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It is another weekend night date and a lady is checking herself out in the mirror before leaving. Um, perfect face, excellent hair, fragrant perfume, clean teeth, fresh breath, beautiful backless dress. Everything seems to be just immaculate until she turns around and discovers the terrible pimples on back. This is super embarrassing giving that she chooses backless dress for a romantic date night. Any remedies for the pimples on back? The answer is positive. Answer 1: Sea salt People may often hear that over intake of salt in food can worsen pimples on face and back. However, what’s so special is that instead of worsening pimples, sea salt can actually give a helping hand of eliminating them. Skin can be dried out and excess oil that causes pimples can be taken away by sea salt. But always remember to use only sea salt never the edible salt in the kitchen! Prepare two to three cups of sea salt and melt them in a hot water bathtub. Answer 2: Apple cider vinegar Apple cider vinegar can clear up pimples by producing some beneficial substances that can fight against bacterial and fungus. Also its ability of balancing pH also helps fight against pimples. Just mix apple cider vinegar and water in a 1:2 ratio in a sprayer and spray it to the back every night before sleeping. Answer 3: Peppermint leaves People will often associate peppermint with coolness and refreshingness. The menthol in peppermint leaves is a natural substance that can give out a cool feeling and can fight against inflammation. It is a savior for those who want to relieve the pain and itch caused by pimples. Pounded peppermint leaves is all that needed. Apply it to the pimples on back and wash off after 10-15 minutes of application. See, forget about all those expensive professional skin care products and start rescuing pimples on back by using these 3 great home remedies.

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