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Sex Therapist Urges Black People to Stop Using Violent Terms During Sex | Video

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Hope appeared on the TV show “8 At The Table” to discuss the common terms used in the community to discuss sex, such as “beat it up” and “murder the pu**y.”.

Hope used a “vagina” puppet on her hand to illustrate her point. She said, “Why are you trying to beat me up? Why are you trying to murder me? I must be very clear, the language we use by which we talk about sex in the Black community is disturbing. We talk about I finna beat it up…I’m finna to murder the p***y. Why are we using violent language to describe an intimate act?”

One of the show’s co-hosts jokingly replied, “I don’t know. I want him to murder the p***y.”

According to her website, Hope is a sexologist and activist with over 15 years of experience working with marginalized urban communities.  She is the founder of the social impact firm Mixed Moxie and author of “The Girls’ Guide to Sex Education: Over 100 Honest Answers to Urgent Questions about Puberty, Relationships, and Growing Up.”

“When people hear I’m a sexologist, they immediately think of the act of sex. They assume I’m there to give sex advice to people and, while that is part of my profession, that downplays the importance of the field as a whole,” said Hope in an interview with The Garnette Report. “For example, sexology is deeply associated with social justice; I think people need to better understand that sexuality extends beyond sex itself.

”In the Twitter clip above, hear more from Hope about the violent sexual terms used by the Black community

Meanwhile, there are countless hip-hop songs that highlight sexual aggression among men. According to one study, sex and violence are linked neurologically.

As reported by Moguldom, writer Constance Grady said people used violent terms to discuss sex because they lack the vocabulary for talking about it adequately. 

“It’s not that we don’t have a vocabulary for talking about sexual violence, because we do. But that vocabulary is inadequate. It is confusing and flattening in ways that make it hard to talk about sexual violence without either trivializing it, obfuscating the systems that enable it, or getting so specific as to become salacious or triggering,” she wrote in Vox. “If you want to write with any kind of accuracy about sexual violence, you have two choices: You can make your language clinical but vague, or you can make it graphic but specific.”

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Comment by vaughn mitchell on August 14, 2022 at 1:10am
Wtf, is she talking about, all of a sudden everyone is an expert. I will murder the pum pum. Lol. When a woman is telling me to F*** the hell out of her, what am I going to tell her, during sex don't say that.
Comment by Ignar4Real on August 13, 2022 at 10:20pm

Where do they get these people from. They need to decontaminate their brain of religion and start thinking logically so they can begin to decipher the truth. Scientific explanation of Love  ,  also, Mighty Sparrow - Love African Style

Comment by stephen myers on August 12, 2022 at 6:15pm

Black love from the 70’s is dead, now it is on the level of beast where they down breed a race of morons, sluts, thugs, single households, who would converse with these Bimbos, they are straight out of a Jerry Springer show. Two Bone head males, what a foul mouth host, she should shut her pie hole, men are rare these days, the masses have transformed into dumb animals on the level of kids.

Comment by John Smith on August 11, 2022 at 11:45pm

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