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Rachel Crow's Shocking Elimination From 'X Factor' {VIDEO}

Rachel CrowGetty Images

Very Emotional 'X Factor' Elimination

"X Factor" is no stranger to drama, but Thursday night's drawn-out elimination between 13-year-old Rachel Crow and aspiring Usher-to-be Marcus Canty was gut-wrenching. Ranked at the bottom two (with this being Canty's third week in a row), each contestant delivered -- Canty singing "I'm Going Down" by Mary J. Blige, and Crow giving a deeply felt, deeply emotional performance of "I'd Rather Go Blind" by Etta James that seemed beyond her years.

But the drama started out like so: both LA Reid and Simon Cowell loyally stuck with their mentees, with Simon unsurprisingly being the most obnoxious about it. "You're going home Marcus," he dismissed. So then it was up to the ladies. Paula Abdul stuck with her girl and chose Crow, and, for a moment, it seemed almost certain that Crow would pass on through to the semi-finals. But that's when the camera panned to a sobbing, seriously distraught Nicole Scherzinger. Cue hysteria. Cue stuttering. She couldn't make a decision. "I know how it feels and I adore both of you... I have to go to deadlock," Nicole said, even if that meant she voiced out loud that she was sending Crow home, to even out the voting. How does that make sense? Why was Rachel, a mere teenager with a ridiculously cherubic face, consoling Nicole over her decision?

So enter Deadlock, which takes the power out of the judges' control and hands it back to the original voters. It felt strange to move forward with a decision based on voting that had happened before the survival song performances, but so be it. A mystery hand named "John" gave host Steve Jones a piece of paper that revealed that Crow had gotten the least number of votes from Wednesday's performance, and that she would be going home. Even Jones looked surprised. But then things got really messy. Crow fell to the ground and gave a death cry, then could be overheard telling her mother to "promise" her things would be alright. Simon and LA rushed onto stage, but Nicole held back at judges' table to sob into her hands even more, with Paula consoling her as if she had been the booted contestant. (When Nicole did dare to tread onstage, she was instantly booed).

It was all confusing and emotional and didn't make sense, but somehow, even though she got sent home, Rachel Crow emerged the winner of the night. When asked by Jones for her final thoughts, Crowe succinctly wrapped it up like so: "I just love you so much everybody for voting for me, even though you didn't."

"I hope this is not my ending, you know what, I know it's not."


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Comment by Connie on December 12, 2011 at 10:36pm

Yes @TIG, I will be watching the "Tell Lie Vision", very proudly tomorrow, to see my girl (your 3rd. cousin) Melanie and (my son in my head) Marcus, perform and vote hundreds of time for them like I do every week, to make sure one of them they get that $5 million CONTRACT and get an opportunity to show the God-given talent they both have and deserved.

Blessings my sistren

Comment by Roderiq Jay on December 12, 2011 at 5:07pm
@Tallislandgirl don't need to watch tv because most of the news is regurgitated from previous day on repeat There are applications on the phone that give weather, traffic & news. I go to cnn, bbc, huffington post cause they keep it real instead of real distracting. I can download anything I need & watch it if I want to. Besides most of the tv news is bad anyway so why do I need that negativity running through my head. I didn't need the news on local tv to tell me about 911 because they were going to lie about anyway. Made everyone think that Islam was responsible for 2 planes flying into buildings when those same folk own/run many businesses here as well as the gas stations & 711 stores. One has to be driven to do what they aspire to do because if family won"t support your aspirations, then one has to surround their person with the info that will. The naysayers will hold their position always because they believe that their 'job'(read the biblical story of that word) is secure.
Comment by Roderiq Jay on December 12, 2011 at 1:25pm
Btw there's an artist out right now(Mick Milz I think his name is) who sold 150k copies of his song on the internet. No record deal. Just do the math if he sold the SONG (not the album) for $3...Fredro Starr from Onyx put out an album that is considered a flop in record label standard but made a killing selling a few hundred thousand for $7 an album. All he had to pay for was the pressing & distribution cost. The rest including the publishing(which is long money=intellectual property) was his to spend or invest again.
Comment by Roderiq Jay on December 12, 2011 at 1:13pm
I'm quite certain these talented young ones have a computer, a cell phone with a camera. If not then the parents should get together with other parents & start an organization(the women can easily get funded) that caters to the promotion & network to producers that can facilitate what's needed. You think Ice Cube became free by being 'labeled' or on a label? He & DJ Pooh remixed his own records (while on priority label) & sold them at the swap meets. Also he OWNS the rights to his publishing as opposed to those parents selling their progeny off to 360 deals & they have no publishing unless they purchase it from the original title holder(s). So here's the reality when they sign: TLC, Toni Braxton, Melba Moore, no need to go on. It's even worse now with the advent of the 360 deal. To add on to the reality, when that child gets paid, who's going to immediately start liquidating it if they have no business acumen? The family. They already know there's a great percentage of folk who will come chuckkin' & jivin' to get put on. These shows were put in place to corporatize & compartmentalize talent so they have control of the bonds created & traded so they're grandchildren's grandchildren can be spending money forever like the Hiltons, Kardashians, ad nauseum
Comment by One Love on December 12, 2011 at 12:12pm
Then what do you suggest young talented artist do to get a break? How do you suggest producers will see and hear them? If youare going to say so then youshouod also have a solution for their talent to be heard. Sound so much like jrl, not realistic.
I would tell these people take the contract because it is not for life and at least its a start since there's little or no other opportunities.
Comment by Roderiq Jay on December 12, 2011 at 10:31am
I'm surprised that people are distracted to the basic fact that these shows are the new slave auctions. When these people audition for these shows, there is a contract in place for the talented to surrender ALL of their rights to become an employee on tv. No royalties from the dvd or reruns in another country, let alone SAG or AFTRA membership waivers. All of this for an exclusive agent to have leave to solicit you & you being the last to get paid. No merchandise proceeds from buttons, shirts or compilations made. Just like the voting process, there are families that have arbitrons(google it) similar to the electorial college that spits out the high vote or winner tally. So once again the tell lie vision got people hooked, distracted & doped up on these shows
Comment by patricia jones on December 12, 2011 at 9:02am


Comment by patricia jones on December 12, 2011 at 9:00am


Comment by Connie on December 11, 2011 at 9:22pm

Yes, go Team Melanie Amaro...yay, @TIG she's your 3rd cousin in your head...LOL

Comment by Connie on December 10, 2011 at 1:47pm

@TIG... that's really what he said? Astro need to look up the words, "confidence" and "cockiness", and write a one page essay illustrating the definition.  I should be his mother or teacher.  Me sorry for that teacher who have to deal with him every day in class.. LOL  I guess he does not follow "behaving badly rap artist with attitudes", like Kanye West, you see how MTV and the other award-shows, "black-ball" his ass when he embarrassed Taylor Swift 2 years ago. That bwoy was not invited to MTV Awards show the following year, and every Award show gave Taylor tons of awards, whether she deserved it or not.  That's dem white folks saying.. "In ur face Kanye, for dissing our Princess Taylor on national TV, for Beyonce."  Now, the Award shows invite him back only to get ratings and to make money off him.  @MLMGL, Astro's mother is young (look under 35) so she probably looking for her son to get her that ticket out of the hood and into the suburbs with the big mansions, so I co-sign with you.  She is a future Mom-manager-self-destruct-enabler (just like Momma Lohan and Momma Kadashian). 

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