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Pastor plotted to kill thousands of Black people with poisoned water, biological weapons, prosecutor said

A South African court has convicted a pastor of plotting to overthrow the government and to kill thousands of Black people in the country.

Harry Johannes Knoesen, 61, a leader of the National Christian Resistance Movement, was on Monday found guilty of high treason, incitement to carry out violent attacks, and recruiting people to commit attacks

Knoesen’s group explored the possibility of using a biological weapon to infect and kill Black people, including the poisoning of water reservoirs supplying Black communities, according to the prosecution.

Knoesen was also found guilty of unlawful possession of firearms by the Middelburg High Court. Weapons and ammunition were found when he was arrested in Middelburg, a small town in the eastern Mpumalanga province.

The plot by the pastor’s group was foiled in 2019 by South Africa’s police and intelligence services, who have since dismantled the organization’s cells across various parts of the country and arrested some of its leaders.

Knoesen was convicted on evidence from witnesses including members of his group who are already serving jail sentences after they were convicted of similar crimes.

The state alleged that Knoesen’s plot was motivated by his “highly racial views” and that he sought to justify his beliefs on religious grounds, claiming that he was ordained to “reclaim South Africa for white people.”

“To further this end, he planned to attack government institutions and more specifically police and military institutions,” Monica Nyuswa, a spokeswoman for the National Prosecuting Authority, told The Associated Press.

He also identified townships and informal settlements occupied by Black South Africans as targets for attack, she said.

Knoesen allegedly used social media platform Facebook to incite violence against Black people and to recruit former members of South Africa’s military to join his movement and to carry out the planned attacks. These were foiled when he was arrested in November 2019 and the cells in various parts of the country were dismantled.

In his testimony, Knoesen admitted to sharing “recipes” to manufacture explosives with his followers on Facebook, according to the Middelburg Observer newspaper.

This is not the first racist, treasonous plot to be uncovered in South Africa.

In 2013, 20 members of the right-wing white supremacy group known as the Boeremag were sentenced to prison for plotting to kill South Africa’s first Black president Nelson Mandela, overthrow the government and kill thousands of Black people.

They were handed sentences ranging from five to 35 years following a 10-year treason trial, one of the longest in the country’s history.

That group, like Knoesen’s, was opposed to South Africa’s democracy which brought an end to apartheid, the country’s regime of white minority rule that ended with the first democratic elections in 1994 which elected Mandela president.

Knoesen is expected back in court on June 10 for the beginning of sentencing proceedings.

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Comment by mr1stroke on June 15, 2022 at 7:12pm

Ricardo O'Connor yes they do, that is why I have no filter its a bunch of negros being watch do for the government, if you talk about gays , jews democrats and if it don't sounds good they will delete it, those are slave negros with no ground, they are still the white men servitudes

Comment by Ricardo O'Connor on June 15, 2022 at 5:31pm

@Mr1Strokes, it seems like CF is apart of the shadow banning and censorship community. My post to you was twice the length of the one I sent you with some Bible rhetoric in there and they will not allow me to post it. They have been shadow banning just as FB did to me. They will not allow difference of opinion or anything Bible or God related . 

Comment by mr1stroke on June 15, 2022 at 3:34pm

Ricardo O'Connor this country needs a Miramar that will not happen, just a few will come out safe, this economy is too mess up, more poverty comes with more crimes, and the black community will always suffer the most, but they don't seems to care.

Comment by Ricardo O'Connor on June 15, 2022 at 2:51pm

You brought up a lot of Bible truths and some solid points but I am afraid it will only fall on deaf ears. The Democrats and some wolves in sheep clothing Republicans has an agenda and their goal is to use the media who have been their mouth piece, to spread disinformation, misinformation, propaganda, lies and sow discord. This is their objectives. It’s just as you said. Whatever we tell you, believe it. Don’t question anything…..just believe it because we’re the experts……….Get your hands on rules for radical written by Saul Lewinsky, a devote Socialist praised by Hillary Clinton if you can. I wouldn’t be surprised if they remove them like BLM did with their doctrine on destroying the nuclear family from their website. What the Democrats are doing is using rules which came directly from this book on how to destroy this Country’s current system (Capitalism) and turned into Socialism/Communism. If our balance of power fails and these evildoers gain total control of our Government, America as we know it will be no more. Let see how this midterm plays out. So far the voters in San Diego, Cal maybe waking up to what’s been going on there with crime and homelessness out of control. They voted unanimously to recalled the Democrat DA with an overwhelming 61% vote. Let’s see if the rest of the States and other Democrat States follow suit and vote this way. When it all said and done, God ALL MIGHTY still sits on the Throne

Comment by GospelPan on June 14, 2022 at 8:48am
So, this guy wants to “reclaim” South Africa for white folks...he must have forgotten that Africa belongs to black folks.
Comment by John Smith on June 14, 2022 at 4:03am
Comment by mr1stroke on June 12, 2022 at 5:35pm

Ricardo O'Connor preach my brother, but you ain't never lie, believe it black people needs a miracle from God more than ever, but you can tell they suffered from the Willy Lynch syndrome, the teaching of their owners, they repeat the same thing their so call masters tell them to do, they practice the same thing their masters tell theme to do and they are all do the same thing. Negros are the only one who don't know the bible they only read what ever the white man tell them and you can tell the way they live.

They do not know about the so-called “Slave Bible” told of Joseph’s enslavement but left out the parts where Moses led the Israelites to freedom. The white men told them that God says to obey their masters but never told them anything else that God had said regarding slavery, 

Most of the Old Testament is missing, and only about half of the New Testament remains. The reason? So that the enslaved Africans in the Caribbean islands  Barbados couldn’t read or be read anything that might incite them to rebel. The Slave Bible also doesn’t contain the Book of Revelation, which tells of a new heaven and Earth in which evil will be punished.

