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Pence tells Nancy Pelosi he WON'T invoke 25th Amendment to remove Donald Trump telling her it should not be a 'punishment' - but stops short of saying president IS fit for office

Vice President Mike Pence says he will NOT invoke the 25th Amendment

  • The House voted in favor of a resolution that urges Vice President Mike Pence to use the 25th Amendment to remove President Donald Trump from office 
  • Democrats were joined by only one Republican, Rep. Adam Kinzinger, in passing the resolution late Tuesday night  
  • Pence, however, sent a letter to House Speaker Nancy Pelosi during early votes on the resolution, saying he would not do it 
  • The House is pursuing this vote first before moving on impeachment Wednesday 
  • Pelosi announced the House's impeachment managers Tuesday night  
  • The New York Times reported Tuesday that Senate Majority Leader Mitch McConnell believes the time is right to move against the 'lame duck' president
  • Rep. Liz Cheney, a House leader, now backs impeachment, along with Republican Reps. Adam Kinzinger, John Katko  and Fred Upton 
  • Two-thirds of the Senate – or 17 Republicans - would have to vote to convict, with the articles expected to pass the Democrat-led House  
  • Trump's Senate trial could overlap with start of President-elect Joe Biden's term 
  • Trump denied responsibility for the riots and defended his comments  
  • Vice President Mike Pence released the letter he had sent to House Speaker Nancy Pelosi as the House was taking its first vote on the resolution that pressures him to invoke the 25th Amendment

    Vice President Mike Pence released the letter he had sent to House Speaker Nancy Pelosi as the House was taking its first vote on the resolution that pressures him to invoke the 25th Amendment 

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Comment by mr1stroke 21 hours ago
  1. I will used that small covid money assistance as much as i can, i am trying to take at least $500k $50k on the first install ment is forgiving, now we have a second installment and i think biden wants to throw a 3rd so if i can take 1 mill i will be straight, invest it and pay it back at my terms, the best money you can use without worries, it aint my fault if i walked away from the white education that enslave every one instead i took a page from the wealth book
Comment by mr1stroke 21 hours ago

You know whats sad many black females have anger towards black men and im sure its because of daddy issues, i met a black female while volunteering at the second chance center on king day, she is involve with black women for democrats, she made a remark saying why waste time if they stop commiting crimes they wouldn't be here, i was like wow how do you know they commited crimes? She responded they always do.

I said to her i have to do my part i have been blessed people like that have been supporting my business, they are the reason why i did not have to wait on $1200 stimulus, instead i used the small business covid assistance, she said sorry to hear that i did not have to used any loans, i was like great your business is doing well, than she said she is a consultant for a big firm, i almost past out the b**** is punching a clock

Thats when you know when youre talking to a slave, she is trying to be important when every one was complaining about the covid loan assistance went to big businesses and black people were crying black businesses have been forgotten so what was her point? It is real sad how much hate and anger negros have for black people

Comment by mr1stroke 23 hours ago

caribmama yes those are some the brothers they do transport, i meet every where from gas station to the rest area, i always take their cards, if i have a customer who wants to ship a vehicle i contact them directly cut out the broker, its a lot of businesses out there you can start even if they shut down the whole country you will always be needed, all that politics nonsense is a distraction, i cant be loyal to any one who does not have my best interest.

Biden just signed 30 executive orders in  3 days please tell me where exactly does black people fit in, i see illegal immigrants, i see transgenders and gays but how important is black people or their issues if they are not included in the first 30, so any one means to tell me police reform and brutality was not that important as one of tje first, will we wait the first 100 days to be included. If thats the case how many innocent black men can be murdered by the hands of racist cops? Negros like to make excuses for their masters, let me be the first to say for each negros who are about to make excuses, i will hold my ideas to expose them as the slaves they are, i will prove to them that 100% of white people in America are racists, thats why i still laugh at niggers who tell me the reason why they did not like Donald Trump is because he was racist, or is it that what the white democrats told them to say, Donald Trump was white people problems, the undercover racist white people could not fight him alone politically so they had to turn the world against him and the best useless army white democrats have are the negros, they love to see and make white people comfortable, so let me say to any one who disagree that not 100% white people are racists if you are married to a white person bring them to me, if you have white friends bring them to me, i challenge any one to bring who ever is white they want ti defend, i will embarrass them, the only reason white they argue that is because the white people who claim they are not racist think its the norm, this is how they were raised and the negros defend them because they accept it in order to be accept it by white people

