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                                                         Should I / Face Of Portland

Portland, with its Capital town Port Antonio, is a Parish located on Jamaica's Northeast Coast. It is situated to the North of St Thomas and to the East of St Mary in Surrey County. It is one of the rural areas of Jamaica and is known for its great beaches.


The Parish is situated at latitude 18°10' N and longitude 75°27'W. It extends from the highest peaks of the Blue Mountains, 2,256 meters (7,402 ft) above Sea level, down to the North Coast, and is noted for its fertile soil, beautiful scenery, and fine beaches. 

Portland lies in the direct path of the “Northeast” Trade Winds, and the Blue Mountain ridge to its South traps the moisture causing the parish to have the highest rainfall in the Island. Port Antonio, its chief town and Capital, has two harbors, the western one being sheltered by a small islet, Navy Island. 

(Spirit of Truth) I would like to livi-cate the song “Should I”  (originally done by my brother Dennis Brown), to the Government of Jamaica, on behalf of the people of Winnifred Beach in Portland.

I was blessed to have spent many weekends in (San San) Saint Margret's Bay, Portland, next to  the Rio Grande River and Rafters Rest.


Liberation of the poor people in the four corners of the Earth, has its foundation in Jamaica, within the Parish of Portland with its highest region Blue Mountain, (so is Zion).

Liberation will not come from an Image of war-ship, a Statue of oppression that they claim give life and Liberty. Annie Palmer (Plantation owner) of Rose Hall, is alive and well in Jamaica.

She still has the power to cast her spell over all who is under her authority, and those who have placed themselves under her because of material desire .

Those that allow themselves to be bitten is given the authority to become a government that is also under authority, administering her unjust rule over their own people.

What is worst, on one hand, they give honor and praises to those they call their National Heroes, and in the other hand, disrespect, their own National Prayer that they call a Anthem . 

Where is my Importance and Pride, when the authority I wield over the people that are of my household, is not of my own making, but that of another. The sad thing is, if the authority was coming from a Just and Honest man, there should be no problem accepting it. 

Rather, I am accepting the authority of lawless Nations, those that are guilty of theft, murder and rape, to possess that which was never given to them, but was taken by terror and violence.

And even as they were shown mercy, and allowed to keep what they took, they were not thankful.  In their arrogance against what is the Living Law, they made sin a way of life for themselves, and punish those they accuse of breaking the rules of their own making.

It is my birth, that set I free of  her spell, I was given angel wings. Unless you have been to the school, whose students graduate with wings, you will remain in darkness under the spell of illusion, regardless of your qualification, what University you attended, and how important you are in life.

All this is given to you, from those whose life is one of crime, yet they build prisons and have locked up more people than any other Nation on Earth for criminal activity.

All who choose to become followers of sin in order to gain the world and loose their soul, made their own choice, no one made it for them. 

It is only when you can love and accept reality, (which comes through humility) that you will begin to heal, and darkness will begin to disappear.  

To over-stand the depth of the vision and Revelation, given to I, you must be lifted up above the material world. The foundation upon which the Statue of Liberty stands is Fort Wood! 


The brother-in-law of my school mate and spiritual brother, Raymond Wood, had a small house by the Sea and River, (used as a vacation house) in Saint Margret’s Bay Portland, near Rafters Rest,

When he discovered it and we went there for the first weekend, the love of Night Club life in Kingston that I ruled, began to die, suddenly. I found myself linked to my inner Love, the love that is pure, and care free. Portland replaced Kingston, and it is there we would spend many weekends.

I was baptized (on my second return to the Island in the late 70s) not by man, but spiritually by the Apostle Paul, shortly after I returned to the house after diving from a raft into the Rio Grande River.

It is after my baptism that the name Timothy, was given to I by Paul as my spiritual name and I became a recruiting soldier in the Ministry.

Let the people of this Community in Portland know this, it is not the Court of man, that will free Winifred Beach, that was willed to the people by Fred Brown, who did the Right thing; knowing that the Earth belongs to the Creator of Life, and all that is within it, including man who have made themselves a God over other man.

What is worst is that he, the other man, became a part of the impure (money), to uphold the wrongs of his master that made himself God over him, when he was sold or conquered and brought into bondage.

By upholding the wrong of his God, who in spirit is a Goddess, with several name, and is now made manifest as Liberty, (white witch of rose hall) that rules over him.

The authority given to him or her, by the goddess,  to be made a god over their own self have enlarge the ego and false pride, that they have authority, when it is another person authority that they wield. 

