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November 21, 2011

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From Kristine

Did you happen to see Saturday Night Live yesterday evening? You published an essay about their "Mothers Day" skit ... Last night they started off with a "Family Kissing" skit about "Thanksgiving"; it was the most derogatory spectacle I've ever seen on television hands down. They killed two birds with one stone by degenerating a tradition and pushing homosexual as well as incestual behavior.
It began with a young man bringing his new girlfriend home to meet his family on Thanksgiving. So far, so good.
His mom and dad appeared. His mother proceeded to give him Hollywood air kisses on the left and right cheek and to top it off a peck on the lips. His father approached him, embraced him and began to passionately kiss him on the mouth. His brother and he tongue-kissed one another like there was no tomorrow. The second brother grabbed the breast of the first. All the while the audience was cheering them on. I sat there agog, not believing the deplorable scene taking place on television.
To make matters worse, a "homeless" person showed up at their house, a person who they fed every Thanksgiving, according to the script.
The mother approached this bearded man, and began taking brussell spouts into her mouth at which point she proceed to spit these into his open mouthed visage.
The second son took gravy, swished it around in his mouth and sprayed the man's face and beard with it.  Finally, the father stepped up to the homeless guy and began licking his beard, at which point the audience groaned in mortification. Well, at least the buck stopped somewhere in that debacle of debauchery.
In between the father spilled something on his pants, which prompted his wife to take mouthfuls of sprite and squirt his crotch through her teeth and then lick the stained spot.
What a performance. SNL is taking weird to record depths of human debasement.
The new girlfriend, aghast at this behavior became used to it within mere seconds and after the beard-licking scene pronounced, "I'm sorry I judged you guys", insinuating that this was a family that was indeed to be respected and looked up to. That is the message and it all boils down to political correctness and aligning yourself with the new world dis-order or expose yourself to ridicule and at some point danger.

David comments:

Yes, I saw the disgusting SNL skit with "obscene family kissing."  I sent a letter to the Federal Communications Commission complaining about SNL's debauchery, and other shows of depravity on TV.  I would especially flag the new FOX cartoon, "Gregory Allen", a prime time homosexual onslaught aimed at children. Then, of course, there is the animated "Family Guy" also on FOX, which is frequently debauched and anti-Christ. There are the immoral characters portrayed by David Spade and Neil Patrick Harris on prime time TV.  The "Glee" program showed graphic scenes of homosexual teen sex recently. Television is plunging to new depths every year. I expect we'll soon see full frontal nudity, live sex, and snuff films on television.... "brought to you by these fine sponsors." I don't buy cable or satellite TV, relying on rabbit ears. All TV is garbage, why pay for more garbage? The free garbage is more than sufficient and I'm tempted to throw my set away for mental health!


Personally, after an initial urge to shoot it with my 38, I took my television set out to the curb and set it where the trash truck came. Some kids came to the door later as ask about it. I said they could have it, but warned them it would rot their brains. That was in 1984. and I haven't missed the vile instrument for one moment.
B******* about 'content' is ridiculous when it is the psychological damage of the electro-trance inducement that is the most dangerous aspect of the television.
How many of the viewers who were so alarmed "shocked - SHOCKED I TELL YOU," sat and watched the whole thing in "disgust"? It reminds me of a right wing 'Christian' fundy I used to live with who would open a large art-book of mine to show everyone the "Naked Maja" to his friends and moan and cry about how disgusting and immoral such "pornographic trash" is, while he pointed out the detail of {O'my God} pubic hair in the picture. What pathetic hypocrisy, I could tell the guy wanted to look at the picture and that was his main desire. Not only that but he promoted it with his fawning "complaints."

I see the same thing here in this article...screws are loose and parts aren't fastened down in some peoples minds.

Makow reply:

When the mass media has a moral sense, the satanists complained about morality being imposed on them. Well, the least we can do is boycott and torment those who would
impose their immorality on us. Surely the satanists should not be more proactive than the righteous.


Derrick in France
I agree with Willy and David at the end of it.  We got rid of our TV in the mid-eighties while our children were still young.  They all grew up without it, never had it, never missed it.

Everything I've heard about it since then has confirmed that we did the right thing.  Why don't others?  Why do so many people complain about it, write to the Commission, and so on?  Television will not change.  It isn't an accident; it's done on purpose.  Why should they change because I asked them to?  Nonsense; keep your time and money where they belong and can do you some good!

Willy got it dead right when he talked about his fundy friend lamenting pornography but enjoying every page of it.  Everybody needs to get real and stop it.  Forget the "good" nature show and buy 'em on DVD if you have to have them.  Get rid of the big brother box.

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