Comment by caribmama 23 hours ago

Damn Mista.....we need more of you!!!!! One Love Mr1stroke! I was talking to a brother who was telling me how the pandemic was a blessing for him too. He picks up cars all over the country for companies and drops them off in other states and be racking up $$$$$

Comment by mr1stroke on Friday

caribmama thats all i focus on, the youth, the brothers coming out from the prison system, and men with kids hoping they can be fathers to their kids as they build a future, right now my number one goal in the next 5 years is to travel to Africa and work with young men teach them what i know, like carpentry, electrical and mechanic, this is one of the growing business, during the pandemic i made.moee money on mobile mechanic corona is a blessing for some, i charge around $500 for brakes and oil change, $450 for a fuel pump that takes me about 20 minutes to install, i just have 2 vans for detailing, the money just keep on flowing so fast i am scared, so ill take at least 2 of my homegirls with me to teach young girls what ever they need to know and we will invest in start ups to help them start their businesses in their community, i have been investing in women's businesses in Africa since 2012, we can all help you dont have to be a millionaire, you just need a plan and a little knowledge

Comment by caribmama on Friday

Keep doing you brother. If we could reach out to just one youngsta, they in turn can pass on the knowledge to another. It's so important to build up our youth and guide them in the right direction. Finances, the law, gun rights...etc. 

Comment by mr1stroke on Thursday

caribmama if you listened to Malcolm and studied his life, the same niggers who were calling him brothers are the same one who killed him just because he refused to do like them or sound like them, my uncle always said the slaves who loves their masters will kill their kids if their kids refused to serve their masters, so the niggers who show hates never have any contribution or a different format on how we can fight the fight, they are just concern about white people, look at them looking and sound like a bunch of monkeys, listen to biden speech he said nothing about black people, one of the executive order he signed is a slap in the face, discrimination on the work place for sex and gender which benefits the gay community, how much protection do they need when black people are the most discriminating group in the work place, the other one is the daca protection, so let me get this right this is the land of the free except for black folks, this is why i dont have any respect of those old slave niggers who come at me, they cannot measure up to my achievement because they are empty. They deserve to be loyal to the white men, i say the same thing to Roland Martin, Steve Harvey and Al Sharpton on their YouTube comment. I will expose all the niggers

Comment by caribmama on Wednesday

Hey what's up. I was listening to the speeches on Monday as much as possible, but I had to work too and I said to myself, Damn....Mr1stroke sounds like Malcolm X!!!! LOL!!!

Comment by mr1stroke on January 18, 2021 at 12:30pm

caribmama you have been respectful and you exchange views and opinion even if we disagree its all in great respect, now to those who comes at me on here, do you see how i disrespect them, i degrade them, i take away their dignity on here, the reason why they even approach me its because they do not understand why i have no respect for them, those are free loading niggers, so i freely call them by their names.

  • Now if those niggers were important they would have a purpose on here, observe who they are when the last time they post some types of event or contribution that may be others can get involve to the community, you have yet to see any but they are so black right? I have been out here since 7 am at the second chance transitional community center i dont see see these niggers on here out here, i am here sharing investment ideas and also homework and contracting to these young brothers, at 6 pm we will be having the senior dinner in honor of MLK in a day like this especially this year we should all volunteer our time the best way possible to those who needs us in the community. Many only benefits from the rest of us freeloading, relying on government hand outs, ask these niggers about their living condition and go for the terms and see what they say, they never own a home, been on the projects or relying on family, they are old news, slave niggers so if i have my own mind they are mad, i will never think like niggers
  • The second amendment is beneficial so much to black people but they dont know because they dont read and dont know the history when a black man was not allow to own or carry a folk, any white citizen could stop you and make citizen arrest if they find something on you, its sad we have so many slave niggers around, the jewish dont hate on each other if they disagree, they support one another as long its about their agenda. Niggers were born to hate thats why they are niggers not black

Comment by caribmama on January 17, 2021 at 5:38pm

I'm sorry if I assumed you were a Republican and I'm sure others on here think the same thing, that's why they come at you so hard. I can honestly say this is the first forum that has opened my eyes to the other side. And discussions with you have defiantly opened my eyes. I was against the 2nd amendment, but realize that the 2nd amendment is beneficial to us also. But sadly Philando Castile paid the price for that and many others that have a right to bear arms. I took the opportunity to get my CCW and made sure my daughter got hers too. I have always voted since I was 18 and never missed a poll, but I opted out after dump was elected. I feel the United States got it right and now the Electoral Collage is the big enemy cause it went against them cause it didn't go in Republicans favor. Every vote should count weather you are Repub or Dem. 

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