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Tamar Braxton Reportedly SPLIT From African Boyfriend!! (Details)

Tamar Braxton ROBBED Of 1M Ring At Her Sister's Wedding Tamar Braxton Reportedly SPLIT From African Boyfriend!! (Details)

Tamar Braxton is a single lady again, according to social media rumors.

MTO News has confirmed that the reality star and singer removed all pictures of him from her Instagram account. And she left a message on Twitter, that suggests she and her Nigerian bae David Odefeso are separating.

Aftrer removing all images from her IG page, Tamar wrote "If they don't want you, there is no talking."


The youngest Braxton sister added that she has, "let it go and let God bring you the one who will be all that you need."

She added that her, "flaws [are] not her weakness, but [are] the strength and attraction to the one that is meant to be in [her] life."

Tamar didn't elaborate on what David did, that made her break things off. The couple had been together for almost 2 years.


Whatever happened between the two, must have happened suddenly.

Tamar and David recently took a trip to Israel together. And just three days ago, David was praising Tamar on his IG. Look:

Braxton first posted photos and videos of her and Adefeso on a tropical vacation. They later showcased their love on the red carpet for the season 6 premiere of Braxton Family Values. Adefeso began appearing on the show and it also confirmed that he’d appear in the upcoming spin-off, Tamar.


Tamar Braxton FAKING Big Brother Beef W/ ATL Housewife Kandi
Tamar Braxton ROBBED Of $1M Ring At Her Sister's Wedding!!!
Tamar Braxton was robbed this weekend while attending her sister Trina's wedding.

Tamar attending her 45-year-old sister Trina's wedding on Saturday - as she wed her longtime boyfriend Von Scales in a beautiful ceremony. 

The wedding ceremony and reception were beautiful - all the way up until Tamar got robbed for her $1 million diamond ring. 

Tamar received the huge diamond ring as a "push present" for having her son Logan.

No one is quite sure who stole Tamar's giant ring - or how they managed to get it off her finger. One insider explained to MTO News, "One second it was on Tamar's finger, the next it was gone. Someone had to have stolen it."

Here's a picture of Tamar with the ring just a few weeks ago:

And here's a close up of the stolen ring, back when Tamar showed it off to Ellen Degeneres on her show:



Now That Tamar Braxton SHAVED HER HEAD People Are Saying She Looks Like MAGIC JOHNSON'S SON EJ - Do you agree?

Tamar Braxton FAKING Big Brother Beef W/ ATL Housewife KandiAtlanta Housewife Kandi and Tamar Braxton are fighting inside the Big Brother House - but is the fight scripted??

Tamar Braxton was coached by producers to fight with Big Brother castmate Atlanta Housewife Kandi, MTO News has learned.
Kandi Burress from the Real Housewives of Atlanta and Tamar Braxton from Braxton Family Values are both inside the Celebrity Big Brother House. And the two ladies are fighting like alleycats. But all of the arguments are initiated by Tamar Braxton.

Now we know why.
We spoke with a person close to Tamar who tells us that the "drama" between Tamar and Kandi - is being done for the cameras and at the request of the shows producers.
The insider explained, "The producers wanted Tamar to commit to bringing the drama, before they signed her on. When she learned that Kandi was joining the cast, she knew who to bring [the drama] to."

The insider added, "Tamar is not that argumentative in real life. She's playing it up for the camera at Kandi's expense."
Here's Tamar forcing the drama last night - which ended with her in tears. She really deserves an OSCAR for her performance:

According to Entertainment Weekly:

Tamar Braxton and Kandi Burruss were less than thrilled to find out they would be sharing a house together on season 2 of Celebrity Big Brother. It seems they had a feud of some sort dating back to a joint music tour last year.

But the dueling divas appeared to make nice and actually form an alliance in the early days of the game. So far, so good! But that all goes on the window in tonight’s episode. In this sneak peek clip from the CBS episode, Braxton and Burruss look to bury the hatchet by getting into the reasons for their feud. But then it all goes wrong. Horribly wrong.


Tamar Braxton’s Husband VINCE HEBERT Got His SIDE CHICK Laura Govan Pregnant And Tamar Is GOING OFF {PICS}5

We absolutely LOVE Tamar Braxton's new BALD look. And we're not the only ones. People all over social media are praising Tamar - for having the courage to go SHORT with her hair.

But others on social media have pointed out something that we hadn't first realized - now Tamar bears a STRIKING resemblance to Magic Johnson's son EJ. Both are tall and pretty and have a GREAT sense of style.

After her deleting her Instagram and disappearing from social media, fans are glad to see their favorite Braxton back in the spotlight and owning it.

