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The island of St. Eustatius refuses to implement gay marriage [Commissioner said "NO WAY"]


St. Eustatius – Commissioner of Culture Clyde van Putten has said that there is no way the Government of St. Eustatius will implement the law allowing people of the same sex to get married. He put that position forward in a recent meeting with the Dutch Minister of Social Affairs Henk Kamp in the Netherlands.
Kamp has said the Dutch government will create an emancipation program to assist with implementation. In reply van Putten told the minister the government will not implement the law “under any condition.”
“We intend to take the high road where it pertains to the law on same sex marriage and will maintain our rights to freedom since our community are not ready to deal with this. This law is against our culture. If some people want to do their thing I will not police people’s private life, since they are free to do what they want. To force government to implement this by registering same sex marriage and the likes, will not go down well with this government. Under no condition will this government give any cooperation for this type of behavior,” van Putten said.
The Culture Commissioner added that while he respects the rule of law, he’d like consideration for the cultural differences between the Netherlands and St. Eustatius. He even cited the fact that the Netherlands took “some time to accept it.”

Van Putten has also said the Netherlands is being unfair by pressing matters like same sex marriage while “shying away from other social issues.”
“There are a number of social laws such as the pension, where the people should be getting better remuneration. Even in education and health care we are not getting the same standard as a citizen or a resident in the Netherlands since it is perceived by the Dutch that these benefits are different. When they are confronted with the benefits for the people that were mentioned, they shy away from it but they want us to accept euthanasia, abortion and other immoral laws. We have voiced our opinion very strongly that we will not defend that law, execute it or respect the implementation of the law,” Van Putten said.

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Comment by Bombahdrop on August 19, 2011 at 6:04pm

                                                                                    ~~Hi Lord ~~


                                                                               Hi Lord, its me.



                                                 We are getting older and things are getting bad here.
                                       Gas prices are too high, no jobs, food and heating costs too high.
                                  I know some have taken you out of our schools, government and even
                                  Christmas, but Lord I'm asking you to come back
and re-bless America .
                                                                             We really need you!
                                            There are more of us who want you than those who don't!

                                                                                 Thank You Lord,
                                                                                     I Love you.

                                           If you agree, send it on---if not just delete.
Only you & the Lord will know

Comment by on August 14, 2011 at 11:35pm
Comment by Big Shot... on August 14, 2011 at 10:36pm
@krunchone: Kaaaaaabooooom!!!!!!!! My man, now that's the bomb I'm talking about. They don't get it. You are right on the money. These fools actually believe that they are apart of the big plan, they think they all are down with the elite, they front all the time painting a facade as if they are the future. Although they dwell in the unknown swimming in the state of a false happiness and confusion.. Absolutely, dumb and delusional...

@Evolution: I agree with ya wholeheartedly. Your comments are also right on. I believe the fools that thought passing laws in their favor/supporting "them", are starting to wake up, slowly but its happening. People have been programed to think in the now and not whats to come (not projected thoughts), and so those with evil agendas get away with a lot for a long time before its truly understood or recognized.

@Bombahdrop: Yeah, unfortunately o one seems to be fighting the education system on that sex-education/teaching homosexuality and all. Its very sad, many parents are so outta touch that they don't see a problem with it and its their own children that will be mostly affected. Ive received disturbing news earlier this year about NY public schools passing a law to allow students in high schools (and I believe they said Middle school also), to pick their choice of bathroom that they want to use based on the gender they are portraying (at the time) NOW WHAT THE HELL KINDA BULLSPIT IS DAT!!! And this came before that new f***** chancellor that's running the system now (he has h*** written all over him). There's a lot of none sense and distractions going on right now. Our youths have so much to loose if we are not on top of these things, not just us, its terrible right now...
Comment by on August 14, 2011 at 10:01pm
A strong stance on a serious social and moral issue.
Comment by Lemara Tone on August 14, 2011 at 4:14pm

@GGGIAN mi join ur crew wi nuh waah dem bout yah no batty business burn up the battology campus This is jus  sign that the world is near end wid dis gay marriage.  

