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Gayle King: 'R. Kelly SPAT On My Lip During Viral Interview!!'

R. Kelly refuses to share jail cell: ‘I have too much going on’
Gayle King: 'R. Kelly SPAT On My Lip During Viral Interview!!'
Gayle King appeared on Desus & Mero and revealed that R. Kelly managed to spit on her during his now-infamous video with her, which saw the star unravel and throw a mega-tantrum.

"No one has done that to me. I never thought that he was gonna hurt me. But when he was [punching his hand in his fist], I thought he was going to accidentally hurt me. I was worried about that," she told them.

During his epic rant, spit flew from his mouth onto the journalist's lip

Gayle King Throws Shade at Fox News + Talks About Her Explosive R. ...

Kelly sat down with King to deny allegations that he sexually assaulted underage girls.


R. Kelly wants to hire Michael Jackson’s lawyer but needs help paying the fees

R. Kelly is fighting back against statement of noncompliance in missed court appearance.(Photo by Scott Olson/Getty Images)

Singer R.Kelly, who was jailed last month at the Metropolitan Correctional Center in Chicago on child pornography charges and obstruction of justice, was recently written up for refusing to take in a cellmate.

Newly disclosed prison records reveal that the 52-year-old musician refused an order to take a cellmate at the special housing unit where he is being held, according to The Chicago Tribune. The downtown Chicago jail’s housing unit is said to be a more secure area for inmates, away from the jail’s general population.

Kelly reportedly responded to news of a possible cellmate by saying, “I was told I didn’t have to take a cellie and I have too much going on to worry about incident report,” the report says. An incident report stated that Investigators also cited that Kelly had a “poor attitude” throughout the investigation regarding the cellmate issue.

Kelly is currently being held without bail on a 13-count federal indictment in Chicago. It’s also alleged that in 2008, Kelly and two of his associates paid off witnesses and victims to change their stories in the disgraced singer’s previous child pornography trial in Cook County.

Earlier this month, Kelly’s lawyers filed a motion stating that the singer had been subjected to “draconian conditions” while jailed in the special housing unit. This past Thursday, lawyers filed a separate motion asking for Kelly’s “immediate release from solitary confinement,” The Tribune reports.

Kelly is also currently also facing a separate federal indictment in New York, accusing the singer of racketeering conspiracy. Kelly also faces four separate indictments in Cook County on charges of sexually assaulting one woman and sexually abusing three other women years ago. According to prosecutors, three of the alleged victims were said to have been underage at the time.


R. Kelly Lands In NJ For Federal Court Hearing {VIDEO}

R. Kelly's time may finally be up. The singer has been charged with 11 new more serious charges of sexual misconduct. (GettyImages)

R.Kelly is allegedly seeking more financial help from an Anonymous supporter to solicit the help of a new lawyer.

The hit songwriter pled not guilty to 11 felony sexual abuse counts after he was charged by Cook County prosecutors in Chicago in May. It is being reported that he is seeking legal council from Tom Mesereau, according to TMZ.

Mesereau was the legal genius who got Michael Jackson acquitted in 2005 for his child molestation case and Robert Blake acquitted for the murder of his wife in that same year.

Kelly is allegedly looking for someone new to represent him because he feels his current legal team attracts too much drama. TMZ recalls a time when his lawyer Steve Greenberg called Kelly’s accusers “disgruntled groupies.” However Greenberg says the news of Kelly looking for a new lawyer is “A complete load of crap.”

Kelly and Mesereau were said to have met on Wednesday for four hours in a federal prison in Illinois where Kelly remains in custody. But TMZ claims the singer hasn’t retained Mesereau as council just yet, because he’s broke.

Kelly’s team is said to be reaching out to anyone that may be able to help financially to help Kelly retain Mesereau. If he is able to land Mesereau, he’ll need millions of dollars. In his New York federal case his defense will need experts in forensics, sex trafficking, private investigators and more.

But Mesereau will have his hands full with this caseload. Kelly faces charges in Illinois and New York. He was also recently hit with two counts of underage prostitution in Minnesota. This particular charge claims Kelly allegedly had a minor strip for him in a hotel room in exchange for pay in 2001. The prosecutors are claiming.

Should Kelly get a new lawyer, they will have quite the caseload in front of them. Kelly allegedly paid a minor to strip for him in his hotel room in 2001, at which point prosecutors claim there was “sexual contact” but “no intercourse” between the two.


R. Kelly’s Publicist Quits After Revealing He Wouldn’t Leave His Daughter Around SingerR. Kelly Lands In NJ For Federal Court Hearing

Disgraced singer R. Kelly has touched down in New Jersey, as the fallen r&b star is scheduled to appear before a judge in the Brooklyn Federal Court later on today.

Kelly's arrival was captured by news cameras and saw the star wearing a tan prison shirt and orange shoes while handcuffed, a far cry from his former lavish life.

But if Kelly was hoping to get his NY business over and done with today, one of his lawyers has revealed that the arraignment may be delayed as he was not able to find his client.

