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Ciara Begs Audience to Buy New Album {VIDEO} Cringe Level 100

Ciara Goes Naked For New Album Release Ciara Begs Audience to Buy New Album - Cringe Level 100!!

R&B singer Ciara is having a hard time getting people to buy or stream her new album Beauty Marks. According to the website HitsDailyDouble, CiCi is slated to sell only 100 albums, and her new EP is not in the top 20 albums this week.

So now she's resorting to begging her fans to buy her album at a live concert in Los Angeles yesterday.

Ciara asked the roaring audience, "Now I want to know . . . who has the Beauty Marks album." Unfortunately for Cici, very few in the audience responded to her question. It was a rare moment of silence in the jam packed arena.

Then Ciara decided to change up her approach. She told the audience, "After this performance, I want everyone to download the album . . . in fact you can stream it right now if you want too."

Again, the crowd was unusually silent - as if all the wind was sucked out of their lungs.

Ciara - realized that here was an uncomfortable silence then asked the crowd, "Can I hear a yeah?" Once again, the crowd held their collective tongues.

The whole thing was very cringeworthy. Watch the below video, it Starts at 4:01.



Ciara Goes Naked For New Album Release

To promote her new album, 'Beauty Marks,' Ciara has stripped down to almost nothing, except a pair of sneakers.

The pic is tasteful, as Cici strikes a pose which hides all of her "Goodies" as she stares into the camera, rocking a sleek, high ponytail and a pair of Nikes.

The album is named after her own label, and back in February, she spoke about why she decided to create 'Beauty Marks Entertainment.'

"The mantra of the company is that all the scars we get from the obstacles we face in life are beauty marks. When you go through adversities and face challenges, embrace them because they make us who we are. They give us the wisdom we need to survive. I started off signed to Arista records and then shortly after, I was about to put out my first song," she told them.

"The label folds, the executive that signed me went to another label, and I had to re-audition for another label to hope that they would give me a shot to put out my first song that I had already prepared to put out. And then another change happened in that system and I had to switch to another system. Sometimes you don't know it's happening but those tough moments build your character. They give you wisdom and so you have to embrace those moments because they really turn out to be beauty marks."

Stream 'Beauty Marks' below.


In a recent interview, Seattle Seahawk’s QB Russell Wilson said that he urged Ciara to take rapper Future off of child support. “I don’t like seeing my son and my wife stressing about such a minuscule amount of money.” Wilson then stated that him and Ciara don’t need Future’s “Coins” and that he needs them more.  “Ciara and her ex constantly argue because he’s not consistent and can go months without even paying. I can provide for my family without his little coins. I’m sure he needs the money more than we do. He’s got other kids in need, no need for him to over extend himself because we are set for generations ahead of us.” Russell Wilson also just announced he signed a $140 million contract with over $100 million in guarantees and a $65 million signing bonus 

Is it RIGHT for Ciara to change her Son's Name To Russell Wilson Jr?

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Comment by mr1stroke on May 12, 2019 at 3:23pm
But like you said he will not stop smoking the weed and drinking, buying gucci he cannot afford because thats why those females f*** him and those around him make hom feel important and females need to start being smart, how about you meet his feoends2 and family habe a f****** bbq or get together on holidays and see who youre going to deal with other than dicks and money i dont feel sorry for those females thoae are not women with that type of behavior thatsw why no one is marrying them, Ciara got lucky becauae of her star status other wise she wpuld be russel s baby mama for life becauae she would never catch a dude who will be responsible and have to deal with that future bullshit, that's why i avoid females woth kids thats not my headache and i dont want to know about it
Comment by mr1stroke on May 12, 2019 at 3:19pm
rafael monzon just look at it in the hood or community do the analysis it is a culture where these females met these men they see their environment, their lifetsyle, the people they hang with yet they lay down with them without a commitmemt, as much as they complaint about black men dont want to be committed they dont realize after theu get used and abused they want the rest of us men who wants to live a respectable life and have a family to sell our aelf short and settle with a bunch of females who already popping kids for bums? Now what does that make us, is that what pur mothers told us to do go pick up trash off the streets, 9 out of 10 black females in the community already have lids for some body they know would not be with them, so how do the rest of ua find a wife unless with settle for taking care of another dudes kids? Thats why russel is going through because he loves her he is willing to accept her kid but the dummy cant see that she is still worrying about a bum with so many kids he cannot afford
Thats what they like in 2019 these females still making excuses why they lay with those men, my questions to these females how about a commitment before getting pregnant, of you going to call your aelf a queen why not carry your self like one, when the last time a queen brought a bunh of babies to the king or other mans kids, they say princess meghan is their first black princess, well if that so why not make her a role model, ahe was in hollywood and atill didnt get no babies for np one now prince harry is the first man she got pregnant for, if she did have a baby do you thonk the queen would allow him to marry her? Its the same way many of us cannot bring someone who was running loose to pur family if that was the case all thoae females online begging for relationship who ever being pass around would be married they would not be any dating site except for teenage girls and boys
Comment by Jerome S [ Barz ] on May 12, 2019 at 2:29pm

So- her being nekkid is just for her album promo, and has zero to do with her child's alleged name change. Risquè to the maxx to say the least. I'm behind Russ on his best beast mode thus far, he's unshakeable. Liking the origin of the marks story,  wanna see what the music do !♡♡! (1-2-step)!!!

