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Store Owner Works Stripper Pole To Entice People To Buy Her Greeting Cards [Video] and BELIEVE IT or NOT! International Pole-Dancing Championships Kick Off In Japan [PIC]

With the economy trending downward, business owners are having to think of unique ways to get you in the door.

That’s certainly what Jill-Anne is doing by combining her love of pole dancing with her talent as an artist.

She hopes her greeting card business will reap the benefits of her creative sales pitch.

I have a wonderful time with my company, but I also need little mini-breaks. Since I don’t have a water cooler or the Starbucks around the corner, I have my pole,” she says. "Seventy five percent of the people when I'm poling in my store, who walk by are women who smile and clap. So it's not just a male lust thing, it's an empowering women thing as well."

Jill-Anne's store is located in New York City on the Lower East Side of Manhattan.

She might want to think about expanding, this is an idea that just might catch on.

--------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------- TOKYO (AP) - Zoraya Judd says there is nothing she would rather do than pole dance. She's one of the best in the world at it and someday, she says, there might even be a place for her talents in the Olympics. (Scroll down for photos) Riding a wave of popularity that has transformed a striptease genre into a cleaned-up and clothed version for fitness clubs around the world, Judd and dozens of the world's top pole dancers -- male and female -- gathered in Tokyo this week for the International Pole Dancing Championships, a premier event in the budding sport. As always -- the championships are in their third year -- it was a colorful field. Along with Judd, of Oren, Utah, who was named the Pole Athlete of the Year 2010 by the American Pole Fitness Association, the competitors Thursday included Ana Marie Garbo, the 2008 world champion, who got her start dancing in night clubs in Manila; Chris Measday, of Australia, a competitive trampolinist who found the pole after breaking his back in five places; and Loic Lebret, a dance teacher at the prestigious Centre de Danse du Marais in Paris.

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Comment by mr1stroke on October 20, 2014 at 1:43pm

well its bring business go for it no such thing as bad publicity

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