@bombahdrop yes girl its time fi drop the  missiles now the bomb not working lol fi get rid a di gay dem

Comment by evolution on August 13, 2011 at 6:05pm

This Gay and lesbian phase that the world is going through right now, I hope would come to an end pretty soon. These folk are willing to destroy humanity at the cost of a few who are in cahoots with the evil sprite Samuel. I know that there are straight people out there that don’t agree with this movement but, have to go along with it in order to save careers. All we have to do is no to the nonsense and run these gays back into hiding where they belong or put them to death. I remember when china was an undeveloped country and because of its vast human resources, the United States thought that it would exploit that country. Guess what? China has now surpass the united states in economic and now carries over 50% of the United States debt .My saying this is that the united states should have never wake the sleeping giant up ,same thing with the gays. Make one law in their favor and now they infecting the whole country and, that is the fault of the supporters who thought that it would be cool/ok now you see the damage that is being done.

Comment by kcrunchone on August 13, 2011 at 5:09pm
I don't think we will ever know the real numbers behind the gay forces at work because remember there are straight people that want to stay in power as well as on the side of this movement because of the push. It is money power and trying to stay in control that is the motivation behind these people. The staright people are so afraid of getting in the way of the movement and possibly derailing or self sabotaging of their careers. They are keeping quiet for more reasons than meets the eye. But all that is in the dark will soon come to light and no matter what laws man may create we all must answer to our maker and when the strings of events that these fools now believe is defining them it will be those same actions that will doom them. So we can watch them rejoice now and hope that we all do not pay for their sins later and that they be held accountable individually.
Comment by BigginsMarie on August 13, 2011 at 11:56am

There is a reason why something that was once thought to be an abomination is being pushed so hard now. Homosexuality is being marketed to regular adults and kids. Is everyone in government gay? I don't know, maybe. But a lot of powerful people in Hollywood are:


Corey Feldman says paedophilia #1 probably for child stars in Hollywood


Ever wonder why these actors, actresses and musician just keep getting younger and younger? Finding someone in the industry above 35 is difficult for a reason. 


Comment by Bombahdrop on August 13, 2011 at 11:40am
@Kcrunchone Dumb and Delusional  is right, BWAAAAAAAAAAAHAHAHAHA LOLZ
Comment by Bombahdrop on August 13, 2011 at 10:38am

@Kcrunchone Good Points


@LooseGrippers it's evident your'e the only one angered here, soley because the MAJORITY is UNSUPPORTIVE OF GAYS, TUFF 

 I'm quite sure that all these Gay bills being passed in favor of this ABomination is because the majority that are passing the Bills are Gay themselves and Approve of those who practice it. But the reality is that The majority proves that its not acceptable but we will never see it except through violence because those (The Majority) who oppose this Abomination have no control because the Gays in office who have the control can do whatever they feel to further corrrupt the nations, They override the majority in everything that is wrong with these Nations.  If the Majority says no to anything Concering Gays and all these laws they are coming up with they go against it and that does not sit well with me at all cause if they can do that then they can pretty much be the Nations voice and freedom of speech is not needed No more such thing as voting because the majority will never have a say no matter what the ballot say The ballots can say 99.9% Don't approve of something to 80% who approve and guess who wins the vote Correct the 80%, now how lopsided is that Truth of that matter this is what this Nation has come to. Have you Noticed how they pull they agenda for example take this bogus vote they are passing in the first ever to put Gay topics in schools curriculum. I'm so certain they made that decision on thier own without the large majority of voices/votes ruling against this rediculous agenda. Now this trend will undoutably will pass everywhere in the nation in the same fashion that they did with the same sex marriage bill . right now california is the first to put this subject and watch how it moves swiflty threw the nation and becomes a curriculum everywhere  Soon N.Y.C will be next to put the Gay curriculum as part of a subject in our kids school. What i cant stand the most is the fact that since the beginning of mankind God made a Woman for a Man and its been like that forever all of a sudden its the opposite and very displeasing in the eyes of God might I add. how the tables has turned because man has turned their backs on God to honor and value same sex partners worship the Devil if you will. Man and woman is the way it has been and the way it should be and definetly the way it should stay. Man and Woman relationships Marriages are not valued with the same regards how can man give man what they are suppose to give the woman that was put here on this earth so that man would not be lonely so that we can procreate. Theres no need to wonder why things took a turn for the worst im sure for i already know what it is The Devil has got these lost souls,Same sex, orgies, lies,deceit, are the cause of Man and  Woman not respecting Gods wishes to be unified,loyal,truthful, All I can say is since 1970 I haven't changed with the changes I am still stuck on my upbringing and to me Man and woman signifies a union Not man to man or woman to woman and i will always feel this way till the day I die those people that refuse to repent on this subject of being gay your days are numbered with great grief .

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