Comment by rafael monzon on May 12, 2019 at 7:53am

Stroke that's very true dude he will never know he's wrong cause like you were saying the people around him will never check him because they probably all think alike. But yeah I remember they were supposed to get married and he backed out or something like that. She was caught in her emotions of oh we're going to have a baby and get married and never took a step back to realize what she was dealing with. But stroke that's straight facts.

Comment by mr1stroke on May 12, 2019 at 12:54am
rafael monzon i agree with you but as for me i always blame the women for allowing those dudes to make excuses, lets face the reality those women choose to lay down with those men and gte pregnant even when they know they are irresponsible, she knew he was a weed smoker and had multiple baby mamas, she knew all he cares about is the lifestyle of impressing every one on thr streets, go back to their old interviews she made seem like future was the only man and the best man around, and how long and how well did she knew him before she tatooe hos name on here body? Lets face it those women keep making poor choices in men thats why we jave so many dead beats around, a woman is responsible to protect her body just like she choose who to have sex with until we address that situation we will always have conversation like this, as for Russel he ia doing what a real man should do one more mouth is not going to run him broke so he can take care of the kid, its up to future to know if he wants to be a man a father or a bum, but what about every one around him who still make him important?
Comment by Reynaldo Morgan on May 12, 2019 at 12:33am
Well said Mr. RAFAEL!!!
Comment by rafael monzon on May 11, 2019 at 6:57am

I wonder who was the one who wrote this interview. Sometimes we read things that when you read them you say to yourself nah they didn't say it like that. I think Russell is a man of class so to me I don't know if word for word that is what was really said, might be some ad-libs in there. But let's get to the real point kids don't ask to be born not you, not me, nobody walking the face of the Earth asked to be here. It was the actions of the two adults that laid up and created a life that got us here. I don't know Future's financials that's none of my business but I will say this, 90% of the blame for what he's going through is his fault. He decided to lay down with her and hit that raw knowing there's a high chance that she could get pregnant and he would have another child to take care of. Real men don't walk away from their responsibilities. If you make a poor choice as to who you knock up don't let the child suffer because of your inability to step up and be a man. I always hear dudes talk about how they can't pay for a child because they money ain't right, I can't be tied down right now and they look for excuses not to be a father. So then they have to be dragged into court for the government to tell them this is what you're going to pay when half of it and time spent with the child would have been more that that kids could ever need. Now there are things he could do if he didn't have the money to support, like, give up smoking weed, stop popping mollies and percocets stop drinking. In other words get your priorities straight. It's quite ironic that he can make a song about doing drugs but can't make an example of how to be a father. Yeah I get it I will hear about oh you don't know what that man is going through or what she put him through and the 10% of the blame is on her for being the other one who made a poor decision but that's the excuse we give which is a poor one. We allow each other to use excuses as to why we still have kids growing up without their fathers in the lives that turn out to be products of society instead of products of a family. Then you wonder why the women growing up today have issues because they don't get a chance to know what it's like to have a man around them as an example to teach them how they should be treated, or for a son to know how to take care of a family. I would think Future should be more embarrassed that he's not taking care of his son voluntarily than what something written is said about him. He allowed this to get out by not doing what he was supposed to do. Russell did what any man that wants to be with a woman would do take the luggage and find a way to bear it all. Fortunately he's in a space where he can financially take care of them but like I said it ain't all about money when it comes to kids it's more about being there with them that matters the most. There's real men out there that I'm sure will agree with me on this one. As far as Ciara goes she should also have thought about what the future would be with Future knowing that he had other kids and didn't take that into consideration. What she should have done when she got married was prepare herself and the child to be distant from him. When Russell said I do that meant he got you. Two different types of dudes with different mentalities but you don't have to put one down to make the other one seam bigger. His actions can do that for him.

Comment by HandsomeMan on May 5, 2019 at 9:33pm
Russell is a good man.
Comment by Colin on April 25, 2019 at 7:05pm
He's helping the other man out
Comment by Joseph A on April 24, 2019 at 11:08pm
@Mr1Stroke, totally agreed! You only hope for the best in the end!

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