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Author Dena Tyson has written a wonderful/yet abusive story about love, pain, friendship, and finding one’s self despite the suffering, heartaches and other emotions that are sparked and triggered when one is involved in an abusive relationship. The only way out is to escape by any means necessary. Yet, you feel the pain and loneliness that will sometimes feed doubts into the mind of someone trying to escape from such a situation. Dena touches upon the tenderness, warmth, love, pain and horrors of what it takes to get through an abusive relationship.

Bianca also called Binx is the protagonist. The story revolves around her naivety, impressionable choices and decisions that she made at a rather young age. Unsure of her faith and what awaited her in life, a young Binx encounters Spooney an older man. Captivated by his maturity, and the manner in which he dealt with her, Binx fell head over heels in love with him. Soon thereafter, the control factor began along with the abuse. Unsure and afraid Binx confides in her gay friend, Hershey. Hershey was a constant in her life as she contemplated her next move. Hershey listened and advised her on what to do and what not to do concerning Spooney. After getting up the nerves and courage to walk away from Spooney, Binx encounters Eason. They immediately fall in love. Unbeknownst to Binx, Spooney finds out. Not one to give in rather easily Spooney made his rounds. Binx eventually tells Eason about Spooney but instead of being there for her, he chose his cocaine and his friend Sweets instead. Sweets would end up raping Binx, but love is bliss and despite the turmoil that he had put her through Binx reached out to Spooney who came to her rescue. Sweets was quickly taken care of.

Believing he now had a chance; Spooney was back in his comfort zone once again. Binx needed to let go and for an instant she fell into that old trap. She made love to Spooney with a lot of reservation and doubts. She knew what she did wasn’t the best thing to do. She questions not only her own motives but Spooney’s as well. Would he want her back? What if she told him she didn’t? Would he walk away and leave her alone? Would she ever find true love? Was there someone out there much closer to her age awaiting her? These were some of the questions Binx contemplated.

I loved how Dena intertwined her naivety and impressionable behavior throughout the story to display Binx’s remarkable maturity despite her young age as the story progressed. I loved how she used Binx, to dictate each characters role and how they were defined in the story. She didn’t allow any of the other characters to upstage Binx and vice versa. Binx was the initiator and in spite of her friendship with Hershey whom I thought was funny as hell (no pun intended) and Spooney’s stalking mentality she didn’t allow them to take away her hurt, pain, love and redemption when she needed it. This story is about walking away from an abusive situation and having the courage to do so. Kudos to you Dena Tyson, one of the better books I have read so far.

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