"I have spent the hours that followed his landing on the phone with the BOP at both New York MCC and Brooklyn MDC trying to locate my client, but no one would provide that information to me, even recognizing I am his attorney, instead directing me to to find out where he would be," his lawyer Douglas Anton wrote to the judge.

He is scheduled in court at 10.30 am ET.


R. Kelly Denied Bond; Must Remain In Jail Until Trial R. Kelly PR100vw, 1250px" />R Kelly’s publicist stepped down for what he said are “personal reasons.”

Darrell Johnson, who has acted as the crisis manager for the embattled singer over the last seven months, said he would no longer be working for R. Kelly and was stepping down as of Monday night, according to CBS News. The resignation came hours after Johnson appeared on CBS This Morning, and told co-host Gayle King that he would not leave his daughter around R. Kelly under any circumstances.
The interview began with Johnson speaking to the mental state of the Chicago R&B star who was indicted on multiple federal sex abuse crimes in Illinois and New York, all to which he pled not guilty. Johnson said R. Kelly is being held in solitary confinement and he was worried that the singer may hurt himself.
“Mr. Kelly is a mess right now. He’s afraid, he’s scared, he’s isolated,” Johnson said. He then began to defend R. Kelly against allegations from multiple women over decades at a time and said that he would never call the accusers “liars”, but that they’ll have to bring the evidence to court and prove their case.

“I spent a lot of time with Mr. Kelly and I would still say my eye is trained. I haven’t seen anything that would cause me to be suspicious,” Johnson said before claiming that he’s seen R. Kelly’s two current girlfriends, Azriel Clary and Joycelyn Savage, come and go as they please with no security following them – in an attempt to debunk the allegations that R. Kelly has held women against their will.

Gayle King went on to ask Johnson would he leave his 20-something-year old daughter alone with R. Kelly, to which he quickly and sternly replied, “absolutely not.”

“I wouldn’t leave my daughter with anybody that’s accused of pedophelia,” Johnson said, leaving the CBS anchors to ask again for clarification. Johnson then doubled down on his stance. “I would not leave my daughter with anyone that’s accused of being a pedophile.”

Monday night Johnson told CBS that he was stepping down. “I step down as crisis manager for personal reasons. Mr. Kelly is in good hands with Mr. Greenberg,” Johnson said, referring to Steve Greenberg, the heads of R. Kelly’s legal team in Chicago.

Meanwhile, R. Kelly’s girlfriend Azriel Clary, whose parents have been very vocal about wanting her to leave the singer, took to Instagram to respond to speculation that she was going out and partying, feeling “free” while the singer is locked up. She said she’s always had a cell phone and social media and that she is in love with R. Kelly. “I am happy with R. Kelly so let me live my f*cking life.”

See her full rant below.


R. Kelly reportedly paid thousands for the return of sex tapes missing from his collection

R. Kelly Denied Bond; Must Remain In Jail Until Trial
Disgraced singer R. Kelly has been denied bond and will now have to remain behind bars until his upcoming trial.

Kelly appeared in court on Tuesday and pleaded not guilty to 13 federal charges from an indictment released in Illinois last week. Kelly is also accused of paying thousands of dollars to recover videotapes of himself having sex with teenage girls.

Despite his attorneys pleading to the judge to allow Kelly out on bond as he has no money to flee the country, Assistant US Attorney Angel Krull argued that Kelly was "an extreme danger to the community, especially to minor girls" as well as a flight risk.

"We thought we'd get him out, but the judge saw it otherwise, and we respect his ruling," Greenberg told reporters after the hearing.

There may be more bad news for Kelly as the young lady who was at the center of the 2008 child pornography trial is reportedly ready to testify against the star in the upcoming trial. The woman, now in her 30s, is cooperating with federal investigators according to her lawyers


R. Kelly 'is ARRESTED in Chicago on federal sex trafficking, child pornography and obstruction of justice charges - just a month after pleading not guilty to 11 counts of sexual assault' R&B singer R. Kelly covers his mouth as he speaks to members of his entourage as he leaves the Leighton Criminal Courts Building (Photo by Scott Olson/Getty Images)

Following R. Kelly’s arrest on federal charges of sex trafficking comes word that he paid thousands of dollars to recover videotapes of himself having sex with teenage girls.

Kelly was arrested in Chicago Thursday night and is expected to remain in custody until Tuesday.

As previously reported, the embattled singer is facing two separate federal grand jury indictments in Illinois and New York. The U.S. attorney spokesman Joseph Fitzpatrick has told the Associated Press that the 13-count indictment includes charges of child pornography, enticement of a minor and obstruction of justice.

Kelly is accused of recruiting young women for sex and allegedly convinced folks on his team to conceal his sexual encounters with teens. He reportedly spent hundreds of thousands of dollars buying back several missing explicit videotapes of his alleged victims.

