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Strip Club Offering Drive-Thru Service with Two Song Limit [VIDEO}

A strip club in Houston is offering food to go and dancer while you wait. 

The Vivid Gentleman’s Club in Houston has set up a drive-thru service amid the coronavirus pandemic.  As noted by The YBF, customers can enjoy exotic dancing, along with takeout from its bar menu. 

Images and video shared on social media show Some dancers wearing masks, and are all socially distanced from the cars, with drivers leaving tips on the pavement.

According to the Houston Chronicle,  the venus installed a massive white tent outside its 2618 Winrock Blvd. location where customers are allowed a two-song limit as their food is being prepared. Inside the tent are steel barriers separating drivers from dancers, neon lights and loudspeakers. 

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Here’s more from Fox News:

Under Texas’ coronavirus regulations, restaurants can operate only at half capacity and bars can make to-go sales only.

Strip clubs, depending on how they’re set up, could be in one category or the other, the Chronicle reported, but Vivid does not qualify as a restaurant.

“Here’s the thing, I think we’re essential to the people we employ here to support their kids and whatnot,” said general manager Gino DiLollo. “They rely on us; this is how they make a living. I do think we’re essential.”

In related news, the San Antonio Men’s Club,  also put together a similar drive-thru event in their parking, per Complex.

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“Entertainment is entertainment for different people. People do different things and I think we put on a good show,” said the club’s manager Albert Cortez. “The DJ would play two songs and the girls would dance on the stages. Guys were able to throw out some money. We had some buckets out there they can put some ones in, while you sit in your car social distancing.”

He added, “We did not think it was going to be that lucrative for the club,” he continued. “This was mostly for the entertainers, the independent contractors that work for us to come out and try to make a little more money and try to have a good time.”

Hear more from Cortez about how COVID-19 is impacting business via the YouTube clip above

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Comment by mr1stroke on August 9, 2020 at 12:21am
Lol ok now
Comment by stephen myers on August 8, 2020 at 10:09pm

I got me a blowup doll from Japan, it even talks, who needs to spend money on these disease infested hookers in AmeriKKKa, the doll is much safer and won't cheat on you.

Comment by mr1stroke on July 26, 2020 at 2:19am
But i must admit the other night when i got to town my chick surprised me, matching bras and panties with the matching mask, that was a whole new person, i went crazy on that ass, what can i say i am a freak damn it lol, get your own stripper, if your chick is not doing anything to bring your fantasy to life, your either doing something wrong or she is not into you, or the worse case scenario she is doing it to some one else, and thats what happens when you spend your time at the strip clubs, i make sure a chick swallows once she tells me she has a man, i mark that turf like a dog
Comment by mr1stroke on July 26, 2020 at 2:08am
Lol you have to be the moat desperate and confusing to go for some s*** like that, why not invest all that time and find a good chick that can be a friend and have fun with option to build, at least thats the way i see it

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