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Russell Wilson is now the NFL’s highest paid player

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Comment by mr1stroke on April 19, 2019 at 2:17pm

Ricardo O'Connor lol Thqnk God you said it, should that be me many would think im only saying that because i dont like immigrants, they funny part they promise them the same thing they promise to black people, except that they truly give it to them, those people get more opportunity to own their homes and businesses more than a black person would, the truly sad part even today Negros are afarid of investing but want to live like the rest of us, no wonder they work 3 jobs and still struggling, not to mention missmanagment of their money, well its too late to teach those old negros, my boy was telling me the same thing tody, he owns a body shop and have to drive 1 hour to the shop, he says negros cannot live together in order to succeed so they stay failing reason why many of us have to move out the hood, well thank you and much blessing to you and your family

Comment by Ricardo O'Connor on April 19, 2019 at 12:40pm

@Mr1stroke, this Country is a land of many opportunities. The Mexicans aren’t crossing the border illegally because of asylum farce claims. They are coming here because the opportunities are here and because they are promised by the left if they come in by the numbers they will give them jobs, healthcare and housing. Many of these illegals are living better than you and I. As Americans, we have to take advantage of our opportunities. Investing in real estate by way of income properties is a sure thing. I wish you blessing and success.

Comment by mr1stroke on April 18, 2019 at 11:57pm
Ricardo O'Connor you see you can give them many reasons why you votes for Trump but they could not give you one reason why they votes for Hillary and this is sad, for so many people to quick and argue of how educated they are but can't show thei level of education, to those negros if they can show you a degree from a white school they feel better, now do they realize whats just happened today, they announce that they will release the whole Muellers report for sell and its already in preorder do people ask who wilk benefit from the sale after all the investigation was funded by tax payers money, well whites take care of whites and keep each other wealthy, but for the 2 years he has been president i wonder what progress the black community who are so against him have made, every bone are benefitting from Trump except Negros, well thank God i dont live the slave life style, by 2020 there will be so many new policies and also so many hardship for some i am preparing my self to capitalize of it
Remember in 2008 people were losing jobs, businessesvand houses, there were those of us who were taking opportunities i was on here telling fools what to do how to invest they jumped at my neck, today i turn one business into 3 categories, did about 3 rentals properties now renting is big business, so let sit and wait im so ready, but im sure the negros will be fine
Comment by Ricardo O'Connor on April 18, 2019 at 8:45pm

@Mr1stroke, I know exactly what you’re talking about when it comes to our people. I have them in my family and i’m amazed of how tough headed and blinded they are. I have presented so many truths to them in regards to the things unfolding in our government and our political system hoping they would seek out the true-ness for themselves. All I got in returned was nonsensical babbles and regurgitated digested filth they heard from the left. There is no sensible dialogue with any of them.  I was the only one in my family voted for Trump while everyone else’s voted for Hillary. They asked me why I voted for Trump and I laid out my reasons and asked that they do the same. Not one of them responded. My eldest sister and I got into a little debate and since she couldn’t give me any political reason other than the fact that she liked Hillary. I laid out some of Trump’s political beliefs and asked her whose are they and she unknowingly said Hillary. This is one of the biggest issue we’re having with our people aside from them being duped and deceived. They listened to the lies perpetrated by the enemy of the people, the News media, for how they should vote, what to like, how to be and whatnot. 

Comment by mr1stroke on April 18, 2019 at 3:57pm
Ricardo O'Connor after the 2020 election negros will find their selves in the back of the bus all over again, 80% blacks vote for democrats at each election, if you break that number down, the white and the hispanics cannot keep democrats in the white house, it woukd break down evenly or end up on recounts, therefore democrats cannot win anything without blacks, but negros are so dumb, they dont know the power they hold, they have been conditioned, and dont realize if they do what the racist white people do to the republicans in 2008 by voting for Obama they will realize what they can do, those mufuckers voted for obama to send a message to the republicans and it worked so they went back and votes for Trump why do you think he is working over time to fulfill everything he promised? Those people will vote for hin in great numbers in 2020 just watch
Comment by Ricardo O'Connor on April 18, 2019 at 11:22am

Busy with the cares of this earthly live brother.  But to your point, the Democrats doesn’t care about the American people or the very blacks they claimed to be champion of. The only thing they care about is money and power and they know in order for them to stay relevant they have to use the people because the people give them their powers. Do you know if 5% of blacks leave the Democratic Party and vote otherwise the Democratic Party will never win another election. Think about it. They know and understands this which is why they used prominent black leaders like do nothing money grabbing Al Sharpton and  Jessie Jackson, and black celebrities to bid for them to distract and keep blacks conditioned they way they have. If you notice, now their talking about reparation for the 2020 presidential election. It’s nothing more than a bluff to drum up the black votes. 

Comment by mr1stroke on April 18, 2019 at 1:25am
Ricardo O'Connor. Hey brother where you been and how have you been? But seriously they proudly brag about democrats but dont have the progress and auccess to show for, they dont realize idiots like Al Sharpton make deals with those politicians he is getting city funding and every other perks on the back of the community, not once these people question the democrats, 2016 was the most embarrassing moment for negros in politics, they support hillary without learning who she was and is, they never questioned her, why do negros love their masters so much, why are they so loyal to those who continue to make them out to be victims
Comment by Ricardo O'Connor on April 17, 2019 at 8:28pm

Comment by Ricardo O'Connor 

Mr1Stroke, nailed it! Keep on beating them over the head in hopes they come home to roost. Repetition reduces sensitivity. Remember the Bible says they will willfully reject the truth and rather believe the lies. How long have the Democratic party has been lying to the black race for their votes? Since L B Johnson suggested it, how to, and keep it that way. To borrow your term Mr1stroke, negroes don’t read. You can tell them a lie and they will never know it because they don’t sort out the truth. The truth comes by researching and reading not by the News media. 

Comment by mr1stroke on April 17, 2019 at 7:04pm
Irving just look at things for one minute and its not about me or agree with me if we are on here commementing about these things i assume we are looking for solution like every one else, other than trying to outdo each other or on the attack jumping at each others neck
So let see those same negros are the conditioned negros who are confused and misguised because they have been told what to do for so long and all the time, so if those negros say they vote because the ancestors died for voting rights, so far what have those negros achieve compare to our ancestors since they have been voting other than complaining and begging those white folks
Our ancestors made ample of sacrifices and boycott was one of them how come those same negros are not making no sacrifices and so afraid of boy cot when the gay community used it for their own agendas, if thats not retarded than what is, the niggers follow those negros leaders who are selling them to the government but dont realize how stupid they keep on looking now tell me do you see anything wrong with that? This is why so many have so much anger towards me not only they dont have the courage to say these things but they are mad because i am not thinking or be a slaves like them, to continue to vote and support the same party that keeps you in poverty and continue to ignore the black community to me negros are slaves being loyal to their masters
They have no back bones to questions the democratic party but have the energy to complaint about republicans but they dont vote republicans, now its been more than 100 days congress rule the house ask any one of the negros who are always mad show us one bill tye democrat have propose to change the condition of any issues in the black community, all i ask is one? And if they cant come up with one they prove me right, and by the way make them provide the facts and the resources where we can research that bill, which congress person has it on their website, in fact ask those negros when the last time they had a discussion with their congress person in regards of the black community? Let see how much they are helping
Comment by Irving on April 17, 2019 at 11:55am

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