They are not ashamed that they too was pardoned for accepting the money that Judas try to get rid of before he was lynched or hung himself. These are slaves that make education their pride, rather than the Wisdom that is Granted them from Above. They have become victims of the body snatchers.


To the body snatchers that are on their quest, to fight terrorist, and snatch up everything their eyes desire, and lust for, this is what the Spirit says!

Portland is found in Australia, Canada, Hong Kong, Ireland, New Zealand, United Kingdom and the United States.

It is Portland Jamaica, that the fountain from which the Freedom of the Earth will flow,  and anyone that takes objection to "One Love", will be numbered amongst those that are the deceivers, hypocrite and haters and are guilty of shedding the peoples blood.

Instead of saving themselves from their unforgivable sins that they were shown mercy for, these Gods have kept their sins alive whenever they threaten people with terror, that they are the owners of Life, and all others are indebted to them for the things which man cannot own.


No one can own the Land, which he did not labor to Create, (this is what Native America told them and ended up on reservation) it is the other way around. The Land owns all that is born of it, and dwell on it. Anyone that is blind to this reality, is born a spiritual slave.

To the People of Portland, those that truly respect Wisdom Granted From Above, that is written in your National Anthem. 


Dumb is the man that came to Winnifred Beach (representing those who claim to own the Land), and hung a piece of paper upon a tree (As Absalom was) telling you to vacate the Place. You don’t need education to see their dumbness.


Do you know where paper comes from? No! It comes from Trees. So how can representative  of Paper, tell the representative of Tree, that he or she should vacate the Land?

You are saying that they have the power to bring the law of brute force if necessary, to protect their wrongs, if you don’t comply?


Have you not learn from your own History in Jamaica? Did you not read in school what happened in Port Royal to lawless people, who took things by brute force without fear?

Do you know of a Nation on Earth that is Immune from the highest level of Brute Force? What you sow is what you reap. Paper is only an eyesore and burden of pollution upon Paradise.


Do you not take to heart, and fear what took place in Louisiana and Haiti when the Creator allowed chastisement to come upon his People and gave you technology, that wherever on Earth you were, you could see what took place (when the people live as if there is no Creator),  

Are you not heeding the warning to wake up before the Earth is made to become Silent, as the Prophet Habakkuk declare.     

In their arrogance, they now live outside of mercy, whenever they hang their notices on doors or trees, to put fear (terror) in the people that they should vacate that which they took violently from others.

Those that are taking pride in stolen property handed down to them or purchased, should rather  humble themselves and ask mercy of the Creator , so that their fate will not be as the man that sold them his sin.


Because of their greed, forgiveness and mercy is now taken away from those that refuse to accept mercy by undoing their sins, which leads to death.

The Army that has risen up against their Democracy is not radical Islam or Isis, or all the other things that they fear in their paranoia .

It is the spirit of the dead, those that lost their Inheritance in the four corners of the Earth at the hands of greedy and covetous Nations.

These are the spirits that are crying out to be avenged, and is on the march with the Army of Hell that will rise up from the Deep, and the Army of Heaven that will come down from above, and woe unto those that are caught in the middle.

Rafters Rest where the Rio Grande River empties into the Sea, hold the key that will bring Rest to the people of the Earth that labor and are heavily laden. Its judgment begins at Winnifred Beach, and will circle the Island and rid all its shoreline of the pollution caused by its private investors.  

These are the people who believe that the word trespass only should apply to private ownership because a dumb piece of paper have power to talk. By the Universal Laws, that Create and Uphold Life, it is they who are the trespassers on that which belong to the People.

So what, they are now angry because the word trespassing is used against them, and sees it as some terrorist threat, and is ready to exercise some brute force by sending their war-ship (that they wor-ship) to surround the Island, and protect their private interest!

They might call themselves a bird of prey, I am a humming bird, who is making you aware that you should not watch my size I am the most dangerous" being under the Creation.

That which you have done to I in the past, you were allowed to do it, so that I can now speak, not as one that is fighting a war and has no wounds to show.

In the blindness of their might, they fail to see that their war ships (of wor-ship) sails upon I back. I am born of the Ocean (Pisces) and have no equal in Battle, because of the Peace and Faith given to I. 

All the Islands of the Sea will be liberated from being called private property. The people that set up this Democracy, are the ones responsible for all the terror and oppression they claim to be fighting, for they have rob others of their Living.

It is truly a mental people that govern over the society. When the authority was handed to her, she did not rid herself of the madness of the King, rather she created a mental society that she graduate from her schools, and who live outside of the mental institutions she creates.

