interested but ask are they an American based company and if so where is the company headquarters located once they give you the info then inform the that you are on the NDNCL and your going to report them. They will have to relocate the whole company as they will not be allowed to operate in the same state. Secondly to avoid the phone call in the first place. (Should have said this first) this is going to be annoying before you search anything CLOSE YOUR EMAIL! This means your cell phone tablets and any other device that you have synched your email to. After you have finished searching delete the history of your browsing searches. If you were online and made a purchase then you'll get a confirmation of your purchase which is all you should need. Just keep in mind that the site your on has tokens as well that will track your purchases and browsing so it's not completely secure but you should see a significant amount of junk mail missing your inbox

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