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Pence tells Nancy Pelosi he WON'T invoke 25th Amendment to remove Donald Trump telling her it should not be a 'punishment' - but stops short of saying president IS fit for office

Vice President Mike Pence says he will NOT invoke the 25th Amendment

  • The House voted in favor of a resolution that urges Vice President Mike Pence to use the 25th Amendment to remove President Donald Trump from office 
  • Democrats were joined by only one Republican, Rep. Adam Kinzinger, in passing the resolution late Tuesday night  
  • Pence, however, sent a letter to House Speaker Nancy Pelosi during early votes on the resolution, saying he would not do it 
  • The House is pursuing this vote first before moving on impeachment Wednesday 
  • Pelosi announced the House's impeachment managers Tuesday night  
  • The New York Times reported Tuesday that Senate Majority Leader Mitch McConnell believes the time is right to move against the 'lame duck' president
  • Rep. Liz Cheney, a House leader, now backs impeachment, along with Republican Reps. Adam Kinzinger, John Katko  and Fred Upton 
  • Two-thirds of the Senate – or 17 Republicans - would have to vote to convict, with the articles expected to pass the Democrat-led House  
  • Trump's Senate trial could overlap with start of President-elect Joe Biden's term 
  • Trump denied responsibility for the riots and defended his comments  
  • Vice President Mike Pence released the letter he had sent to House Speaker Nancy Pelosi as the House was taking its first vote on the resolution that pressures him to invoke the 25th Amendment

    Vice President Mike Pence released the letter he had sent to House Speaker Nancy Pelosi as the House was taking its first vote on the resolution that pressures him to invoke the 25th Amendment 

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Comment by caribmama 6 hours ago

Hey what's up. I was listening to the speeches on Monday as much as possible, but I had to work too and I said to myself, Damn....Mr1stroke sounds like Malcolm X!!!! LOL!!!

Comment by mr1stroke on Monday

caribmama you have been respectful and you exchange views and opinion even if we disagree its all in great respect, now to those who comes at me on here, do you see how i disrespect them, i degrade them, i take away their dignity on here, the reason why they even approach me its because they do not understand why i have no respect for them, those are free loading niggers, so i freely call them by their names.

  • Now if those niggers were important they would have a purpose on here, observe who they are when the last time they post some types of event or contribution that may be others can get involve to the community, you have yet to see any but they are so black right? I have been out here since 7 am at the second chance transitional community center i dont see see these niggers on here out here, i am here sharing investment ideas and also homework and contracting to these young brothers, at 6 pm we will be having the senior dinner in honor of MLK in a day like this especially this year we should all volunteer our time the best way possible to those who needs us in the community. Many only benefits from the rest of us freeloading, relying on government hand outs, ask these niggers about their living condition and go for the terms and see what they say, they never own a home, been on the projects or relying on family, they are old news, slave niggers so if i have my own mind they are mad, i will never think like niggers
  • The second amendment is beneficial so much to black people but they dont know because they dont read and dont know the history when a black man was not allow to own or carry a folk, any white citizen could stop you and make citizen arrest if they find something on you, its sad we have so many slave niggers around, the jewish dont hate on each other if they disagree, they support one another as long its about their agenda. Niggers were born to hate thats why they are niggers not black

Comment by caribmama on Sunday

I'm sorry if I assumed you were a Republican and I'm sure others on here think the same thing, that's why they come at you so hard. I can honestly say this is the first forum that has opened my eyes to the other side. And discussions with you have defiantly opened my eyes. I was against the 2nd amendment, but realize that the 2nd amendment is beneficial to us also. But sadly Philando Castile paid the price for that and many others that have a right to bear arms. I took the opportunity to get my CCW and made sure my daughter got hers too. I have always voted since I was 18 and never missed a poll, but I opted out after dump was elected. I feel the United States got it right and now the Electoral Collage is the big enemy cause it went against them cause it didn't go in Republicans favor. Every vote should count weather you are Repub or Dem. 

Comment by mr1stroke on Sunday

caribmama i never said i was a Republican, go back to my old comments i alway said i voted for.obama amd i was disappointed after that i supported Bernie Sanders but when he endorsed hillary Clinton i stop supporting any democrats because none of them shows concern about black people, i never voted for Trump again i did explained why but i do support many of his policies, like immigration, gangs violence and business

Republicans dont care about black people is what democrats and sell out negros teach the community, because many dont read or research they believe in it, majority of laws that are set that black people are benefit from are by Republicans, do the history democrats are the original slave owners, so you tell me what have the democrats do for the black community for the past 20 years, and thats not even going to the 60s, 70s or 80s, hpw great have they been to black people, we have beem voting for them, why are we still marching, we dont support or vote republicans why are we concern about them, even though they try to reach out, why should they care, when the last tome we try to work with them?