Because my brethren Woody and I were adventurous from we were in school, we decided to take the train to Montego Bay one weekend, for it was one of the few places that I never visited.

It is there that I first encountered discrimination when we tried to enter Doctor' Cave Beach and was turned away. We only got in because we met some people on the train who had family members in the Government, and they were already on the inside.

How can the people of any Island or Continent who are its backbone, be denied the right to enjoy all the benefits of the Land they labored on! It is they that visitors should meet on all the Beaches they visit in the Caribbean and the World, so that when they leave, people will get to know each other better through communication.

Even though we live within the age of communication, people are taught not to communicate they text, backward thinking in a progressive World!.

Communication, is vital for the Peace of the Earth, and those that are in control use their clock to turn the people into puppet, and take away communication from them.

When people visit other places to see and enjoy the beauty of Mother Earth, they need freedom to communicate with the inhabitants. Instead they are imprisoned in an all inclusive Hotel, rather than spending their time with families at no cost, except what they freely give.

These people that is making private what is Public, build these Hotels for one purpose, to make money. The people of the Land means very little to them, except they are helping them to make money, and accept slave wages.

These Hotels are built to accommodate your two weeks of vacation given to you for a year of hard or mental labor, leaving very little time for you to socialize. Your vacation becomes a package deal, where everything you need is fenced within private border line.

You leave taking back all the pictures of how great a time you had on your vacation, when in fact it only feel great because you have returned to the nine to five clock, slaving for the next  vacation without knowing what true Freedom is.

The Earth belongs to all people upon whose back they have built their private world. If the law that govern the Land choose to serve the interest of these private investors because they put food on their table and money in their pocket, this is what I am sent to say to them. 

There are three options offered by the Creator of Life and Death to those whose interest you serve  (1) Conform to the Laws that govern over Life, (2) leave the Planet, (3) return to the Dust where you rightfully belong.


All they are doing is to lie to the people under their spell, that they are offering them life and saving them from terrorist. 

A mark was placed on Cain, that no man should touch him, and this is why they have lived this long, free from total destruction and far from harm, except the harm that they have brought upon themselves.  


I have not returned to the Island since I lost my best friend Woody, to the violence of their weapons, and my inner vow is that my brothers’ death will not be forgotten, until man beat their swords into plow shear.

I am not at war with those whose hand these weapons find themselves in. The army from which I came is of the Spirit, and cares nothing about the Gods of mans invention and warship.

This Army is Fear itself, and is the only Army that the people should learn to fear. The armies of the Earth that resists the Truth, will be removed from the Planet, for I am sent as its Recruiting Soldier stepping through the Valley of the shadow of Death, without  fear of Evil, whose Root I Am. 

Should I again choose the path of death, and destruction by taking up its weapons, then all the spirits on Earth that are subdued by the Peace granted I, would be let loose to run this Earth red in blood, that the living would wish they were never born. It is Spirit that control what happens on Earth.

In provocation, I have learnt the Art of Peace, that have kept the war of what I Am subdued, so that  the Earth will be kept alive because of the Peace of who I Am. I Am that I Am. 

I have become the wisdom of the serpent, and the harmlessness of the Dove, so that children can play over the Cock-a-trice Den without any harm.

Isaiah 11:8 And the sucking child shall play on the hole of the asp, and the weaned child shall put his hand on the Cockatrice' den. 11:9 They shall not hurt nor destroy in all my Holy Mountain: for the Earth shall be full of the knowledge of the Creator, as the waters cover the Sea.


(Spirit of Truth) I was blessed to be given weapons that are above the weapons of mans Invention, this is what enable I to stand in the Field of Danger (Dangerfield Newby) as a stepping razor.

The Virginity of Mother Earth, will not die under the pollution of no ones private interest. She will be set Free from being poisoned by the insanity of paper.


My spiritual brother Woody (woodpecker) is the link to the Book of Esther in the Old Testament. The King that ruled from India to (Ethiopia) Africa. His mother is African descent, and his father, India. (Upper and Lower Nile)

Esther 1:1 Now it came to pass in the days of Ahasuerus, which reigned, from India even unto Ethiopia, over an hundred and seven and twenty provinces: 


(Spirit of Truth) It is written, “two would be going up the same road, one will be taken and the other left behind”. The footprints in the sands  were found on the Beach at Saint Margaret's Bay in Portland.

The love of Life  will not allow a true friend to leave his fallen brother (soldier), behind. This is why it is also written; “No greater Love a man can have than this, That he Lay down his Life for his Friend. 

