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Coroner’s office releases Prodigy’s cause of death

Havoc Talks Prodigy's Passing, Forming Mobb Deep, Creating Classic Albums, 2Pac & JAY-Z Beefs (Video) Coroners office releases Prodigys cause of death entertainment prodigy 1

Over a month after the shocking death of Prodigy, the Clark County Medical Examiner has released the Mobb Deep rapper’s cause of death.

After completing its investigation, the coroner determined that Prodigy, 42, died of an accidental choking. The rapper, who was battling sickle cell anemia, was rushed to a Las Vegas hospital after reportedly choking on an egg.
According to TMZ, Prodigy had a flare up immediately following a performance in severe Las Vegas heat.


Prodigy's Mural In Queensbridge, NY Destroyed For The Second Time Within Days

After the untimely death of Prodigy, DJ Vlad sits down with his longtime friend and the other half of Mobb Deep, Havoc. Havoc details what it was like growing up in Queensbridge, their first rap names, and reveals Prodigy turned down a deal to work with him at first. The producer then goes on to talk about making their first album, Prodigy teaching him how to sample and them getting a deal at LOUD records.

Throughout the conversation Havoc discusses some of the milestones in their career from the 'Hennesy' shirts, creating "Shook Ones," dissing 2Pac before his death, their beef with Jay-Z, and what it was like seeing Lil Kim write her "Quiet Storm" verse. Hav also speaks on the rumor of P choking on an egg and the cause of his death before looking back on the legacy that they left in hip hop.


Prodigy of Mobb Deep dead at 42 {VIDEO} Watch last performance in VEGAS

For the second time in several days a mural of Prodigy from the group Mobb Deep has been destroyed. The painting, which is on a building in Queensbridge, New York, was done by artists Jeff Henriquez and Eli “Eli Eos” Lazare. It was originally completed on July 7, following five days of work.

Within 24 hours it had been defaced by vandals who splattered white paint on it.

"This is some sucker s***," rapper Cormega captioned a photo of the damage.

The memorial was soon fixed, only to be vandalized again over the weekend. This time red paint was used to destroy it.

Bynoe of The Riot Squad posted an Instagram photo on Monday, July 10, of this latest act of hatred. He expressed his anger in it's caption.

"This is some f***** s***!! I dealt with hate on all spectrums but this is corny, I'll just do it in Hempstead if I was them because this corny s*** right here is a bad representation of Queens, we ain't never been on this type of time smh!!! Rest Eternally the ghetto super hero."

Hopefully, the mural can be redone or moved to another location.

Prodigy died on June 20, 2017, following a lifelong battle with sickle cell anemia. He was 42 years old.


Prodigy of Mobb Deep dead at 42 entertainment prodigy

Prodigy, one half of the group Mobb Deep, has passed away at 42.
According to his publicist, Prodigy was hospitalized “a few days ago in Vegas after a Mobb Deep performance for complications caused by a sickle cell anemia crisis. As most of his fans know, Prodigy battled the disease since birth.”
The rapper’s publicist said “the exact cause of death has not been determined.”
“It is with extreme sadness and disbelief that we confirm the death of our dear friend Albert Johnson, better known to millions of fans as Prodigy of legendary NY rap duo Mobb Deep,” a rep said in a statement to Billboard. “We would like to thank everyone for respecting the family’s privacy at this time.”

Prodigy’s passing likely comes as a surprise to fans, since he was just on tour and even performed on Saturday for the Art of Rap tour.
The rap duo Mobb Deep consists of Prodigy and Havoc, who came together in New York in the 1990s and had hits like “Quiet Storm” and “Shook Ones.”
In addition to his music career, Prodigy has also made forays into the culinary world with “Commissary Kitchen: My Infamous Prison Cookbook.”

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Comment by Mr. Johnson on July 11, 2017 at 4:58am
Comment by mr1stroke on July 11, 2017 at 12:57am
Nice i like that, well deserve
Comment by Melly Mel on July 10, 2017 at 11:42pm

Were there any cameras in the area?

Comment by carolyn johnson on June 22, 2017 at 7:00am
Dat dam heat s*** sue the sun for being to hot lol
Comment by Wayne Bacchus on June 22, 2017 at 6:32am
hip hop golden era hip hop legend Prodigy gone to soon!!!! Mobb Deep drought timeless hip hop records . The golden era was the best time for hip hop. Mobb Deep was one of the groups that made upu fall in love with hip hop !!!! . Mobb Deep music will never get old . mu condolences goes out to Havoc and Prodigy's family
Comment by Falcon on June 21, 2017 at 4:54pm

R.I.P. brother Prodigy. Your music will always be remembered ! Havoc, hold ya head up !

Comment by mr1stroke on June 21, 2017 at 12:25pm

one of the best 90s hip hop duo, hands down "shook ones" was always my favorite than they smooth it out with "getaway" well you will surely be miss, sleep well my brother, see you when we see you.

Comment by Cee Gee on June 21, 2017 at 6:28am

Blasting The Infamous now in his of my favorite albums of the groups.

Comment by Fang on June 21, 2017 at 4:22am
One of my favorite rap group, always have some dope beats... rest in peace.
Comment by Mr. Johnson on June 21, 2017 at 1:33am
Rest in power P.

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