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Sickening moment man PUNCHES female shop clerk in the face in a row over 41 cents



The man became belligerent after being denied a cigar when he was 41    cents short

He then leaned over the counter and punched the clerk in the face

Stunned customers froze in horror as the angry man left the store

An enraged customer punched a female store clerk in the face after becoming belligerent over only 41 cents.

The customer was trying to pay for a $1.41 cigar at a Lakewood, CA., Conoco gas station earlier this month with just a $1 bill when he became enraged after being told he needed the other 41 cents, causing him to bash the 23-year-old clerk in her face.

Police still have yet to find the suspect and are asking for the public’s help identifying him.

Do you know this man?: This thug punched a 23-year-old woman in the face over 41 cents

Do you know this man?: This thug punched a 23-year-old woman in the face over 41 cents


Identified by KCBS under the pseudonym ‘Yadira,’ the helpless young woman fought back tears as she told of the incident.

‘There’s cowards out there willing to do stupid stuff,’ the emotional girl told the station.

Explaining that he tried to short-change her by 41 cents while buying a Swisher Sweets cigar, Yadira told KCBS that he said ‘ this is all I have… b***h whatever.’

Yadira then asked the man to leave the store and he tried to snatch it from her.

She never saw it coming: 'I didn't think he was going to hit me' the store clerk said

She never saw it coming: 'I didn't think he was going to hit me' the store clerk said


‘It just happened so fast… I didn’t think he was going to hit me,’ Yadira said, adding [then] he just socks me.’

Security footage of the incident shows the suspect trying to grab the cigar from the young clerk before leaning forward, then winding up and smashing her in the face.

Perhaps shocked by what they had just seen, customers in line behind the violent man stood still as he angrily stormed out of the Conoco.

'It all happened so fast': The man punched her in the face before she realized what was happening

'It all happened so fast': The man punched her in the face before she realized what was happening


Horrific: The punch knocked the woman's glasses off of her face and injured her eye

Horrific: The punch knocked the woman's glasses off of her face and injured her eye


‘It’s a brutal attack on an innocent victim,’ a police spokesperson told the station.

The punch threw her glasses off her face and injured her eye, but she was otherwise okay. She finished her shift that night, but told KCBS she is afraid when she goes to work.

‘Really? Over 41 cents? Imagine if he got like that, imagine what else would have happened?’

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Comment by vaughn mitchell on October 6, 2013 at 3:25am

Damn, and the other men in the sore behind him , Pu_ _y up. I would have knocked his ass out, I don't give a f_ _k who he is.

Comment by JAY. on October 5, 2013 at 10:52am
SISTER PATTERSON. Spot on. The first time my Father Hit my mom, for me to see him. I was 14 years old I picked up a shoe and hit that man so hard, and I ran for my life, after, the end results he never hit my mom AGAIN. I was in shocked to see this big punk hitting this young lady.

In July I was riding on a Public Bus, down town Brooklyn, and a young women came on the bus. The bus was sort of empty, the young lady headed to the back of the bus. I heard a scream, the young lady ran to the front of the bus shaking, she then told the Bus Operator that a man flas himself to her, she began crying, the Bus Operator asked her what do you want be to do and he kept driving.

A little voice said to me Jahmela you are a Avocate against Abuse, go and address the issue with the Bus Operator.

I walked up to the front of the bus, and I told him that he needed to stop the bus and report this to the Police, that this bastard just offended this young lady by indecent exposure, he said to me I am correct, he put the Bus out out of service. The Bus Operator made the call to the Police.

The nasty perpetrator got off the bus , the young lady got off the bus, everybody got off the bus. The punk told me that he will punch me in my face, I told him just try it one time. By this time I already alerted the Police my Self, I called up my Hubby, he came to the Location quickly, the Police Arrived, I show them my ID. By this time the punk boarded the bus that came behind. I gave a description of the abuser, and they brought him back to the Location, he was Arrested, my hubby asked if he could take a photo of this nasty fool. The Officers said yes.