It is there on the beach that  the Spirit of Cry'ist, carried his friend, when he raised Lazarus from the grave, by laying  down his life on the  "Wood" of Freedom.

My fallen brother Woody will be set free from beneath her tomb of violence, when this rebellious queen “Liberty” (spoken of in the Book of Esther), is removed from the foundation on which she stand  "Fort Wood". 

I was taken out of Paradise in 1972, the year that the "Museum of Immigration" was opened within her foundation in New York. My arrival was not as others, it was destined by time, to bring Revelation and Truth to its fulfillment.

Had she known that her spell would be broken, I would be kept out. She challenged Wisdom with Education and lost.

She taught that I would remain her child, and her charm, and night life, would again take control of I, so that chosen Israel would be left in darkness, when she turn living Art, into her Museum.


For a while I rekindled the night life of Kingston, and as it is written of the Prodigal Son who ended up with swine, woke up to Life again. (Stewart also means a keeper of the Sty or pig pen).

Paradise in the end was made to become victorious, and Kingston, (or the King Stone) became immune to the venom of her City, "New York", and her Image, because I am born the king of serpent.. Lots wife became a Pillar of Salt

Daniel saw the Stone that belonged to the King. Prince Alla sang about it on the "Freedom Sound Label", and I am sent to confirm it. The difference between I and those that died fighting for Liberation is this.

Unlike the righteous that they were given power over to take their life, so that they can continue to live, I life is also their life, I death will become theirs death, and I am not here to convince anyone to accept what I know to be, within the Faith I am given.

As it was said by Jason of the Argonauts to the King in his quest for the golden fleece, "Kill I and you kill yourself" 

Romans 11:1 I say then, has the Creator cast away his people? The Truth forbids. I am an Israelite, of the seed of Abram, of the tribe of Benjahmin. 11:2 The Creator has not cast away his people, which he foreknew. Do you not hear what the Scripture said of Elias? How he make intercession to the Creator against Israel saying,

11:3 Lord, they have killed your Prophets, and dig down Your altars; and I am left alone, and they seek my life. 11:4 What says the Creator unto him? I have reserved to myself seven thousand men, who have not bowed the knee to the image of (Liberty) Baal. 11:5 Even so then at this “present time” also there is a remnant according to the election of grace.

(Spirit of Truth) To the People of Winnifred Beach in Portland, you were not left without a Prayer. To become truly strong, and united in Truth, you must first examine your own conscience, as to your true heart purpose and motivations for wanting to free Winnifred Beach.


Are you calling for its freedom because of your own personal material ambitions, to make money. If this is what motivates you, then you are no different from those who because of greed have become a threat to what is placed in your hands.

These are the big fish who always try to eat down the small fish. They would do anything to materialize their every wish. (words of my older brother Bob Marley)

Those that use their blood money to pay others to continually violate the rights of those, they first enslaved, and is still oppressing, because their greed is endless, so that everywhere on Earth belongs to them. Their greed is such, that they now have their eyes on the things that they have discarded.

They own the Sky, they own the Ocean, and every inch of Land,  and teaches those that are lead by them, that Democracy is worth dying for, yet they will not sacrifice their own life, only the the life of other who themselves are being oppressed by them. 

One mans desire is to survive, another mans desire is greed. Until their Democratic world pass away, the people are bound to its enslavement, money. Yet they don't need money, to be unified, and the only way for this to happen, is they have to use money without love.

The people who by force have to use money, should do so as if its burial is today, and it is its last day of existence on Earth. By doing so you will have created true unity amongst yourselves, and will be willing to help each other, this is where your strength is found.

If you are using money with desire in your heart, you are already defeated. It is these forces of darkness that own the "world bank", that is why (what you call) your money have no value. And when you are being convinced to compromise, it is only done to lead you like sheep to the slaughter.


If your heart felt desire to free Winnifred Beach is the love for the Creation, the Beauty of Life, and the Truth, that says, “The Earth belongs to the Eternal Creator, and the Fullness Within"; then every morning that you gather on the beach you should have devotion. I am not talking about organized religion of any kind.

Devotion means you recite the Lords Prayer, removing the “hallowed be thy name”, and replace it with “Holy Is Your Name”Leave the hallowed for the ghost and demons of halloween.

It is she that suffocated her own child by putting him under a dead tree that cannot produce oxygen to keep him alive. Yet it is this dead child that you are given as the Savior and Life of the World.

