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All Caribbean people ,if you are bad mind ,take away your self,but if you are not bad mind .We need you help fast.Christmas come early this year. Today we are going to turn all of you in to millionaire.This Country United States is not in any recession. We are going to prove it to you.Feds bribed , cars ,all my friends and family first ,with United States Green cards,visa cars trucks  and more money than what we are offering ,to help us expose them.. To turn there heads in the other direction .Now NY FBI they are coming after you withe same thing,to stop you from helping us expose them.In 2010 I called Dahved Levy on the phone and NY FBI call him on the other line and bribed him millions of dollars to keep me off the air.NY FBI they drees in casual clothes to blend in with the public,and watching me giving out my flyers.They are bribing everyone who takes one of my flyer millions  of dollars ,not to help us expose them.

They are more than fifty a******* FBI agents tracking me all over United States,male and female.They speaks different Languages. This is what they are going right now in NY.When I am on the train or when I am  walking on the street in NY, they are sneaky calling and texting multiple people on there cell phone at the same,unexpectedly in front of me .At all time NY FBI calling people before they come up close to me.,to contain me in NY.They are more than 1,000,000 people in NY helping NY FBI to cover up my case in Federal Court in NY.So let me tell you what;s going on..People NY FBI don't want you to know about this but now you know.I am suing NY FBI (975,000,000) in the Supreme Court of the States of NY Index # 110403/10 for implant a tracking device inside my body. It makes rashes come only around my neck and elbows. Also for implant an explosive (bomb) device inside my body,and detonated it inside my body,It damaged my lift side ,makes wholes in my lower torso,my bladder,my colon and damaged one of my lungs.

NY FBI cannot win this in court ,they are not responding to my summons  of complaint My chest x-ray and my blood test ,will send NY FBI and Pittsburgh Feds to prison.All my Caribbean people ,people tells lies,but chest x-ray and blood test foesn't not tell lies.Do you know how much trouble NY FBI and Pittsburgh Feds are in / Putting a poison tracking device inside a Human is illegal,and putting an explosive bomb device inside a Human and detonate it .That is Terrorist. Do  know what's going happen when the world find out that United States Federal Government ,they are TERRORIST with badges ?

NY FBI bribed ST. Lukes Hospital to deny me a blood test and a chest x-ray.NY FBI bribed Jacobi Hospital twice to deny me a blood test an  chest x-ray.NY FBI bribed NY University Hospital to deny me a chest x-ray and drew blood from me .Then give me medicine before my blood was tested. NY FBI bribed Believue Hospital tontake only two posed of my chest x-ray ,and deny me a blood test.NY FBI bribed NY Queens Hospital NY to hide my chest x-ray results from my mother and I,and give us a false blood test results.NY FBI bribed Jack D. Weller Hospital of the Albert Eimstein college of Medicine,to stole my blood ,bribed the doctor to deny she drew blood from me.,and deny me a chest x-ray.NY FBI bribed Motefiore Hospital. to deny me a bllod test and a chest x-ray.I am legal to work in United States,and NY FBI they calling employers on the job phone and bribed them with millions of dollars,and  give them permission to break Federal law,not to hire me or to fire me,and take away my rights to work

Air way Cleaning Service.Guardian Cleaning Service .First Quality Cleaning .GSI  Cleaning Service.Gate Gourmet. Dallas BBQ Restaurant.Sbarro the Italian Eatery ,Service.Quality Building Cleaning Service.News and Comic/Metro News Paper,and more.I need to work .We are offering you 350,000,000 million dollars (easy money )to help us find a Civil Rights ATtorney,to take our case ,and also help us get our case in the news.Jamaican Government .Jamaica Labor Party,Prime Minister Bruce Golden and more sole me out to United States Federal Government.Please don't spectate.We need you to participate..Don't put off for tomorrow what you can do today. My Caribbean people if you think we are telling lies on Dahed Levy try and contact us to help.ENOUGH IS ENOUGH  I NEED A GOOD CIVIL RIGHTS LAWYER PLEASE CONTACT ME AT (JUSTICEFORRAYMOND187@GMAIL.COM OR FOLLOW ME ON TWITTER/RAYMOND RODNEY.Y ou can also log on to my face book page,and you see more evidence that NY FBI don't want the world to see. .   ..

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