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Stacey Dash “Blacksplaining” Why She’s Constantly Condemning Her Own Race

Stacey Dash “Blacksplaining” Why She’s Constantly Condemning Her Own Race

On her blog, Why I Say What I Say, Even Though I Drive Whoopi, BET, and Most Other Black People Crazy actress turned FOX News political pundit Stacey Dash tried to explain her substantiation for recent comments that as she puts it, made  “every other black person in America…disown..” her.

Dash said repeated her view “that things like “Black History Month” and BET shouldn’t exist, since they further divide us.  I feel like it’s hypocritical to say that we’re all the same, but then to self-segregate into little enclaves of society.  Also, I think the #OscarSoWhite controversy is lame, because black people should not demand that every segment of society who watches movies be reflected in the number of Oscars given to actors and actresses.  That’s just not how the world works.”

Dash then walks us through her tough upbringing on the streets of the South Bronx and her struggle to survive…seeing her first dead body when she was three years old and the hardships she faced.

From there, Dash then launches into some deep territory explaining “the three major institutions that black people are concerned about in society as being unfair to minorities”—“Universities (riddled with #BlackLivesMatter protests), Hollywood (#OscarsSoWhite), and major urban cities (which have been described as declaring “open season” on black men).”

In the blog, Dash boldly proclaims she doesn’t subscribe to traditional Black views because she is  “an independent thinker”.  She goes on to note that instead of being congratulated she’s often ridiculed by the “arbiters of blackness”. Dash said, “Clarence Thomas isn’t black because he is conservative. Bill Clinton is black, because he’s a poor, fast food loving boy from Arkansas.”

Dash punctuates her piece with the imperatives, “Stop missing the point of the civil rights movement. Which, by the way, we won. Stop looking backward when segregation made racial independence our only option.”

Admirable attempt, but Dash misses the mark again. Blaming all that’s wrong with the world on “liberals and democrats” is as wrong as blaming all crime and problems on Blacks and minorities.  Dash states that “freedom is seized by individuals”, but seemingly fails to realize that problems are created the same way. The labels liberal, democrat, republican, conservatives are all the same people–the White majority who as the primary ruling party in this country since its birth are the ones creating the laws and systems that unfairly reign. These are the people whether labeled conservative or liberal that  have been making the decisions in Chicago, Baltimore and Hollywood.

The reference to former President Bill Clinton as “Black” has always been a joke born of respect and admiration.  Clinton’s meager beginning with a single parent raising him and other aspects of his background are things that many Americans—especially Black  Americans could relate to and identify with. It also helped him understand the needs of the  average American—not just the privileged Americans.  While Dash mocks that upbringing in reference to Clinton, she flaunts her own story of her struggle growing up in an effort to connect with Blacks in this blog.

And finally, if we had actually won the Civil Rights movement, then why are Blacks still fighting for equality and justice.  This movement towards separatism isn’t backwards, it’s not part of the past— and is needed today as much as it was in the 60’s. When networks like MTV and VH1 sparingly and sporadically decided which Black singers and bands earned the right to be aired on their stations, BET got into the game to even the score.  The history books are laced with stories of how White Americans discovered, created, invented everything from the land we live in to the computers we use, but Black History Month grew from a week set aside to promote the achievements of Blacks in history. BET, Black History month and all the things Dash deemed “segregationist” are not the end game, but a necessary maneuver in the game to be used as an effective tool by Blacks to show the disparity that is built into the system.

No one is belittling or denying Dash the right to say what she believes, but by the same measure, Dash shouldn’t try to discredit every Black person who disagrees with her as brainwashed slaves being manipulated by liberals or Democrats.  It’s just a heavy handed attempt by Dash to “shame” Black people into buying what she’s selling. Oh and we learn from the blog that she’s selling her new book….but no sale on the book or your ideology Dash.

One last thing Dash, you’re not “driving Black people crazy”…you’re making yourself look crazy.

What do you think…is Dash right? Should Blacks blame the Democrats for the injustices still facing them?  Are the Republicans the answer? Or is it all a game of politics and no matter who Blacks choose, no one really represents them.

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