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Please help me expose them!!!!!!
People of the public I am asking you for your help please everywhere I go to find someone to help me find a civil rights attorney or go public with my story people in the Federal Government and in and Washington know how to manipulate the system they know what can be proven in court because they are probing so they go behind my back and probe them included 3 pastors from the Bronx and 1 priest from a Catholic Church from 50th and 5th Avenue Manhattan, New York I want see if they are going to probe the public not to help me expose them I am not a computer person so I am offering $100,000,000 (I am willing to sign an agreement to anyone who can go home today and help me e-mail these documents and audio tapes to the press) and help me find a civil rights attorney(it is a federal case the lawyer doesn’t have to come from the United States or New York) it is very important that you know these cases have nothing to do with America didn’t stop my divorce or put explosive device or stop me from putting my name on my son birth certificate you can go to and type in ray273bowlo and you will find out who did what . New York F.B.I placed an explosive(bomb) device in my left-over food and detonate it inside of me and it explode and left-side and my stomach and I am also being poisoned by a tracking device New York F.B.I placed in my food it causes rashes to come only around my neck and elbows and every muscle in my body to burn and makes me fall asleep easily whenever I walk in a building to speak with an attorney or to apply for a job or drop a resume off the tracking device allows F.B.I to know what floor I am on and the floor I am on it only takes a couple seconds for them to call the office and probe the attorney not to take the case or probe the employer not to hire me, they are probing the hospitals in New York to deny me medical treatment deny me a chest x-ray and not showing me my chest results plus giving a false blood test on myspace you will see all the hospitals that are in the corruption and help the Feds cover-up a crime They are buying out the court in the United States District Court in the Southern District of New York Federal Court a dirty Corrupt Federal Judge closed this case (they cannot win in court)#09c1z5684 against the federal government without sending me any paper telling me when to come to court there are two attempted murder case I filed against New York Feds and the Federal Government they are fighting outside of the court by interrupting my unemployment benefits and child support office of Pittsburgh are taking out any cvhild out of my unemployment because they are trying to set me up to go to jail for unpayments of child support or take away my taxes return cheque so I cannot pay for a chest x-ray or a blood test to cover-up these cases it doesn’t matter how much money they have or how big they think they are they are not has big has the United States Constitution they are not invisible nor untouchable and I know they can be exposed the President is working very hard to find jobs and lower the unemployment rate in this country and people in the Federal Government and Washington is stopping me from work because I am fighting from my rights and my life Christmas come and gone I couldn’t have buy my two sons a gift this is 2010 and first quality maintenance 70 west 36 street Manhattan New York 21294778100 toke probe from people from in the federal government and Washington who are financing the Conspiracy right here in New York to stop me from work to cover-up a crime my resume is on this DVD please help me find a job online New York F.B.I and people and in Washington are probing every woman I try to start a friendship with in New York millions of dollars to stay away from me they do not want me have a girlfriend to stand-up for me and help me fight them people of the public do you people in the federal government and Washington are going to let $100,000,000 cause them to be exposed? So if receive one of these flyers and the DVD you are a multi-millionaire putting a tracking device in a human is illegal and putting a explosive device (bomb) inside a human is a terrorist they cannot afford for my story to reach national TV. It my mom and I who are fighting them all my friends and everyone in my family are on the Feds payroll they destroy my family with visa, money and green card please let the press and the lawyer contact me at the address below because they are probing everyone who try to contact me by phone and mail to help.
PLEASE CONTACT ME AT: 347-602-2660
4267 Carpenter Avenue Bronx New York
Zip Code: 10466

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