She then tried to kill the spirit of the living child, by agreeing that the king (Soloman), should cut him in two. She would rather bring death to all Life, if she cannot privatize it and keep her Image of sin alive (selfishness).

Let the National Anthem that grant "True Wisdom from Above" become your devotional song, after you pray. Asking the Creator to keep you free from Evil powers who would  rather destroy the Life of the Earth rather than give it back to those who Inherited it, the true seed of Abram.

There is no Anthem throughout the entire Earth that is as deeply spiritual as that of Jah-meck-ya.

Remember your leaders were great defenders, preferring to loose their life for the cause of Freedom rather than save it, and live without dignity, having to depend on others, to care for them.

You hold the Freedom that the people within the four corners of the Earth are now crying out for. Paradise lost is now Paradise found, and must be protected from those that is bent on destroying it for their financial gain. 


It is only through the Freedom of Heaven on Earth, that Life will Survive, and it is placed in your hands, for it is the Hands of the Creator that will strengthen you, not the Court or Lawyer, those who cannot over-stand how Life on Earth is Sustained, or what make it Function?


If the lawyer is defending the Beach just to make money, and sees money as solving Life problem, then they are as blind as the rest, who are unable to see that money does not keep Paradise Alive and have no power to save it only destroy and pollute it!

You have already proven this by caring for the Beach without being paid. If you were paid to care for it, you would never feel any real attachment to it.

Why are the people of the Earth enslaved to useless paper, that is being used as the standard by which you judge a mans quality, or his integrity or his worth in life, and the Churches is asking for it to do the Creators work?


Their money is used to have others betray the Truth, because they are for sale. The Court that you decide to take them to, is owned by them, or can be bought out. (Give thanks to Garnet Silk, for the song, "I'm not for Sale")

It is the same Court that they use to convict John Brown and hang him, because he stood up for the rights of the poor and oppressed slaves in America.

If those who call themselves Government did not seek office to serve the peoples interest, then they should remove themselves from office or suffer the Fate of those whose private interest they are serving.


These are the people that want everything their eyes lust for. The motto of the Country is “Out Of Many One People", and those that claim to serve or desire to serve, need to respect the word People, and not remove it in order to serve the "One Out Of Many" the motto of America with their piece of private paper.

If a man in his blindness, was made to sign a piece of paper, giving away his Birthright to another, and who can now see his mistake based on his Trust. The man whom he signed away his birthright to knowing that it is he who kept him in the Dark, should return the birthright.

Since they have been in possession of his birthright, from he was taken into Bondage (over 400 years) to the Land where they became possessor of another mans birthright also, and confine him to a Reservation.

When I now say give me what is mine so I can become an Independent Man and take care of myself. Now if that man believe that the piece of paper given to I to sign in darkness can have any authority over what is my Rights, he have deceived himself.

Taking something in honesty, is different than taking it in deception and lie. If it was done in honesty I would not have been kept in the dark. And what make him believe that what I suffered for he can have with paper and ink?

Dennis Brown  who became a part of the Soul Syndicate Band when I was amongst them, shares the same Earth day 1st of February with my youngest brother who is also musician.  

Sacrifice has already been made to the Sea twice. Jonah went down to the Deep that I might bring up my brother-in-law, Patrick Brown, who was sacrificed to it in Saint Margaret Bay, Portland, and also my cousin Bertram Brown, who was sacrificed to the waves of Hurricane Ike.

Hurricane Ike was on his way to find (Proud Mary) Tina Turner, to let her know that Love has everything to do with it, for it is Jonah (Pisces) who was made to carried the sins of the City and she who sits upon many waters, "Liberty".  (Revelation Chap.17). 

It is this love that have kept the unrepentant, disobedient and disbelievers, alive until this day, and it is their false Pride that will bring about their doom. 


The spirit of Fred Brown who handed Winni-fred Beach to the People, is singing (Seven Miles of black Star liner by Fred Lox) and rejoicing that the Ocean of the Sea in "Greenwich Farm, Kingston 13",  home to Bertram Brown, is carrying the Sound of Freedom.

It is the Freedom that will Liberate all the Beaches that the Governments of the World have taken from the common people to privatize and pollute for their own selfish Greed. Starting with the plight of the"Greenwich Farm Fishermen.

It is John Brown, and not Abraham Lincoln, that made the effort to free slaves in America. Many that are born of the poverty caused by Slavery, refuse to see their own nakedness and these are the worst kind amongst the people. They become the shadow of their master who lead them.

