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Sha’Carri Richardson Gets Big Offer From Weed Company {Should she take it?}

Sha’Carri Richardson is Now Completely OUT of the Tokyo Olympics | VIDEO

Even though Sha’Carri Richardson was counted out of an opportunity to take part in the Olympics, due to her being tested positive for THC, she now has the possibility of earning big from her own mistake as she has been offered a position to become an ambassador for the Dr Dabber Vaping organization.

The title of the position given to Sha’Carri is “Resident Doctor”, and if she says yes Richardson will also be testing vape pens, and dab-rigs as a part of her responsibility.

There has so far been no response from the US track star concerning the position however, it would be quite a turnaround for her earning power this summer since she lost out of the Olympics.

Since being tested positive for THC, Sha’Carri Richardson has soared to much fame, which also impacted her social media presence, boosting her following exponentially.

The big offer on the table for the track star also has a nice $250,000 laid down to compensate her as a spokesperson, for the company if she decides that the opportunity is worthwhile.

++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++ #LetHerBlaze – SIGN the Petition to Get Sha’Carri Richardson to the Olympics [VIDEO]

Sha'Carri Richardson - headface1 (Getty)
Sha’Carri Richardson 

Whoa! We hope you’re ready for some not-so-good news about track & field star Sha’Carri Richardson. On Tuesday, the U.S. track and field federation announced she will NOT run in the Tokyo Olympics.

If you, like us, thought she was still going to allowed to participate because her 30-day suspension for failing a drug test for cannabis would end in time for her to participate on the relay team, well we obviously have another thing coming, as the saying goes.

So, while her suspension for ingesting weed would have benched Richardson for at least part of the Tokyo Olympics, the sprinter will now be completely barred from competing in the Olympics. Period. End of story.

Well, damn. What is up with that? We don’t know ’cause the U.S. track and field federation isn’t saying, so far. But the organization did release a statement which doesn’t really answer the question as to why she won’t allowed to compete at all.

“While USATF fully agrees that the merit of the World Anti-Doping Agency rules related to THC should be reevaluated, it would be detrimental to the integrity of the U.S. Olympic Team Trials for Track & Field if USATF amended its policies following competition, only weeks before the Olympic Games,” the statement from USA Track & Field said.

Meanwhile, Richardson’s suspension prompted a larger conversation online over cannabis legalization as many public figures chimed in on their belief that cannabis should be legalized across the country as reported by TheWrap:
Seth Rogan defended Richardson online by calling Team USA’s choice “insane” and calling for a reevaluation of marijuana’s reputation as a problematic “drug.”

“The notion that weed is a problematic ‘drug’ is rooted in racism,” Rogen wrote, “It’s insane that Team USA would disqualify one of this country’s most talented athletes over thinking that’s rooted in hatred. It’s something they should be ashamed of.”

Regarding what was only a suspension (at least as far we thought), Richardson responded with this comment on NBC’s Today Show on July 2nd:

“I just want to take responsibility for my actions. I’m not making an excuse or looking for any empathy in my case.”


‘Just Let Her Run!’ The Sports World Shows Love/Support for Sha’Carri Richardson / VIDEO

Sha'Carri Richardson - Let Her BlazeSha’Carri Richardson – Let Her Blaze petition at

American sprinter Sha’Carri Richardson who won the women’s 100-meter at the U.S. trials last month, has reportedly tested positive for cannabis, as a result, she’s been disqualified as the gold medal contender from a chance to challenge for the Olympic 100 metres title in Tokyo later this month.

Richardson, who’s vibrant energy won America over and is hailed as the most exciting sprint star since Usain Bolt was aiming to become the first American woman to win the Olympic 100m title since 1996. The suspension length as currently stands is for 30 days.

Cannabis is currently banned, in-competition (11:59 p.m. on the day before the competition and ending at its conclusion) by the World Anti-Doping Agency (WADA). United States Anti Doping Agency (USADA), which is a WADA signatory, considers cannabis a prohibited substance because they consider it both a performance-enhancing substance and a drug of abuse.

Studies have shown that here is no direct evidence of performance-enhancing effects of cannabis on athletes while data concludes that cannabis use is beneficial for athletes for pain management protocol, and reducing concussion-related symptoms.

Cannabis has a long history with sports, and across the globe many top athletes turn to cannabis to help them focus on the moment, relax and aid recovery following sports injuries. Cannabis has an ever-growing list of healing health benefits and has been linked to fighting cancer, relieving chronic pain, treating glaucoma, alleviating anxiety and more.  Medical cannabis is currently legal in 36 US states and in hopes to be slated for federal legalization in the near future.

Given developing attitudes towards change in legislation and many athletes openly advocating for legalization, it is vital that more cannabis research is done in order to inform policy in both government and sports. This petition serves as a call for the following:

– reinstate  Sha’carri Richardson to her competition position in the upcoming Tokyo Olympic games,

-WADA & USADA to abolish the Cannabis ban, removing it from it’s list of prohibited substance and no longer classifying as a performance enhancing drug. 

– USTAF, International Olympic Committee and all sports leagues, teams and organizations stop testing athletes for cannabidiols.

