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Pregnant Side Chick Crashes Wedding; Fights The Bride's Daughter {VIDEO}

Pregnant Side Chick Crashes Wedding; Fights The Bride's Daughter!! (Video)
A wedding between a Georgia man and woman was interrupted by another woman claiming to be the groom's pregnant side chick. It is confirmed that the video of the alleged side chick crashing the wedding, has gone viral.

The wedding was being held outside of Atlanta, according to social media reports.

The groom kept his cool, when the scorned lover crashed the wedding. He was cool under pressure, and ignored the loud side chick. He didn't even turn around to acknowledge her!

Here's the video:

The video starts off showing bridegroom who was just moments away from exchanging vows with his beloved. Then the other woman said: 

‘Anthony! You’re acting like you don’t know me...I got your baby here!’ the side chick can heard saying as shocked wedding guests look on.

But Anthony didn’t flinch. He didn’t even turn around to acknowledge the woman claiming to be the mother of his unborn child crashed his wedding. And he wasn't the only one, the wedding officiator kept his composure also and continued on with the ceremony.

‘Anthony, I know you hear me!’ the woman yells.

But one member of the wedding party, couldn't ignore the scorned side chick - the bride’s daughter. 

‘What is wrong with you?!’ the daughter said. ‘What is wrong with you?!’

The 33-second clip cuts out before viewers can see what happened next.

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Comment by James Donovan on July 31, 2020 at 5:54pm

Dumb mother effa. How u gonna get a side chick pregnant when you're engaged to be married to another woman? I hope she takes his azz to Family Court for child support.

Comment by caribmama on July 31, 2020 at 5:47pm

Tell um bro......LOL!

Comment by mr1stroke on July 31, 2020 at 4:55pm
Lol who does that, how are you getting your side chick pregnant when you know youre going to be married? I nominate you Male donkey of the year, she has every right to show up and vandalize that wedding, after all she is carrying your baby homie, you dumb ass, you mufuckers want to play the game but have no idea of the rules, always remember your side chick should never have the same authority in the relationship as your wifey, make sure she is on the pill, patch or shots, or use a condom otherwise make sure the b**** is so loyal she loves your girl like you do so she never want to destroy your relationship so you can leave, i do it all my life, some men will always have mistresses, or side chicks because we are gift to life

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