They belong to the rebellious house of Judas who ended up (being lynched) hanging himself, when those that he choose to served refuse to take back their blood money.


They are the ones who have no desire to be free of their master because the crumbs from his table fall first at their feet, and they become satisfied in sharing his sins, even within their places of war-ship,  (worship) their Churches, when they are in the spirit!


They will vote to have those that practice and uphold rules that are unjust, sit as the representative of the Law, while the slave who will always be the slave, regardless, become the carbon copy of his master in sin.

Why did the slaves not give honor to John Brown (a white man), who offered his life to end Slavery that which the slave refused or was too afraid to do themselves, yet they give honor to a slave holder, Abraham Lincoln!

{History) On October 16, 1859, John Brown led 21 men on an assault at Harpers Ferry -- an event that shook the Nation and [nudged it even closer toward civil war]. Among these raiders were five black men: two of these men would die at Harp-ers Ferry, two would be captured and executed, and one would escape to Canada.

Danger-field Newby, was the first of Brown's men to die in the fighting. Born a slave in 1815 but later freed by his white, Scottish father, Newby married a slave who was still in bondage in Virginia.

A letter found on his dead body revealed one of his motive for joining Brown. Dear husband: I want you to buy me as soon as possible, for if you do not get me somebody else will. The servants are very disagreeable; they do all they can to set my mistress against me.

Dear husband, the last two years have been like a troubled dream to me. It is said master is in want of money. If so, I know not what time he may sell me, and then all my bright hopes of the future are blasted, for there has been one bright hope to cheer me in all my troubles, that is to be with you.

If I thought I should never see you, this Earth would have no charms for me. Do all you can for me, which I have no doubt you will. I want to see you so much. 

Brown was wounded and quickly captured, and moved to Charlestown, Virginia, where he was tried and convicted of treason. Before hearing his sentence, Brown was allowed make an address to the Court.

I believe, that my intervention on behalf of the despised poor, was not Wrong, but Right. Now, if it be deemed necessary that I should forfeit my life for the furtherance of Justice, and mingle my blood with the blood of my children, and with the blood of millions in this slave Country, (and the Caribbean), whose rights are disregarded by wicked, cruel, and unjust enactments, I submit: so let it be done."

Although initially shocked by Brown's exploits, many Northerners began to speak favorably of the militant abolitionist. "He did not recognize unjust human rules, but resisted them as he was bid. . . .," said Henry David Thoreau in an address to the citizens of Concord, Massachusetts.

"No man in America has ever stood up so persistently and effectively for the dignity of human nature. John Brown was hanged on December 2, 1859. 

(Spirit of Truth) On behalf of the slave well being, John Brown a white man, prove himself a superior human in comparison to most black leaders, past and present. 

A man that is tried for treason is a man they consider to be a traitor to his Country. To stand up in the defense of a man that is made a slave was and is considered an act of betrayal.

Today he would be considered a terrorist. He is the spirit of Fred Brown of Winifred Beach in Portland who gave what they owned to the (poor} people.

As in America, there are slaves in the Islands that are made to accept that the education and the material possessions they are allowed to acquire is life, for it makes them live above others like themselves. They have been dumb down.

If you were never born free, how can you know what Freedom is! They accept the confinement they are born in, as long as it is made comfortable for them. Theirs view of success and accomplishment, lives within the confinement they are made to become proud of.

How can a man bent on destroying the Earth created as a Paradise, turn around to claim it as his personal possession and not as though it is entrusted to his care! 

Refusing to do what is Just, they are motivated by their eternal greed, and will pay greedy Government to use brute force  they claim to be the law, in order to take possession of everything their eyes lust and covet, as they say red eye. Mine is made redder than theirs.


They also turn pimps into ministers dressed up in their designers suits, teaching the people they rob in their religious places of war-ship, that when they die, they will go to some imaginary Paradise up in the Sky to enjoy Life.

I Dangerfield Newby, born a slave in 1815 but later freed by my white, Scottish father, who was the first  also to die in John Browns war to free the slaves and my wife. 

I and I are the birds of Paradise right here on Earth, and no vampires can stop "The Kingdom from being established on Earth, or the Will of the Creator from being g done, as the Waters cover the Sea.


What I reveal is spiritual, and can only be over-stood by those that are lead of the Spirit. It is Cry’ist who said “Come unto me, all who labor and are heavily burdened, and I will give you Rest.


Matthew 11:28 Come unto me, all you that labor and are heavy laden, and I will give you Rest. 1:29 Take my yoke upon you, and learn of I; for I am meek and lowly in heart: and you shall find rest unto your souls. 11:30 For my yoke is easy, and my burden is light.


