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Please read carefully, if you work hard and have a family, its time to file for permits

Its so sad im sitting here listening to this older lady in our department who finally sharing how she got robbed this winter right around her area, she said it was one of the coldest day she did not see a gun but he had his hand in his jacket demanding that she gave up her purse, she said she begged him not to do anything stupid and did not have any money except for $20 in her pocket, as cold as she was she talked to him about the Bible, he took the money and ran off, now let me talk to some of you people especially women raising kids on their own, when you have a grown ass man from 16 and over living in your house, if you have never seen his homework, never been to parents teachers meeting, do not see his report cards, he comes home late no questions ask, he wears expensive stuff that you did not buy him, he smokes weed, now where does he find the money? with all that understand you are at fault, if your sons ever run to me pray God that he is successful because if he is not I will empty the whole clip in him and I don’t give a damn if the little bastard is 13, how the hell a man wont find time to look for a job but invest his time to rob innocent people, he wont work for someone else, but he sure can take from some one who works, well understand that bastard of yours deserve to die, after I kill him if I see you on Tv crying saying he was a  good boy I will find you and finish the rest of the clip in you because you are the one who brings the problem to this world by giving him birth, I stay strap, I don’t drive around without it I do not walk without it, in today’s society I will not be stupid, I leave the rest of you to depend on the police I depend on God and what I carry

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Comment by mr1stroke on August 1, 2014 at 4:07pm

@mr fix its a promise i make to my self anything state that took away the right for self defense i will not live in, there is no way i know a state have high crimes and i will live there knowing i dont have the rights to bare arm usually those same states highly priced anyway look at NY they even take away the right to bare arm from home owner when the constitution clearly state that a man should bare arm in his home including his back yard as long as it is its property, where i live i dont have side walk i can surely shoot someone on the shoulder of my property as long as he is in my reach

Comment by mr fix on August 1, 2014 at 12:32pm

If Democrats have there ways you will be unprotected leaving you helpless. All democratic state which you're not allowed to have a fire harm as the highest murder violence crime rate in the country @mr1stroke i'm neither Democrat or Republican i'm just me 

Comment by mr1stroke on August 1, 2014 at 10:19am

@Nell T. how are you my brother you know how it is in those slumps its bad enough our folks cant even walk to the store, and that lady was coming from work on a cold day the niggas are so bad they choose to rob someone who can be their moms, that is heart broken and i would get even more upset at someone trying to represent such person in a positive way and you see it all the time soon they catch those bums their family always say they were a good boy, remember about 3 months ago when that 17 years old who suppose to be in the gang pulled out a 357 trying to shoot another guy instead killed the father of 2 that was coming from work, than his mother was on tv the next week talking about he is a good boy this is a slap in the face, good boys carry books not guns at 17 unless he is a street walker, when i was on the street my folks told me to face my evil alone but they would pray for me

Comment by mr1stroke on August 1, 2014 at 10:13am

@Jerald A Jeffrey its all good bro i guess i did not explained the reason why because i did not want a long blog to discourage people and miss the point, but this is the reason why if you watched cnn this week there as a an who was pumping gas in his car and one dude rolled up on him with a gun and demand money than two more came one took the car keys and the other one searching his pocket, while he went and gave them the wallet he pulled out a gun and shot the gun man now because i make sure im protected although we are not perfect, or immortal its best to try to protect our selves, the question is what if that man did not make it home to his family, and lets look on last year alone how many people who have been robbed and killed, those people are innocent people, the criminals know innocent people do not believe in protection and violence this is why they do what they do, but as for me i have went to what they call self therapy i will not carry unless i feel its necessary nor will i pull out on any one unless my life is threaten, even people at home should protect their family a burglar will not come in at 4am to give you a hug at that time of the night he comes to kill, so what do you do than, this is a crazy time we are living in and we have to change out mind state, like you said a working progress i am also day by day im trying not to be the man that i was when was running the street but i do know i still have to keep part of that man in me since the world is too dangerous these days

Comment by Nell T. on August 1, 2014 at 8:02am

@Mr1stroke.......calm down my brother. your right about protecting yourself from these a******* robbing and killing hard working people, cause I won't hesitate in doing some serious bodily damage to one of them myself, but you can't hurt the mother for giving birth to him, even if she is on TV LYING about how much of a good boy he is/was. She don't realize that she failed raising him or maybe she did a great job raising him, but when he got older he just decided to do the wrong things on purpose. Can't blame the mother for that. But on the other hand, these stupid ghetto b****'s that raise, know and with the lifestyles of these a******'s, she deserves to get it too. Peace my brother.

Comment by conscious1 on July 31, 2014 at 2:40pm

That’s right people. Stop supporting all the white fashion designers. Put down the designer bags, shoes, clothes and make the other white man (such as Dick Cheney) richer by buying his expensive guns. However, before you make your purchase please make sure to get yourself psychologically tested. If you suffer from any of the following symptoms please delay the purchase of the gun until you have attained THERAPY and the proper medications are administered:

Hatred and resentment of black people, especially black women
Black male insecurity issues
Lack of knowledge of self and heritage
Illiteracy and ignorance
Inability to decipher fact from fiction
Cyber bullying
Over indulgence in bragging
Fraudulent activities and pretentiousness
Napoleonic syndrome
NRA undercover informant



Comment by Jerald A Jeffrey on July 31, 2014 at 2:24pm
Respect brother, I shouldn't have stated you are confused. I try to maintain a positive qi, and I should have spoken on your words that, "this is not advice to increase violence!" Faced with the same situation described, I would "choose" not to retaliate - but on the real, I'm also a work in progress. Just because I know right doesn't mean I would do right! Respect!
Comment by mr1stroke on July 31, 2014 at 2:09pm

yes i guess im very confuse im talking about people being rb or get shot and im confuse okay good luck with that i let you be right and allow me to be very wrong but this is only for people who are tired of being a victims from criminal, they can protect their selves, so keep being right 

Comment by Jerald A Jeffrey on July 31, 2014 at 2:02pm
You are confused brother. Two wrongs don't make a right...ever!
Comment by mr1stroke on July 30, 2014 at 12:06pm

this is not an  advice to increase violence, all im saying is protect your self, this is for innocent people who are tired of being a victim, criminals do not need advice they know it all

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