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Paranoia grips Guyanese community in Barbados

The Alliance For Change (AFC) yesterday tabled a motion in the National Assembly urging the government to make all diplomatic and legal efforts possible to protect the rights of Guyanese nationals in Barbados and other Caricom states, ensuring there is no discrimination on the basis of nationality.

The motion, in the name of AFC MP Raphael Trotman and seconded by AFC MP Khemraj Ramjatan, seeks to have the House call on government to exhaust all diplomatic and legal efforts to guarantee the protection of its people, providing assistance for “dignified repatriation” in cases where they are returned from Barbados or other territories in the region. It also seeks to have the government make preparation for the social and economic re-integration of such nationals in the Guyanese society.

The move comes almost on the eve of the deadline for undocumented non-nationals living in Barbados to seek to regularise their status, as part of a move by the David Thompson government to clamp down on illegal immigrants.

The motion is informed by the deep concern by members of the National Assembly about the well-being, human rights and dignity of those Guyanese citizens who are resident and those who travel to Barbados and other Caricom states. As a result, the National Assembly is being urged to call on all sister Caricom governments and in particular Barbados, “to ensure due process and protection under the Constitution and laws of Barbados” as well as the “letter and spirit of community instruments” is extended to Guyanese resident or travelling in those territories. The motional also urges the government to seek clarification from Barbados and the other states as to “the well-being, welfare, legal protection, due process and preservation” of the human rights and dignities of Guyanese nationals.

The motion acknowledges the right of the Government of Barbados and other Caricom states to enforce their national laws, but also reminds them that they collectively operate and exist in a community framework evolving from harmonized approaches and law.

It also recognises the conditions and realities that affect the security and well-being of Guyanese citizens in Caricom, and in particular concerns expressed to the government by Guyanese resident in Barbados and elsewhere in the community and also those who travel within the community. It notes that the Treaty of Chagaramus and the Caricom Charter of Civil Liberties to which Guyana, Barbados and the other Caricom state parties are signatories, declare among other things, that the community is moving to become one customs and economic union which requires that everyone as a united community shares and benefits from the region’s resources, including human resources, collective expertise and skills.


Now they are  reflective realizing the folly of their deceitful actions by immigrating to a Country illegally. Let them run and  scurry like scared  rats when immigration officials
come through checking their papers, They know that they should not be there!
It does not matter how long you have lived or worked in a country if you
are there by illegal means !
If They  have neglected to file the legally work documents according to
that host Country's laws and year after year, thumbed their
nose at the Barbados government by first entering their Country
illegally opting to do things the CRIMINAL WAY,

That's their much deserved fate until they get apprehended and deported back to Guyana!

Linda (guest)

May 28,2009 @ 9:38AM
Barbadian immigrants often get deported from
other countries when they sneak entrance
into foreign countries by illegal methods.
Why shouldn't illegal Guyanese also be deported?
Jagdeo likes to  throw public tantrums, cuss blacks 
& Barbados and start foaming
at the mouth? but  sometimes You reap what
you sow!
comentary (guest)
May 28,2009 @ 12:25PM

After reading all the letters and comments about Guyanese fleeing to all corners
of the globe because of the poor quality of governance at home and the general
failed society they have left behind, I simply have to say that some of those
who are fleeing to foreign shores have created, fostered and contributed to the
problem in the first place. The majority that flee are exactly the ones who had
voted and campaigned for incompetent government and the resulting failed and
weak policies. These are the individuals who turned a blind eye to corruption
and inefficiency for the sake of maintaining the status quo of their preferred
group, party or race at one point or another.
These are individuals who funded
these organizations, partook in their spoils and continue to fund them from
abroad. These are individuals who remain ignorant of tolerance and sharing, but
want foreigners to be open-minded to them and their plight. They create a
terrible mess and then leave it at first opportunity, running for other

Since independence our nation has seen this nonsense practised by a
significant majority of both major racial groups and supporters of both major
race-based parties. These individuals promptly left in droves after playing
their part. Both major groups and supporters of both major political parties
have had their opportunities to choose differently, but failed to do so. We have
had 28 years on one hand and 17 years on the other of this practice. Some run
legally, others run illegally and then bawl from abroad when other nations in
all fairness and with due regard to law and human rights say enough is enough.
Often times, Guyanese take their entrenched biases, prejudices and simmering
disputes into foreign lands.

Linda (guest)
May 28,2009 @ 12:38PM
The "Blame Game" is that
all Jagdeo has in his survival tool-kit to govern with ?

