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Teacher is fired after she was caught on camera KICKING a five-year-old student during a library class because she was 'hiding' behind a bookshelf

A closer look: This zoomed in shot showed the moment Smith kicked the child in the back

  • Kansas teacher Crystal Smith has been fired after she was caught on camera kicking a kindergarten student in the back 
  • She taught at Bluejacket Flint Elementary school in Shawnee
  • On February 21 she was caught on surveillance camera kicking and aggressively grabbing a five-year-old student who was hiding in a library bookshelf 
  • The girl went home claiming her teacher hit her and had a red mark on her arm
  • When the outraged mother confronted Smith, the teacher claimed the child got the marks by herself when she was hiding in the bookshelf 
  • The mother asked for video of the incident that showed Smith kicking the child 
  • Smith was put on leave pending the end of an investigation and was officially fired on March 25  When the girl refused to exit the bookshelf Smith kicked the child in the back. The incident took place on February 21 at Bluejacket Flint Elementary school in Shawnee, Kansas

A Kansas elementary school teacher has been caught on camera kicking a five-year-old kindergarten student and aggressively grabbing the child during library class.  

Teacher Crystal Smith was caught on surveillance footage at Bluejacket Flint elementary school in Shawnee kicking a toddler who was hiding in a bookshelf in the library on February 21. 

In the clip the teacher can be seen approaching the young girl and grabbing her arm to get her out of the cubby hole then kicking her back as the girl laid sprawled on the ground. 

The girl reported she was hit to her homeroom teacher who failed to report it to the school's administration. 

Kansas teacher filmed kicking a 5-year-old student
Kansas teacher Crystal Smith (left in black) was fired after she was caught on camera kicking and aggressively grabbing a five-year-old kindergarten student (pictured in pink hiding in a bookshelf at the library)
The teacher grabbed the girl to get her off the floor, leaving her with a red mark on her arm
The girl's outraged mother called the school principal to learn about what happened and demanded to see video of the incident after Smith denied hurting the child
Smith claimed that the girl gave herself the red mark on her arm by crawling around in the bookshelf
Then the teacher grabbed the child to bring her off the floor
'I can't really even put it into words. I hurt for my child, and I was just angry that someone could do that,' the little girl's mother said upon seeing the video


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Comment by mr1stroke on May 1, 2019 at 1:28am
Where are the parents of those kids? I am not blaming those monsters i am blaming the parents that fail to protect those kids, as a parent your job is to sacrifice your life for your kids protect them at all cost, if those idiots knew there would be any reprecautions from parents they would think twice, these days its so much easy to get any ones address or information, how about you pay her a visit and kick her ass in the name of that kid, those dumb parents get me sick you are failing those kids, where are those fathers? This is ridiculous those fools keep getting away with abusing innocent kids
Comment by vaughn mitchell on April 29, 2019 at 4:31pm
Damn. She will go to jail. But first sue the school, tell pay someone in jail to kick her ass.

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