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Susan Boyle Finishes Second on Britain's Got Talent and now she is in the HOSPITAL!

Susan Boyle is the Adam Lambert of 'Britain's Got Talent.'
The singer from Scotland finished in second place, behind dance troupe Diversity. "They're very entertaining. Lads, I wish you all the best," Boyle told the group, after she found out they won the competition..
For the final round, Boyle performed the song that made her an Internet sensation, 'I Dreamed a Dream' from 'Les Miserables,' and earned high praise from all the judges.
After she finished, the hosts ask the 47-year-old if all the pressure was worth it, and she replied "Well worth it."
"You've had a weird seven weeks and you had every right to walk away from this and you could have walked away and you could have had a lot of stuff coming your way in America and a lot of people said you shouldn't even be in this competition, that you're not equipped to deal with it. For what, for you to sit at home with your cat and say 'I've missed an opportunity.' Well, I completely disagree with that ... and you know win or lose, you had the guts to come back here tonight, face your critics and you beat them," Simon Cowell said after hearing Boyle's final performance. Watch Clips From the Finale on BGT's Site
During her time on the show, Boyle found herself all over the tabloids and was accused of screaming at the TV when Piers Morgan praised another contestant. Morgan himself even told 'The Today Show' that Boyle was considering quitting the competition.
Her 'Talent' run began with 'I Dreamed a Dream,' which has been seen over 100 million times on YouTube. After making it to the semi-finals, she chose to sing 'Memory' from 'Cats,' which was deemed by many to be underwhelming. However, she sailed through to the finals.
Although she won't get to peform for the Queen, Boyle has had a remarkable time on the show which lifted her from obscurity into a worldwide phenomenon.
After coming in second place on 'Britain's Got Talent,' Susan Boyle was reportedly rushed to a private hospital on Sunday after suffering from an "emotional breakdown."
The Sun newspaper is reporting that Boyle checked into The Priory, a private clinic in London, following her Saturday night loss. According to the report, 'BGT' aides contacted the police to inform them that Boyle was behaving strangely in her hotel room.
Boyle was then taken by ambulance to The Priory. A source says that "she agreed to go voluntarily. She didn't make a fuss. The paramedics calmly took her out through the main lobby and into the waiting ambulance."
Television company TalkbackThames issued a statement regarding Boyle, saying that after the 'Talent' finale, Susan was "exhausted and emotionally drained. She has been seen by her private GP who supports her decision to take a few days out for rest and recovery. We offer her our ongoing support and wish her a speedy recovery."
The singer had showed signs of distress and mental fatigue in the lead-up to the finale of her show. Boyle, who shot to worldwide stardom thanks to an Internet clip of her singing 'I Dreamed a Dream,' nearly pulled out of the 'Talent' finale thanks to crushing media interest.
Despite her massive fame, she came in second place in the 'Talent' finale, coming in behind a dance group called Diversity.

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