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Richard Pryor Son: Won't Confirm Or Deny That Paul Mooney Raped Him

Paul Mooney's Sons Break Silence Over Sexual Misconduct Claims Against Their Father
Richard Pryor Son: Won't Confirm Or Deny That Paul Mooney Raped Me
Earlier this year Richard Pryor's former bodyguard made some explosive allegations. He claimed that the late great comedy legend once put out a "hit" out on fellow comedian Paul Mooney.

The bodyguard claims that Richard was upset with Paul, because he allegedly seduced Richard's then underage son Richard Pryor Jr

Richard Jr is now speaking out about the bodyguard's claim.

In a new interview, Richard Pryor Jr disclosed that he received an apology from his father's former bodyguard - after the bodyguard claimed that Richard Jr was sexually abused by Paul Mooney.

While Richard Jr doesn't call Paul Mooney by name, he acknowledges that something inappropriate happed to him when he was underage - and refers to himself as a victim.

Richard claims that he's upset with the bodyguard, not because the story was a lie - but because it was "not his story to tell." 

Richard Jr seems unwilling to name Paul as his accuser, or to clear him. 

Junior says he has not talked to Paul, his sons who staunchly denied the reports, or anyone from his camp since the allegations were made public. 

Paul Mooney cancels comedy shows after explosive sex allegations with Richard Pryor’s son revealed
Paul Mooney's Sons Break Silence Over Sexual Misconduct Claims Against Their Father
The sons of comedian Paul Mooney have broken their silence over allegations that their father molested Richard Pryor's son when he was just a teen.

"Paul Mooney ain't hiding. Paul Mooney is not well," Dwayne said. "... He doesn't even know what's going on right now, with all this Richard Pryor stuff. He don't need to speak on it. We're speaking on it. We're his oldest sons ..."

They maintain that their father pulled out of a recent gig due to ill health and not over the allegations:

"My response is 'F*c* you,'" Daryl said. "Rashon, f*c* you. OK, coming out with some bullsh*t like that when Paul is ailing, after he's old. If the sh*t was hot, you should've told that sh*t years ago. Richard Pryor Jr. ain't say nothing about it, so why you gonna tell somebody's business."

Richard Pryor Jr. confirmed the allegations that he was violated by the comedian to TMZ after the late comedian's former bodyguard made the claims to Comedy Hype.


Richard Pryor Jr. Appears To Confirm He Was Molested By Paul Mooney

Paul Mooney is stepping away from the limelight for a bit after explosive rumors that he had a sexual encounter with Richard Pryor’s son went viral.

Although the comedy legend has denied Richard Pryor’s former bodyguard’s claims that he had sex with a young Pryor Jr. way back when, and that Pryor put a $1 million hit out on him, Mooney cancelled his Atlanta Comedy Theater appearance Wednesday and Thursday, August 29 due to “health reasons.”

According to TMZ. a sign on door of the comedy venue reads: “ATTENTION!! Paul Mooney is NOT on show tonight due to health reasons. We will transfer purchase to Faizon Love or Donnell Rawlings. Let box office know.”

According to the outlet, Mooney’s pulled out of several appearances following the heat he’s gotten over the alleged sexual relationship with Richard Pryor Jr made by Rashon Kahn, Pryor Sr former bodyguard.

As previously reported, Mooney’s publicist, Cassandra Williams spoke about the statement saying, “There is no validity to Rashon Kahn’s statement as it relates to Mr. Paul Mooney,” according to TMZ.

The development comes after an interview of Kahn, went viral on YouTube after it was posted by Comedy Hype on Monday, where he details the reason why the relationship between Pryor and Mooney ended.

Kahn, who has an upcoming book titled Everything Wasn’t Funny, states in the video that the two comedians “relationship became fragile because Paul Mooney had f****d Richard’s son by that time. He violated … Paul took advantage of the situation.”


Richard Pryor Jr. Appears To Confirm He Was Molested By Paul Mooney

Richard Pryor Jr., the son of late comedian Richard Pryor appears to confirm that he was molested by his father's former friend, Paul Mooney.

"Whatever happened in my life, it happened when I was young. Way before the '80s," Pryor Jr. told TMZ when asked about the allegations against Mooney made by his late father's former bodyguard.

The TMZ reporter then asked him whether the relationship between the two of them was consensual, to which he replied:

"How can any relationship be consensual if I was a teenager?"

His response comes a day after Mooney released a statement denying all of the allegations made against him. Pryor's former bodyguard, Rashon Kahn, claimed that his former boss put a hit out on Mooney after he had sex with his young son. The hit was reportedly worth $1 million.

"From Jo Jo Dancer [1986] on their relationship became fragile because Paul Mooney had f*cked Richard's son by that time," Kahn said. 

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Comment by mr1stroke on November 22, 2019 at 1:43pm
Ok is it the reason why youre gay? Most of people who wants sympathy to come out claim they either was raped or molested
Comment by lynz on September 3, 2019 at 4:23pm
Wait.. what???@Al3x. Eyes wide open.. Richard Pryor too??
Comment by lynz on September 3, 2019 at 4:22pm
Damn is this true? Fak are any of these celebrities normal? @lu.. about to watch. Thanks for the mention. Paul Mooney?!??!! Would’ve never thought.
Comment by Al3x on August 29, 2019 at 8:07pm
Paul Fruity been scking the same amount of dcks as Richard Pryor and all the hollyweird people just for the benefits. Who is that surprise.
Comment by Lu on August 28, 2019 at 6:20pm

The youth are not safe. So sorry if he had to go through that DYSFUNCTIONAL action. Paul Mooney been doing BLOWJOBS to the executives for the team to get projects implemented. Watch Richard Pryor's Roast, he mentioned it with no apology. That Mr. Mooney been taking the buck for the team. SMH.

Sure, people are born to be molesters and turn out people for the confused culture. SURE YOU'RE RIGHT 

Comment by vaughn mitchell on August 28, 2019 at 5:45pm
Comment by mr1stroke on August 28, 2019 at 5:25pm

i truly hope so, because he is the truth when it comes to the community in his career, thats why hollywood make sure they block his every ways

Comment by Yasmin on August 28, 2019 at 5:18pm
Comment by mr1stroke on August 28, 2019 at 5:06pm

wow this is crazy if this is true, Paul mooney of all people, damn

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