She captioned a video of her new look "No. Guess who’s BACK where she belongs? #nostalk #justtalk"

Was she also hinting at maybe another talk show? She created The Real - and the show has lost some of its shine since she left. If Tamar had her own talk show, her fans would follow. We miss her over the top sassiness and her messy shade on daytime television.

Despite speculation about her marriage, she is still insisting that she is divorcing from her husbandger Vincent Herbert.

"Although we’re in extensive counseling and that is much needed, and it always will be. I think the bigger picture of everything is that we have a responsibility to my amazing 4-year-old son. Just to raise him in the most comfortable, amazing, loving and secure household that we can—that’s why we don’t live together,” she said.

We are here for this new Tamar... But the EJ resemblance is uncanny!

Tamar Braxton belting ‘Super Woman’ is the best thing you’ll hear all day {VIDEO}
Tamar Braxton just dropped a BOMB – claiming that her estranged husband Vince got his side chick pregnant.

According to Tamar, the side chick called her up – and told Tamar that she’s having a baby with Vince.

Tamar claims that Vince’s side chick should “check public records” before going through with her pregnancy, suggesting that Vince is BROKE.

Tamar and Vince weer WORKING on saving their marriage – but it’s officially OVER now.


Last night Tamar Braxton put Vince’s business OUT ON SOCIAL MEDIA. And she appears to be making some STARTLING CLAIMS . . . that Laura Govan was sleeping with her husband.

In the middle of Tamar’s RANT last night, Tamar said “I’m not addressing the Whore, I’m addressing him. . . not unless its lauramgovan ?? cause her baby daddy said they were f*cking around too”

It’s not clear whether Laura is the woman that Tamar claims is “pregnant” with Vince’s child.


Look here at Laura talking about the man she LoVe’s. Notic how she capitaized the letter “V”


Tamar Braxton’s mom says Vince Herbert was abusive for years  Tamar Braxton gave fans a taste of her killer vocals in a clip of herself belting out Karyn White‘s “Super Woman.”

Braxton even had a little help, including James Wright Chanel, the viral sensation who rose for his hilarious YouTube jingle for Patti’s Pies.

It’s just a reminder that Tamar can BLOW, and what fans can expect from her as she continues on her national tour with Xscape and Monica.



In an emotional interview with theGrioEvelyn Braxton is speaking out against the abuse that her daughter, Tamar Braxton, endured in her nearly 10-year marriage.

“It was definitely a volatile relationship,” Ms. Braxton says during a phone conversation from Atlanta, Georgia. “This has been going on for years.”

The matriarch of the Braxton family says Tamar’s estranged husband, Vincent Herbert, was both physically and emotionally abusive throughout the marriage, something that has long been kept secret—until now.

“Everybody saw Vince as a knight and shining armor, [but] behind closed doors that’s a horse of another color,” Evelyn Braxton says. “I’m tired of [Tamar] being abused and misused.”

Ms. Braxton first made claims about the alleged abuse while she was approached by TMZ photographers at Los Angeles International Airport. “I love Vince, but I don’t want him to kill my child,” she said just days after Tamar filed for divorce. About a week later, reports claimed that Tamar was “upset” with her mother for going public and refused to film with her for their reality show.

Evelyn tells the Grio, however, that she and her youngest daughter are doing just fine and are “talking” and “hugging.”

“They say the truth shall set you free. They’ve been trying to hide it for years. And I have the audacity to tell the truth,” she says. 

Part of telling the truth is also exposing WE tv, which airs the ratings giants Braxton Family Values and Tamar & Vince. “We spoke up about it on the ‘Braxton Family Values’ but they would not show it. They would show all the other girls and their husbands, but when it came to Vince, they took it out of the show,” she reveals.

When asked if she ever addressed Herbert over his alleged abuse, Evelyn Braxton, who temporarily lived in the couple’s Los Angeles home, says his response was always that Tamar’s “mouth” was to blame. “It’s always ‘it’s Tamar’s mouth’…it’s always someone else. That does not give you the right to abuse her. Everybody has a mouth. Everyone should have the right to say what they want. Are you trying to beat [her] into submissiveness? No one has the right,” she says.

Last year, a 911 call placed from a Ritz-Carlton hotel in Atlanta claimed that Vince and Tamar had been involved in a domestic dispute. Vince reportedly bit Tamar’s hand and caused the singer to bleed. No police report was ever filed.

 Tamar Braxton (L) and husband Vincent Herbert visit BET’s ‘106 & Park’ at BET Studios on February 13, 2013 in New York City. (Photo by D Dipasupil/Getty Images for BET)

Ms. Braxton confirms with theGrio that the reports of the hotel altercation were indeed true. She also revealed that Tamar’s older sisters tried to intervene in the marriage to no avail. “Her sisters have been trying to fight Vince for a long time but it was always denied,” she says. 

