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Popular New York Rapper Dies From COVID-19

The Hip Hop community is in mourning after rapper Fred The Godson passed away -- weeks after he tested positive for COVID-19.

The 35-year-old rapper revealed that he had tested positive for the virus on April 6 via social media, sharing a picture of himself on a ventilator while in a hospital bed.

"I’m in here wit this Corvus 19 sh*t! Please keep me in y’all prayers!!!! #godisgreat," he wrote at the time.

His wife revealed that the doctors had told her that there was a chance he could pass away.

"It was just like -- he's gone and he's gonna die, that's it. I don't even know how I felt, I just felt like I was going to die," LeeAnn Jemmott said at the time. "Don't just assume they are going to die. Because that's all we are hearing is people dying, dying, dying. He's winning, he's winning."

Our condolences go out to LeAnn and her family at this difficult time

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Comment by mr1stroke on April 24, 2020 at 5:56pm
God bless the dead do understand this thing will be left behind like hiv to wipe the hood, many are busy being cool ignorance is a culture, white people are following rules, go to their walmart they form lines and must wear mask, they practice social distance, many of their stores without drive thru or delivery option are close especially chinese restaurants even subway, in the hood mufuckers pile up on top of each many Chinese restaurants, Kennedy fried chicken, even Mcdonalds without drive thru are open, they still smoke and drink together, in the white community they been have test centers, in the project with negros on top of each other NY just announce they will set up test site on public of housing, meaning you will be the last to get help after they stop their community from dying, call it black and white the question is are you being responsible, are you following the same rules, how smart are you, how can you blame others when you are noy being responsible and this summer may be the bloodiest summer in the hood, with lack of jobs and food every one are wearing mask and gloves watch the crimes rate go up, a whole new disaster for the black community or may be you can start praying

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