What ever happen with dont put your eggs in one basket, why are black people so loyal to democrats, why are they so dependable on democrats, what exactly are they getting or have got? May be you can share with me

As for abortion i came from a Christian family, i am totally against that, yes there should be exception in case of a rape, but for a woman to day it is her decision to fo what she wants with her body but not smart enough to protect her body, there is no excuse for that, you know what will happen by having sex, if not ready for babies dont have them, why commit murder, yes i am against it, look at the black community it's a disgrace all those females with multiple babies and no fathers Where is the self respect, values and morals, let me guess blame it on the men, the dame bums they stay complaining about? I do not entertain nonsense

Comment by caribmama on Sunday

We have talked so many times about the black communities. It spits in the face of BLM to fight the government to stop killing our black women and men, but then in the hood people are pulling guns on each other for the stupidest things. Those in the black communites need to have BLM in the hoods, look all those ganstas in the face and tell them to stop killing each other cause the enemy is right outside the gate. It's not going to stop until those within make it stop. 

Comment by caribmama on Sunday

Okay Mr1stroke, I feel the passion you have for black causes, but it's like a spit in the face to say you are a republican and/or defend any republican knowing they have no love for the black community. Please brother man, other than being a business man an getting in on the game. please tell me why you would pull the lever for a republican. I am against abortion, but that would not make me pull the lever for a Repub. I can honestly say, the only Repub I liked was Jeb Bush. But I'm totally against government telling a women she has to bear her rapist baby and then share parental rights with that person. That's trama after trama. Why would anyone in their right mind say that is okay. We have daughters and I would never want a government to tell my children what they can and cannot do with their bodies. If that is the case, then we should be able to put laws in that men have to get vasectomies too. 

Comment by mr1stroke on Sunday

caribmama believe you me i am part of the team harriet, the community has been suffering for too long while they are ignored by people who have been exploiting them, a black man can work hard and become successful but cannot live in his own community or around his peers, this is sad but every one else can build their own community, tje black community accepted modern day slavery either because some of them dont know they are slaves since that has always been the way of life and others accepted as of greed selling their own kind. I choose to stand with those who understand my fight and willing to join me, amy other negros i dont care they can hang them, they are loyal to white people they will suffer the consequence, bit right now i feet on the table with my weapons laying around watching white people get chase by their own demons, it is not my fight and i dont care, so many negros are concern about the safety of white people but cant even live next to each other, look up the news for the weekend and see how much murder there was in the boroughs

Comment by caribmama on Sunday

Okay.....I see your point of view on this! WHITE ON WHITE CRIME!!!!!! LOL!!!!! Dump was a wake up call for the world to see the devils that run our country and the people that walk amongst us. More does need to be done with Police Reform. If a citizen shoots someone in the back running away, they are put in jail for a long time, but if a cop does it, it's okay cause it's apart of the job. Putting a gun to a mans chest and blowing his heart out when he has his hands up, that person should be under the jail. That is not justifiable!!!!

Comment by mr1stroke on Sunday

caribmama and that nis more reasons we should take the same rights they have not demand it, if karen call tje cops on me im calling the cops, karen has a gun license, i have a military base and i aint afraid to unleash on white people, i will email you the sign i have on my property when i get a chance to see how i got white people in check, the blood of malcolm x run through my vains i will neber be friends with white people, they deserve to suffer for every slaves they violated and murdered

Comment by mr1stroke on Sunday

I dont give a damn if they killed every body in that white house as long they are not black, those are not my politicians i hate them as much as those mobs, they are getting a taste of their own hate. Did they cry for Philando Castille for over an hour on live tv, did they cry for Eric Garner, did they cry for Michael Brown, did they cry for Kalief Browder, if they did cry how many of those laws have they changed? This is white peoples problem, negros can be concern i say good for them as long as they are happy, let white people experience their own hate i dont feel no remorse this is white America against white America

My concerns are far more than what white America is feeling, f*** them all let them burn in hell, the spirit of the slaves who built the white house are crying, the fog will come

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