(Spirit of Truth) Portland lies in the direct path of the “Northeast” Trade Winds, and the Blue Mountain ridge to its South traps the moisture causing the Parish to have the highest rainfall in the Island. 

Port Antonio, its chief town and Capital, has two harbors, the western one being sheltered by a small islet, Navy Island. 

Paul who was caught in a storm at Sea sailed on the Northeast Trade Wind into Portland (the link to Panama) in order to baptize I spiritually in the Rio Grande at Rafters Rest, and gave I the name Timothy.

Like Jonah,  he was made to see the Judgment of the greedy and covetous when they sailed out to Sea the day after the  Atonement. The Army officer of Navy Island refused his warning about the danger of the Storm ahead. 

                                               Revelation of Paul The Storm at Sea


Acts 27:4 And when we had launched from thence, we sailed under Cyprus, because the winds were contrary. 27:5 And when we had sailed over the sea of Cilicia and Pamphylia, we came to Myra, a city of Lycia. 27:6 And there the centurion found a ship of Alexandria sailing into Italy; and he put us therein.


27:7 And when we had sailed slowly many days, and scarce were come over against Cnidus, the wind not suffering us, we sailed under Crete, over against Salmone; 27:8 And, hardly passing it, came unto a place which is called The fair Havens; nigh whereunto was the City of Lasea.


27:9 Now when much time was spent, and when sailing was now dangerous, because the Day of Atonement was now already past, Paul admonished them, 27:10 And said unto them, Sirs, I perceive that this voyage will be with hurt and much damage, not only of the lading and ship, but also of our lives.

27:11 But the army officer (of Navy Island Portland) was convinced by what the Captain and the owner of the ship said, and not by what Paul said. 17:13 A soft wind from the South began to blow, and the men thought that they could carry out their plan, so they pulled up the anchor and sailed as close as possible along the coast of Crete.


27:14 Soon a very strong Wind the one called “Northeaster” blew down from the Island of Portland. 27:15 It hit the ship, and since it was impossible to keep the ship headed into the wind, we gave up trying and let it be carried along by the Wind.


(Spirit of Truth) Paul Storm at Sea is the link between Jamaica and Panama where two Seas meet the route Obama took when he left Jamaica.

                                                                        Should I

The song "Should I" that follows the video on Winnifred Beach, represent all the Beaches of Paradise around the Earth, and is to the love of all my Sisters Earth-day from January to December that I have Livicated it. I say blessed Universal Earth Strong.

I am not a musician that entered into the Art, it is the Art that gave I birth through a Virgo Mother, whose bloodline is Stew-art, is of European and African descent, and is descended from King David II of Scotland.

Many of my brethren's that are of the Arts, are internationally known Musician and Artist, and it is not as if I am lacking in ability why I did not become as they; rather I had to leave the Arts, (the House of Kingship) because I was also born to the House of the Priesthood.

Because of this calling, I was unable to perfect my musical Arts. I had to be about my Fathers business (the Ministry). This is what Jah'sus Cry'ist told his parents, at the age of twelve.

There is Jesus Christ, a child that is born dead and placed under a dead tree at Christ-mas. To kill the Tree every year is to kill the King that is called the Tree of Life,  in order to uphold the Christ of death and Lie.

The Child born of Truth, is called Jah'sus, which means, Jah' is with us, and Cry'ist, for he did Cry at the death of his friend Lazarus.

The Wind of change will blow for my brother Woody, from Olympic Garden (Water House) who became my link to Portland and the Book of Esther, who lost his life to their invention of death, the Gun. As my brother (Bob Marley) would sing "Johnny Was A Good Man".


It is the Priesthood (the Peace) that leads the Kingship (the Arts which is the music) into Zion, breaking down the Democratic wall of division, by returning the Earth to its Divine Order, uniting  both Houses into One Love, Priest and King .

The Creator told King David to sit at His right Hand until He make the enemy his footstool. I who is last born is of the Tribe of Ben-jah-min, (which means the son of my right hand)

The Art had no strength to Liberate, it bring the Peace. It is the Wisdom of the Word that bring Liberation. The Priesthood is the fulness of the Word, Art is the Sound, and Judgment is the Power.

The Priesthood and the Kingship had to be joined together, in order to liberate the Love within the Art. It is this love that blessed I with the musical equipment (weapons) so I could minister through the music (that rule the feet) and teach through the spirit (that rules the head) 

Over the years I became friends with others that became a part of the Art . One evening I was by a  musician friend of mine who had a small studio in his apartment that Dennis Brown songs “Should I” came to mind.