Prosecutors say Kelly videotaped himself having sex with at least four girls under the age of 18 beginning in 1998. Years later, when the R&B hitmaker discovered some of the tapes were missing from his “collection,” he began paying “hundreds of thousands of dollars” to several people to recover them, the indictment says.

Kelly then directed those same people to take polygraph tests to confirm that they had returned all copies of the tapes.

The Illinois indictment has charged Kelly with “one count of conspiracy to receive child pornography, two counts of receiving child pornography, four counts of producing child pornography, five counts of enticement of a minor to engage in criminal sexual activity, and one count of conspiracy to obstruct justice,” reports CNN.

The  New York indictment accuses him of sexual exploitation of a child, kidnapping, forced labor and trafficking women and girls from 1999 to the present.

NBC4 New York reported that R. Kelly was picked up by Homeland Security NYPD Investigation agents and NYPD Public Safety Task Force, and is expected to be taken to New York. However, during his brief appearance in a Chicago federal court on Friday, the judge delayed a decision on whether Kelly should be taken to New York to face charges until he is arraigned in Chicago, according to the CNN report.

“R. Kelly’s Enterprise was not only engaged in music; as alleged, for two decades the enterprise at the direction of R. Kelly preyed upon young women and teenagers whose dreams of meeting a superstar, soon turned into a nightmare of rape, child pornography, and forced labor. The musician turned predator allegedly used his stardom to coax some victims into nefarious sex acts while certain members of his enterprise calculatingly facilitated the aberrant conduct,” Homeland Security Special Agent-in-Charge Angel Melendez said in a statement.

R. Kelly has been accused of multiple crimes against women over the past 20 years. He has vehemently denied all present and past allegations of sexual misconduct which has been leveled against him


Lawyers insist that R. Kelly was a no-show in court because he couldn’t read the document with date and details

R. Kelly 'is arrested in Chicago on sex trafficking charges'

  • Singer was arrested on Thursday evening after he was indicted by a grand jury 
  • A 13-count indictment includes charges of child porn and obstruction of justice 
  • The 52-year-old will be brought to New York, according to local reports
  • The R&B star pleaded not guilty to 11 new sex assault charges last month 
  • In total he has now pleaded not guilty to 21 sexual abuse charges since February 

R. Kelly appears at a hearing at Leighton Criminal Court Building on June 26. The singer has reportedly since been arrested on sex trafficking charges

R. Kelly was arrested in Chicago on Thursday after he was indicted by a grand jury on 13 federal counts, including sex crimes.  

The singer, 52, already facing sexual abuse charges brought by Illinois prosecutors, is understood to have been detained while walking his dog at around 7pm.

U.S. Attorney's office spokesman Joseph Fitzpatrick said the R&B star was taken into custody and was being held by federal authorities. 

He was arrested after a 13-count federal indictment was handed down earlier Thursday in federal court for the Northern District of Illinois.


R. Kelly’s Ex-Wife and Daughter Speak Out About the Allegations Against Him {VIDEO} Lawyers insist R Kelly did not intentionally miss his court date.

The R&B singer's inability to read the time-sensitive documents is cited as the reason he didn't appear in court

R. Kelly recently lost a lawsuit in a default judgment after he failed to show up to court, now his lawyers are stating that occurred due to his “learning disability.”space“

The embattled singer lost a civil lawsuit to one of his alleged victims who stated she was sexually abused in the late 1990s. Kelly did not respond to the lawsuit or attend court, resulting in the judgment.

“Robert Sylvester Kelly has failed and refused to file an appearance or answer to the Complaint even though [he is] required to do so,” the plaintiff’s attorney wrote to receive the default judgment. 

The civil attorney for R. Kelly, Brian Nix, is arguing the “Ignition” singer was “overwhelmed” when he was served. 

Nix detailed R. Kelly was served the papers while he was in jail for his child support case and the pressures of being behind bars impaired his decision- making. 

“[Being overwhelmed] coupled with Mr. Kelly not being cognizant of what the motion fully meant led to him missing the hearing. I had no idea he had been served,” Nix told TMZ. 

In addition to reportedly being a victim of his circumstances, attorneys Zaid Abdallah and Raed Shalabi have attributed the singer’s “learning disability” to his lack of response. They claimed that not being able to understand the documents prevented Kelly from meeting the requests.

“[Kelly] suffers from a learning disability that adversely affects his ability to read,” the attorneys submitted to the court. 

Damages for the default judgment are to be decided on May 8. The plaintiff is seeking $50,000 in damage, however, R. Kelly is hoping he can have the opportunity to oppose the claims in court.

In court documents, the woman is identified as “H.W.” and states she had a year-long sexual relationship with R. Kelly when she was underage. She met the singer on her 16th birthday. H.W. is one of four women in R. Kelly’s sexual abuse case.



Image result for R. Kelly’s Ex-Wife and Daughter

Drea Kelly was married to R&B star R. Kelly for 13 years. In a world exclusive interview she is joined by her daughter Joann as they talk about his numerous accusations of sexual assault.

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