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Rihanna Refuses To Wear Sexy Outfit To 'Crop Over' Carnival!! (Pics)

Rihanna Is World’s Richest Female Musician With 600Million Fortune
Rihanna Refuses To Wear Sexy Outfit To 'Crop Over' Carnival!! (Pics)
Every August, the Caribbean Island of Barbados holds its annual Crop Over Kadooment Carnival celebration. And every two years, like clockwork Rihanna attends the celebration wearing a very skimpy and sexy outfit.

Not Anymore.

For Crop Over 2019, where she enjoyed the Kadooment Day parade alongside the prime minister of Barbados, Rihanna sported a hot pink mini dress covered in voluminous bubblegum-colored feathers. She paired this look with bantu knots, embellished pink heels, bedazzled sunglasses, and glamorous green, rhinestone-accented eye makeup. As a final accessory, she toted a mango, a juicy and delicious decision.

Now that Rhanna is dating a Muslim billionaire Hassan Jameel and she's no longer as outwardly sexy as she's been in the past. We have barely seen any sexiness at all in Rihanna over the last two years.

And her Crop Over outfit was equally un-sexy (by Rihanna's standards). Here's the outfit that she wore today:


Rihanna didn't attend last year's festivities -- a 200-year tradition that marks the end of the sugar cane season -- but fans were salivating at the thought of what she might wear when she announced last month she'd be returning this year.

By contrast, here are the outfits that she wore in the past:

Her 2017 outfit:

Her 2015 outfit:

Her 2013 outfit:



Rihanna has amassed a $600 million fortune and is now the wealthiest female musician in the world.

While her fans are begging her to drop new music, Rihanna is busy building her business empire, which includes investment in makeup, lipstick, lingerie, and luxury fashion. Aside from her business moves over the last couple of years, Rihanna remains one of the biggest selling artists on the planet currently even though her last album was released in 2016. According to Forbes, the Bajan pop star’s net worth is now $600 million and growing exponentially, which means that she could be a billionaire in the next couple of years.

Rihanna came in ahead of megastars like Madonna, who has a net worth of $570 million, Celine Dion with $450 million, and Beyonce who is worth $400 million.

Of course, Rihanna didn’t make all of her money from selling music. Her Fenty Beauty brand, which is co-owned by French luxury goods company LVMH, has changed the makeup industry forever. Fenty Beauty was the first brand to offer 40 different shades of foundation which quickly capture the market and forced other brands to start doing the same. The brand tops over a $100 million in sales in the first week, Forbes reported.

Fenty Beauty brought in more than $570 million in revenue last year, and Forbes is now reporting that the brand is worth an estimated $3 billion. “Not only did [Fenty Beauty] achieve meaningful sales, but it potentially changed the industry permanently,” Jefferies research analyst Stephanie Wissink told Forbes.

After taking over the makeup game, Rihanna is now poised to make a similar impact on the luxury fashion industry thanks to her recent deal with LVMH and her upcoming Fenty Maison line. She also co-owns the hugely successful Savage X Fenty lingerie line.

Rihanna and LVMH will soon start putting out clothes, shoes, jewelry, and other accessories. She is now the first woman to start her own brand at LVMH and the first black woman to lead a fashion house at the company. This is also the first new house coming out of the French company since 1987, according to the New York Times.

This is just the beginning for Rihanna, as Forbes predicted that she would be a billionaire by her mid-30s.

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Comment by mr1stroke on August 6, 2019 at 5:51pm

well she does not need to wear anything sexy we know what she got under there and that ass is serious, so go on RiRi ill still get turn on and if you dress like a nun i promise ill c**, that s*** is hot

Comment by maggie gillespie on August 6, 2019 at 5:03pm

WOW So Much Negativity About Rihanna Clothings  People Do Grow As Well As Grow Up And Their Outlook Changes Their Are So Much More One Could Be Focus On Than What One Use To Wear As Of What They Wear Today And As Far As Her Music She Must Be Doing Something Right She's A Billionaire She's Where Many Of Us Want To Be But Envy And Jealousy Will Cripple A Person Always Remember If She Can Do You Can Do It To It's Called Setting  Goals And Being Determined To Achieve What We Set Out To Do....

Comment by Damien on June 12, 2019 at 7:35am

So funny to see envy in some comments. This girl made a lot of effort to be professionally known. I like her music and her voice. I even bought a few pedals on to do covers for her songs (it's my hobby). Her music isn't inferior to the stars of the 70s. When I type "Rihanna news" I'm sure that it will be her work or business, and not a photo of her ass.

Comment by Jessy on June 10, 2019 at 1:10pm

As long as they give back to the community, they're alright with me.

Comment by Nicole Harper on June 8, 2019 at 3:55pm

That's a shame to speak so negatively about her.   Rihanna is talented.  The type and style of music has changed since the 70's.  I love old school music but can appreciate some of the current day music as well.   She went to Combdemere one of the top high schools on the island of Barbados.  She had to be bright to get in there.  She is business savvy and is reaping all the benefits now.   It's not about worshipping but rather admiring her ability to venture into other industries.  She is defiantly relevant and continues to give back to her community.  

Comment by stephen myers on June 7, 2019 at 2:20pm

HandsomeCreepGirlieMan, I have respect for beautiful women like Puma who sang with Black Uhura ,money does not make a  women you silly jerk, she wouldn't even look at a dumb azz like you, she would jump over ten of you Black girlie men for a white boy, you celeb worshipping jerk who lives in a world of fantasy, your an idiot from a dumbed down generation of morons.

Comment by stephen myers on June 7, 2019 at 2:14pm

Butt hurt girlie boy? I grew up in the 70's when music was music and you had to have natural talent to succeed, could name dozens who would make this bubble gum pop star sound like an idiot, dumbed down morons like you make these Satanic pop stars rich, you are to stupid to know about music and the occult forces that have you under a spell. go worship the money God you stupid jerk, back then they were about music and Black culture, Soul Music idiot that had soul. 

Comment by vaughn mitchell on June 6, 2019 at 7:05pm
@Stephen Myers. Wtf, are smoking. She has her own business making money, she help her community in her country, her parents are proud of her so wtf, are you so passed off about? Your a f****** hating ass b****. If she had no talent she would not be making money.
Comment by HandsomeMan on June 6, 2019 at 2:51pm
Making her.mother.proud
Comment by HandsomeMan on June 6, 2019 at 2:50pm
Big up Riri. Small.island girl doing big things.
Stephen Mayers wish you had a woman like Riri oppose to the old ass broke white woman you got.

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