Anyone who kidnaps someone is to be put to death, whether the victim has been sold or is still in the kidnapper’s possession. When you buy a male Hebrew slave, he shall serve six years, but in the seventh he shall go out a free person, without debt” now if the black community knew their bible and the truth about slavery and the truth like the Jewish, how much money does America owe them. The Bible says 

Owe no one anything, except to love each other, for the one who loves another has fulfilled the law, instead you jabs a community who hates each other, enjoy killing each other that is why they are cursed.

The sad part is the same dumb niggers who comes on here running their mouth who are so loyal to the democrats who claim they are educated are the most retarded slaves, they did not hate Donald Trump before he became a Republican, because their democrats masters dis not tell them that, as soon as the democrats told the negros that Trump is a racist they went hated Trump, so let me guess he was not a racist when he was a democrat, one of the biggest donor and friend of the Clinton of Cuomo?

Trump said was against children not praying in schools, he said pur schools need prayer, Trump was against churches being close down during covid, he said if you can keep Lou he's and other venues open by all means the churches should stay open because that was the time we need prayers more than ever, Trump even asked some of the governors to let people have church in their parking lot amd other open spaces like city parks and mall parking lot, the democratic congress and governors said no.

He was put their for a reason, they hated him for all the goods he wanted to do for the people, he said he would make sure no American would go untreated for medication, he was going after those pharmaceutical companies, he said if you only pay 30 cents to make a pill no way you will charge someone $100 to $700, it should be $5 they wanted to kill him just like they do to Jesus, human will jate you if you tell the truth, the democrats are the servants of Lucifer, and all those who flowed them will be dragged straight to hell.

If the democrats are so right why do we always have so much crisis when they are in office, why do those who vote democrats have so much problem, look at all their problems now? And this is just a taste, by the end of the year to the beginning of next year watch the anger of God strike them all.





Comment by Ricardo O'Connor on June 12, 2022 at 2:08pm

@Mr1strokes, it will have to take an act of God to wake these people up to make them realized they have been deceived all these years. The things you see playing out in the physical and in the political arena happens first in the spiritual realm between Satan, fallen angels, demonic spirits and the Angels of the living God. Every change that takes place in a Nation is spearheaded and orchestrated by the Living God. Some change can be a result of blessing like we have in the case of this Country for 275 year, or, judgement like we see in some of the Nations in the Bible. I know some may say how can this Country be blessed by God when we had all these atrocities such as slavery and the civil war and millions left stricken by poverty and hunger. When God steers a Nation to change coarse, there is always opposition from  the evil one who instituted these things such as what we saw in slavery and the civil war and the other atrocities in an attempt to stop God. God could have stopped it before it even formulated in the mind of the evil one but He allowed it for reasons beyond our comprehension. The things happening under the Biden Administration and the Democrats could well be a judgement on this Nation. God sometime uses government of a Nation to judge that Nation for it immortalities and sins which this Country has a long history of. While they were in their sins, they move to take Prayers and God out of the schools whereas churches stop preaching the Gospel of Jesus Christ and began preaching a watered down Gospel that appeals to the masses. With all of that going on, sacrifice of the unborn in the womb to Baal increased and the lustful detestable abominable passion of sodomy also increased while castigating marriage and the family unit of a man and a woman. All these things are direct attacks on procreation in an attempt to thwart the work of God. So when you see these people display of ignorance, stubborn-ness and their unwelling-ness, to heed and yield to what you and I have been saying to them it’s because they are blinded by the evil one who uses them for their help without them even knowing it. The Bible brings this out in the Scriptures. To combat this is really through prayers and supplications and not by the flesh. The Bible says Ephesians 6:12, For we wrestle not against flesh and blood, but against principalities, against powers, against the rulers of the darkness of this world, against spiritual wickedness in high places.

The Spirit of demons and the influence of fallen angels works in them and only God can remove it. So no matter what we tell them and the Democrats do to them they will not listen. Obama failed them and they will support the party. Trump did more than what their party has done for them in 60 plus years and they still support them. It’s spiritual my brother. This is why we (Christians) preach the Word of God because as It says, it’s sharper that a two-edged sword that pierces the mine and the soul and it never returns void. Praise God.

Comment by stephen myers on June 11, 2022 at 8:39am

LOL, all you Black fools worship Trump like Biden, self hating and to lazy to get together and build a community like other races who come here, sport and play all day long, no family structure because of this slut culture and thugs who are now the norm, truly a self destructive people, Jim Jones is proof how stupid Black people are, other races in silence prosper here in AmeriKKKa.

Comment by mr1stroke on June 11, 2022 at 5:41am

Ricardo O'Connor well my brother you're speaking the truth, like I always say, you can kill a man for telling the truth but you cannot kill the truth. Everything in your comment is living proof, the sad part is you would think those who claim educated would know better or help the process, if you observed they either repeat what white people tell them to or do, now for those of us who knows our history we saw what the democrats did to Octavious Catto, but how many of those negros either know or care, because they are still in slavery to the democrats and suffer from the Willy Lynch syndrome, unless you do what they do and die in slavery they either hate you or want to kill you. The community is so dumb and retarded the weak sell put negros who wants to be leaders are the one selling them, what exactly do those negros in congress do, why they can't pass laws aren't they law makers also, how come they have to wait on white democrats to approve laws, what is their purpose? Well that's when you have to see that they,  are there as poster boys, house slaves like Cory Booker, it's in the bible when it comes to slavery those negros were made to serve white and they are doing it well, they will never be free, they will continue to get charity from the democrats.

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