The young lady brother and sister arrived on the scene she started to cry. They comforted her.
The Officers asked her for he ID, she was affraid to do so.!!. I told her don't worry everything going to be OK. And they took her information. Yet still she was scared to Death, she lived 3 block from where the Bus Operator pulled over, my hubby told her I will drive you guys home.

The young lady asked me for my contact number, I gave her all my information, when I check my Facebook page for Abused children / women, the young lady posted a comment about the horrible day she had That day, that I was her ferry GodMother that I made her day, thanks if it wasn't for me she would've gone about her, Business. The DA, called me up and I gave my side of the Story, at the end of the day the young lady told me that a family member molested her, when she was young. It is wrong for anyone to take advantage harming children, women, sexually, physically. Or emotionally, wrong, wrong, wrong.

I am elated to know that he was charged, one less creep of the street. Hopefully he don't have a History of molesting children and women.

We have to take charge my people, Peace.
Comment by OBAMA THE GOD on October 4, 2013 at 10:43pm

And no one did anything

Comment by Lee Bower on October 4, 2013 at 10:39pm

He needs Dr Phil lol

Comment by JAY. on October 3, 2013 at 12:17pm
Ty thank you for your kind sentiments fom time to tiime I try my best to point folks in the right direction, folks you must never beat up on a man or woman when he or she is falling down, help them up.!!.
Mother Teresa, / Dr Martin Luther paved the way for us we have to make use of it. Respect is the key. What will happen to our younger generation, if we don't show respect to each other. One could never feel good breaking another person down for the fun of it.

Let there be Peace.
Comment by ty on October 3, 2013 at 11:43am
Good morning ms.jay I applaud all that you have accomplished . Good morning to my bro Sy .I have learned as a child to be kind to my worse enemy . Wishing every person here on fever eyes the best in life and health . Ms.jay stay well and I appreciate you sharing the positive side of a difficult time in your life .you are a truly blessed .
Comment by JAY. on October 3, 2013 at 10:24am
Sy I have to Applauded you for apologizing, sometimes we don't know what a person or persons are experiencing in their lives, let me use myself as an example, 10 years ago I was diagnose with a brain illness, in which altered, my speech, the words I wanted to used, didn't come out, nothing close the word came out, I was teased by folks on another blog site, ( speak English, your Grammar is of a kindergarten student ). All kinds of bull crap, just because of one word, for example I may type my garden is beautiful, and by garden is beautiful would come out, and not for nothing my brain allowed me to type my garden is beautiful. In the mist of those bully calling me Uneducated, I have several Degrees, And many accomplishments, Nevertheless as times passes by, with the help from the best Doctors / Medications I am fine, and the same people who Told me to speak English, they are still at the bottom of the Barrel, and Ms. Jay, left them with their mouths open, I became the most respected and most popular person on that particular site,

I felt compelled to speak up on this based on my experiences. We never know, "plus" at the end of the day Ty was dealing with a significant loss. He loss his sister.

We all should show Compassion for each other. Thank you so kindly.

Have a great day.
Comment by sy on October 3, 2013 at 9:45am
I apologige if I offended, wasn't trying to. Please don't make anything negative of it
Comment by JAY. on October 3, 2013 at 9:14am
Good Morning Ty.............. You don't owe no one any appologies here, folks have to get with the program, I don't care what type of English, or Spanish a person speaks or write, as Long as I can Articulated what someone wrote or speaks / spoken, it is fine with me. In any institution you may fine a basher also known as a bully. Or a Troll, the same person who did the Dissing, should be "ASHAMED" of themselve, just reading his or her, one little sentence was totally third class on the ground, if we really look at it, in addition to this I will reiterate myself, we are not in school,

More importantly this bastard who punched this young lady in her face, had no right to hit her, I hope Law Enforcement Apprehend this lowlife as I type. Peace.!!.
Comment by Ann-Marie Bridgeman on October 3, 2013 at 9:04am


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