Let’s propel the cannabis movement forward, eradicating the negative social narrative enforced from decades of prohibition and lack of understanding.  Allow athletes who physically endure pain benefit from the healing properties the cannabis plant possesses. Let Sha’carri smoke marijuana while being the beaming sprint star America has been waiting for. #LETHERBLAZE
source: Tianna Robinson –



Sha’Carri Richardson, now America’s fastest woman, scorches her Olympic Trials final Sha'Carri Richardson (pointing) Gettyimages-1325108045

As it should be, Sha’Carri Richardson is getting a lot of love and support from a lot of people including some of the country’s top athletes.

As we’ve reported, the U.S. Olympic sprinter has been in the spotlight the last several days because of after testing positive for marijuana a month before the Tokyo Games.

The good news is that while Richardson’s suspension won’t allow her to run the 100 meters in the Tokyo Olympics, there’s an outside chance she will be able to run in the 4×100 relay.

On Friday (07-02-21) Richardson admitted to Savannah Guthrie on the “Today Show” that she turned to marijuana to cope with the death of her biological mother, news of which was broken to her by a reporter she called a “total stranger.”

Another thing to keep in mind is that weed/marijuana legal in Oregon, where she was at the time of ingestion.

Also on Friday, Kansas City Chiefs quarterback Patrick Mahomes and other athletes from across the U.S. voiced their support for Richardson, while also offering their thoughts on the suspension.


Sha’Carri Richardson wins the 100m final at the U.S. Olympic Trials in 10.86, qualifying for the Tokyo Games along with Javianne Oliver (10.99) and Teahna Daniels (11.03)

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Comment by Daniel forwth on October 11, 2021 at 10:42am
Comment by Tyrone on August 1, 2021 at 6:26pm

The way the world has decriminalize marijuana, made it legal, selling it, giving it away and encouraging everyone to smoke it, the penalty for this young lady was extreme.  I would have understood if it was an enhancing drug.  The only thing marijuana make you do is give you the munchies and if you're a rapper / singer help you develop lyrics.  The punishment didn't fit the crime.  I believe they just wanted her out and any little thing they could get her on, they would use it.

Comment by mr1stroke on August 1, 2021 at 4:03pm
I'm pretty sure youre punching the clock for,a white person, now tell us do you follow every rules at work and have you always, if you drive do you follow every traffic rules, do you always, i mean have you ever broken any rules, if yes what do you think the punishment should be for you? Its so easy to be angry or try to see others fall down to point the finger and judge, the only difference is those you try to destroy always end up fine or on top, when you day comes will be you ok? I truly hope so.
Comment by BIIGMANN on August 1, 2021 at 10:36am
She was stupid
Follow rules & its all good!
Comment by Ricardo O'Connor on July 9, 2021 at 10:29am
  • She took accountability for her action and stated she isn’t looking for anyone’s sympathy and I like that. But to suggest banning her from the sport is wrong! Come on people she is only 21 years old! I am sure you would like mercy extend to you if you were in the same position. Let’s not be so callous and show some grace. According to her, she smoked marijuana to helped her smooth and cope with the pain of loosing her mother but knew of its consequences and that’s honesty! Everyone deserves a second chance in life and I am sure you would too. She should NOT be banned! Leave her alone and let her shine and make some money! 
Comment by mr1stroke on July 8, 2021 at 11:58am

Sheldine Forde like you said she just loss her mom, today is her day,  tomorrow will be for those against her, i hope they feel the same way, God got her, i signed that petition and also share it with all the platforms

Comment by vaughn mitchell on July 8, 2021 at 9:55am
@Sheldine Force, the Olympic committee, are very bias against America Athletes, if you remember a bunch of committee members were convicted by the feds for taking bribes, for giving favoritism to other countries for hosting the Olympic. What was wrong was the she not allowed to run the relays, which the Olympic committee, did not ban her from doing, but the U.S. Olympic committee did. It's messed up because the alot of people wanted to see her, Shelly Ann, Elaine Thompson, and blessed Okabere, go at it in the 100, the four fastest women the world, it might never happen again. Make worse they know weed does not help you to get faster. It would have been the greatest women's 100 meters field in history.
Comment by mr1stroke on July 8, 2021 at 8:57am

Sheldine Forde poweful comment

Comment by Sheldine Forde on July 8, 2021 at 8:18am
It's very unfortunate that she got banned. To those of you who are saying she knew the consequences, please take into consideration for just 1 second that she lost her mom and had JUST found out. Though there were consequences, she did opt to smoke cannabis I am sure as a coping mechanism. What if she had opted to commit suicide instead? Then you all would be singing a different tune. Don't be so harsh, show a little empathy. We all make mistakes. I am not saying to let is slide, but a simple penalty would have been fine, but I think they should have still let her run.
Comment by mr1stroke on July 8, 2021 at 1:03am

So just about every dumb niggers believe she should be banned, its sad as they legalize marijuana you will remain the slave, you will be robbing your own mother to buy that smoke from the white men, lets face it majority of you niggers dont own land and dont live in places where you can own land, example NY City, figure out the rest, now they are legalizing this drug states by states, so even if it was the rules, because it is being use for medical purposes and the law is in favor she should be penalize not banned, but as niggers always obey white people, since it is the rule that white people set, than its ok, why is it so hard for niggers to defend their own? It is so sad

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