My musician brethren (who is from Saint Thomas) did not know the song, so I went on the keyboards and started to feel out the chords changes.

Because he did not know the song it enable us to do it completely different from its original recording. I recently found it in my collections of raw rhythms, not mastered or refined. This was done sometime in the mid 90s.

Those who have Dance Hall sound speakers will feel its vibration along with its massage ministered in Image.

I have decided to share it first with all my Sisters in memory of Dennis Brown, and to the Governments of the Islands of Paradise who are selling what belongs to the People, those that come to for loot to destroy because of their financial greed.

Brown is the name of the of the woman that is first given to I within the Laws of physical marriage, and is first cousin to Bertram Brown. She is of the first (Aries) Jamaica.

There is also Browne that is given to I amongst the many that comes through the Laws of the spirit, and she is (Sagittarius) Trinidad.

                                                                  Angel Face

I thought it was by chance, that I met what appeared to be an angel, and when I asked her name she said it was Angel. I felt that I was lifted up into the world of the spirit, and that our meeting was destined.

I asked her what is it that she does, to see if there was something we had in common, which developed into a conversation.

Angel: I spend most of my time on Face Book! I: doing what? Mostly showing my face! I: with the face of an angel, you probably have a lot of friends following you? Well I have thousands of friends! I: You do? I guess that make you feel very important?

Angel: well, isn’t this every woman's dream! I: how do you manage to communicate with thousands of friends? Angel; I don’t, they communicate with me! I: If thousands of friends communicate with you, I guess there is nothing else that occupies your time, except keeping up with face appearances and waiting  for thousand of friends, to give their flattering comments.

Angel: well, this is what makes me know that I am been noticed. I: so then there is no need for the word book, since everyone is about his or her face being noticed. What do you mean by that? I: well you don’t need a book to show your face, with technology all you need is a smart phone to take your pictures, or your computer.

People are not into (book) reading anymore, for them it is keeping up with appearance and self promotion, reading is boring and time consuming, especially when it is not offering success, and fame, and keeping you in the spotlight.  

Angel: Well, I am into the new, which is texting? I: you mean that which put peoples brain to sleep, and shorten their attention and communication span, making them unable to give their attention to anything else except their own face.

Angel: how about you, are you on the Inter-net, I mean like Face book? I: Well I prefer to work from the Outer-net, that is why I am a latecomer , for I am running an outside race.

Angel: how many friends do you have? I: everyone on face Book or or other social media that I share priceless knowledge for Free is my friend. What do you mean by that, this sound crazy! I: No, crazy people are those who do not over-stand balance, they can only see their own face, not whats written in the book.

Angel: I am balanced! I: If you are into face and not the book you cannot be balanced. My face came out of the Book that I might be able to at least bring balance to the many faces who can learn how to be faceless sometimes.

My work is to the people, so I had to make the people my friend. And as the 24th Psalms testify to the number within my birth. “The Earth is the Lords and the Fullness thereof: The World and they that dwell Therein”.

Angel: does all the people know that you are their friend? I: how can those that are kept in darkness without knowledge of it know that I am their friend, when the only thing they can see is their own reflection.

It is also best that they don’t know, so I remain free from personal expectation. Although I admire the beauty in faces, it does not have any power to hold or control my attention.

Angel: Don’t they see your face? I: they might, for the most part it is unrecognizable, for it shines within the faces of those whose face are kept from shining. I prefer to show my face through the reflection of others.

By doing so I keep those that are just into their own face aware of reality, that they prefer not to see and so keep at a distance the many that would become my friend for the wrong reason.

Angel: do you believe that the people like you for wanting to show faces that they prefer to be hidden? I: like or dislike, it does not matter, for I live above the emotional feelings of those whose world is founded upon likes and dislike, love and hate and all the fantasies and illusions of life that they are into.

The unknown faces far outnumber the known faces, and they represent the Book without faces, and not the Faces without the book.

Hope the next time our path cross it is in the Book that will cause your face to sparkle like genuine Diamond or the Sun when it rises in the morning or the Moon when it is Full, so that you too will be numbered amongst the uncountable multitude, that were the first to become my friends.


I hope you find inspiration in, the song “Should I” that I have shared from the House of the Art.

I must return to my writing that is at the beginning of this Video "Greek Macedonian border. 

The Wisdom of Solo-man




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