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Iowa high school students disciplined over KKK photo

Students suspended after posting racist image on Snapchat Iowa high school students disciplined over KKK photo news 1x1.trans

Five Iowa high school students are now facing discipline after posing for a picture wearing Ku Klux Klan hoods.

The students, who attend Creston Community High School, are now being investigated by the school. While Creston Community High Principal Bill Messerole would not give specifics on the action taken against the students, he did say that it was a “student discipline issue that has been dealt with.”

Messerole added that the investigation was still ongoing and that the school administrators were working out their response to the incident.

“I think we are in the spotlight now and I think it is up to us to be a model,” he said. “We have to do something. This is not OK.”

The principal added that he grew up in rural Iowa but has taught in diverse places such as Los Angeles and knows how damaging and hurtful Klan imagery is.

“There has certainly been something missing in how we present things to kids,” he told reporters. “We are going to have to do something different. … This is not our culture. This is not what we teach. This is not our community values.”

Police in the area are aware of the picture but are not currently investigating.


Racist Snapchat Photo

Two New Mexico high school students have been suspended after posting a racist image to Snapchat.
The Volcano Vista High School juniors posted an image of an African-American student surrounded by students whose faces had been digitally doctored so that they all had KKK hoods superimposed over their faces. The image was posted to the school’s Snapchat group, and students who saw it there reported it to school officials.
“It was awful,” said Mary Morrow-Webb, who is the mother of the student in the picture. “It was frightening. I just really got sick to my stomach. I was afraid for my daughters and for the other children there that are at risk for these types of threats.”
“You don’t expect your kids going to school and having to deal with racism and discrimination in 2017,” said Lamont Webb, the girl’s father. “It’s kind of appalling.”

Albuquerque Public Schools has said that an immediate investigation was launched into the picture and that two students were suspended for ten days. One of the students was also kicked off the football team.
“We took this to our police department,” APS Superintendent Raquel Reedy said. “They came and investigated and are really looking very carefully at whether we should file charges for hate crimes. This is something we’re looking at very carefully because it’s this serious.”

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Comment by Ivan Butcher II on September 13, 2017 at 8:41am

A 21st Century Reality for European Descendants:  

Denial is Contrary to Self-Preservation!
I understand too well, why White America (European Descendants) would be on the defensive about the issues of the past in regarding the Race Relationship with Black Americans.

Considering the birth rate statistics shows that it takes 4.1 White women (E. D.) to match the average birth rate of Non-White women of 5 children, World-wide.

So, if you consider that the World population of White people (E. D.) not only are fewer in numbers, and inhabit and possess disproportion  amounts of land small pockets of countries, such as, the European countries, Canada, South Africa, USA, etc. not excluding  Australia.  

In each one of these countries because of European Colonialism, those Nations, especially with the birth rate disparity all have a growing immigration concerns. In addition to the their issues with of the impact abortion, gay marriage and mixed marriages is having on the White Race (E. D.).

For an example, there will be no peace with Israel until the Israeli children of the Holocaust survivors pass on, their fear is that when borders are opened, Children Who Play Together, Will Lay Together.

Israel would be consumed with Arab / African blood and culture. Tradition is what holds together Israel's fragile existence as a Tribe.

What I have noticed is that those who feel that they are of pure blood, no matter what race are less tolerant of diversity.

Comment by Gina on September 3, 2017 at 10:11pm
It must be nice to be a cyber bully! Such cowards. Caribbean Fever how dare you allow such ignorance to be posted. People will do anything for money & power. #smallmindedpeople
Comment by mr1stroke on September 1, 2017 at 7:06pm
Lu that's the part I don't get they don't know me but so obsess at hating even when I do ignore who they are, but don't understand I have a lion heart I aim to destroy, I was always told by my family this world is set to destroy any thing good so kill anything in my way that may seems a threat to me and those I care about
Comment by Lu on September 1, 2017 at 6:44pm

No need mr1stroke

Your productivity and bank account and supporters are your only reason to kill/hurt anyone that gets in your way. If a person cannot see your point of view. oh well, their loss and on to the next challenge. Like you stated NONE OF US truly knows who you are...that's your leverage

Comment by mr1stroke on September 1, 2017 at 6:42pm

you can tell when people are full with hate they dont even know me but want to spend energy of showing hate in the ,mean time they ignore the message this is how i know these niggers are about nothing i will challenge any one of them to show their levels of life, how successful are they, niggers are niggers and for ever will be niggers they are the poison in the community 

Comment by mr1stroke on September 1, 2017 at 6:40pm

Lu  to start i applaud your comment those other insecure negros need to learn from you, next its not about spirit but since you dont know me i stand for what is right and always face my reality even if it with a love one, now those idiots on here are full with hate no matter how i comment they want to jump if you follow you will see i do not comment on those idiots comment, i make my point and keep it moving the only time you see me comment with a person is if we are debating or in agreement but any one else i will chap their heads up and to understand where i stand last time there was a f***** who came on here threaten me he even post a profile picture kissing a gun no one i mean not one person came at him and told him he was wrong they were in agreement with him for 2 reasons he was a coconut just like them and they feel may be he can succeed at taking my life since they dont even know me and this is hate

so i challenge him live on face book to prove to his people how strong he was i drove to NY and live stream my journey and showed people how many weapon i had in my car when the f***** realize i was for real he sat his as down than every one said i had too much time in my hand to look for him, now do you see the hate, so now my goal is to bump on one of those people on here in real life always coming at me , i promise you i will catch a body and post it on here and make sire they shut down this little site, they take me for a joke but dont realize im watching their every moves believe me they will make a mistake and i will bump on one of them, if i can kill one person on here i can use it as a bully example see i already know how i will escape murder charges i hope they do

Comment by Lu on September 1, 2017 at 6:29pm


you may have a combative and confrontational spirit...BUT you do make some valid points, specifically that the HATE TRAINING begins at HOME always.

Comment by Lu on September 1, 2017 at 6:25pm

This is Spanish students and the Latinos are JUST AS RACIST as the whites....For example, get into an accident with another vehicle that is Spanish and watch how the cops treat the blacks differently from the Spanish and the spanish differently from the whites...

Once you're black youir life does not matter to them...OK

I am red-bone, but never been with the Spanish, white, or asian, 

and I am good. No Thank You.

Comment by mr1stroke on September 1, 2017 at 6:11pm

Sufferahsmusic Media Prod suck my dick you b**** ass, im out of line and what you gon do this is a murder weekend i wish any one of you gangsters tell me where you gon be this weekend, you dumb ass sit your f***** ass down, lol im out of line, you damn idiot

Comment by Sufferahsmusic Media Prod on September 1, 2017 at 6:05pm
Your out of line Stroke

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