Ms. Braxton says she is choosing to speak out now not only because she wants her daughter to be safe, but also wants to put an end to domestic violence at large. “I think too many women are abused, and it’s high time that we stand up and stop this madness,” she says. “Do you know how many women are killed each year? I just don’t want Tamar to be a part of that.

“If anything happens to Tamar, that’s Logan’s (Tamar and Vince’s son) loss. That’s my loss. That’s her family’s loss. I don’t want that kind of pain,” she adds. “Enough is enough. I don’t care how much they smile. I don’t care how much they pretend.”

When asked about the possibility of Tamar changing her mind about the divorce, Ms. Braxton had this to say: “For the person who is abused sometimes they do change their mind. Their mind is so wrapped up in the fact that maybe it was my fault, or I can change them, or maybe I didn’t love him right or do the right thing; or maybe my family is too involved and it’s my family that’s separating us. They convince themselves of that because their minds are weak. If they were strong people they would get out of it the first time.”

She does hope, however, that Tamar is able to move on with her life.

“It’s too bad they couldn’t work it out, however, I’m tired of her being abused and misused. And I’m tired of being in the middle of it. It’s harder than what you think,” she says. “Sometimes you have to move forward, even when we don’t want to. Life is extremely short and things can happen within the twinkling of an eye. This too shall pass.”


Tamar Braxton denies husband fathered secret love child 

According to an insider, Tamar has for all practical purposes – LOST “RESPECT” for Vince.

“Tamar has been really vicious towards Vince lately. She told him that she’s NOT physically attracted to him . . . and she blames HIM for all the stuff that’s going on with her career.”

According to our insider, Tamar’s album FLOPPING two weeks ago – was the beginning of the end of their marriage. The tipster added, “I think she looked at her marriage as a business . . . and if she couldn’t get what she wanted out of Vince [career success] – what does she need him around for.”

There’s more. Vince recently had a GIANT multi-million dollar judgment against him – by Tamar’s former record label. Our insider believes that Tamar may want to get OUT FROM UNDER THAT DEBT too. The insider explained, “Tamar ain’t dumb. She knows that if she divorces [Vince], she may not have to pay those millions.”

Vince and Tamar’s relationship had gotten so bad that he was no longer FILMING Tamar &Vince – the couple’s reality show.

So what do you think . . . is Tamar JUSTIFIED.


Tamar Braxton denies husband fathered secret love child entertainment 1x1.trans

A woman is claiming that she had a one night stand with Vincent Herbert and that as a result, she has a 7-year-old girl with him.

“This is me n Vincent Herbert 7 year old daughter!!!!! She will be 8 on June 28th!!!! He had a one night Stand with me the night before his wedding and paid me to keep quiet! Now he refuses to support his child anymore so I have to take matters to social media. #tamarbraxton #PAYTHECHILDSUPPORTVINCE,” the woman wrote on Instagram.

As you can imagine, Tamar Braxton did not take well to someone insinuating that her husband had been unfaithful. In particular, the singer and reality star trashed the idea that any child of Herbert’s would be treated like anything but family:

Let me be CRYSTAL clear before this untrue story gets out of hand … this lady is claiming that this beautiful child is Vincent Herbert’s…(on Instagram)?.. let me explain to you all what kind of WOMAN I am!! If this was.. she would be MINE as well.. she would be all over MY instagram, media outlets, pictures interviews etc.. because that’s the type of WOMAN I am. I’m not selfish and hateful that I would only recognize the child he has with ME!! I would NEVER hide that part of my husband because he is my husband not my property and I love EVERY parts of him!!! Ok?? I’m not and would NOT be ashamed of HIM or HIS children/child. Why would I want him to miss out on being a part of his daughter’s life?? Do you know how unpleased God would be and how that would effect OUR relationship in the end??… we would be DOOMED!!

Tamar Braxton denies husband fathered secret love child entertainment paris herbert 600x386

Braxton also denied the woman’s claim that her husband had an affair the night before their wedding day, claiming that Herbert was actually at her sister Toni Braxton’s house. She even made a joking reference to Herbert’s penchant for white women.

“GET YOUR LIFE!! The night before we got married he was over TONI BRAXTON’s house!!! And yes he USED to like white women but only the ones that look like Kelly ripka??????? and you don’t make the cut boo!!” she wrote, “so please go to Maury and get your DNA cause ( in Maury’s voice) in the case of the instagram baby mama… you… are.. NOT the father!!! (Cut to) your ass running off the stage falling on the couch crying nooooooo get the cameras out of my face??”

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