Why is He permitted to serve
so long ? Why isn't he impeached?
He's incompetent!
He is an embarrassment, Guyana
is Losing Major Construction Projects
for Hotels.
They must vote for & support change.
Oust these Incompetent Leaders!
Moving Out (guest)
May 30,2009 @ 8:23AM
Hypocrites and Paranoid!
Guyanese are discussing yesterday,
Getting rid of illegal
Brazilians immigrants workers,
because of the drugs and prostitution

problem that they
bring to Guyana.!
Half the of the Prostitutes
in Barbados are Guyanese, another 4th is of the
problem is made up of other illegal immigrants.
This is the definition of being a Hypocrite!
"Get rid of thos illegal brazilians living here. They come here indulge in gambling, bring their women for prostution in the gold mining areas, and also they bring “the white lady and her two sisters crystal and christine”.
Come the official opening of the takatu bridge u will see them driving across.
God help us.
The white lady was one of the reasons why “the late CABACA” did not want to make guyana a tourist destination because he could have predicted that this would have happened and the country being labbeled a trans shipment point".

 Almost fifty per cent of sex workers in Barbados are Guyanese, according to a recently released study in that county.
The Barbados Nation reported that the study, ‘Findings of a Baseline Study Among Male and Female Sex Workers in Barbados’, revealed that 46% of the sex workers in that country are from Guyana with just a mere 20% of them coming from Barbados, 13% from Trinidad and Tobago and five per cent from Jamaica.
According to the Nation, the study also addressed the reasons why sex workers enter prostitution and 30% of respondents said were in it to support children, 40% for financial gain, 16% to pay off debts and 13% because they enjoyed sex.
The report said that the study was conceptualised to assess and contribute to the reduction of HIV and other sexually transmitted diseases among the sex worker population, their partners and clients in Barbados.
Approximately 100 sex workers were interviewed at 131 site visits over four general areas. However, only 44 sex workers participated in the baseline study, out of which 30 female sex workers were interviewed through closed-ended surveys and nine female sex workers participated in the in-depth interviews.
In terms of the male sex workers, three participated in a focus group, while two took part in the in-depth interviews.
The project was funded through CAREC, UNIFEM, Canadian International Development Agency- Canada Caribbean Gender Equality Program and the Pan
American Health Organisation.
butu (guest)
May 30,2009 @ 9:04AM
"nearly half the sex workers in barbados is guyanese"

all dat mean is guyanese have di betta pumpum
denis (guest)
May 30,2009 @ 1:41PM
That's an ignorant response.
If  the Brazilian whores are flooding  into Guyana
then following your limited reasoning and logic
what would that mean?

Obviously you're a sexist numbskull bottom feeder, so I'll explain.
It means that  Barbadian Women have other marketable skills
and can make their income in a  legit way.
They don't have to sell sex on the streets
for a chump change
as the illegal Guyanese often do.
denis (guest)
May 30,2009 @ 1:45PM
Jagdeo needs to
educate all of our Women better so they
do hot have to sneak into the  small islands
as illegals to risk their lives  become whores to catch
lethal diseases!
It's a serious thing.
Denis (guest)
May 30,2009 @ 1:51PM
GUYANA is a failed state with
ineffective leaders. Our Noble Women
are being reduced to drug using Whores
squatting illegally in small islands
to earn their income!
Pping (guest)
May 30,2009 @ 2:40PM
You have to understand where
that jamaican butu is coming from!
He wants attention because
No one but the poorest of poor Haitians are trying
be immigrated to Jamaica because
Jamaica is a poor, illiterate, broke, violent country run by dons.
Even the jamaican sex workers immigrate illegally
because there jamaican mens are too broke
to purchase any pums! 
Jamaican men are fools diving and
jumping on girls on the dancefloor to dagger and
almost kill them!
Many Guyanese would rather stay
in GY than immigrate to broke Jamaica !
Next to Haiti? Jamaica is the worse
performing  disgraceful island in the whole caricom!
jamoon (guest)
May 30,2009 @ 2:53PM
GY ilegal immigrants rather go to Antigua than Jamaica
because Jamaica is destitute!
Jamaican can only run fast.
No money grows jamaica, most of their smarter dance hall artists
and sports legends  raise enough money, get a passport  &  eventually leave,
that f'kin hellhole before the dons murder or extort money from dem.
jamoon (guest)
May 30,2009 @ 2:59PM
not only destitute
but Sexist too!
Look at how all jamaican men
like butu focus on pums make jokes and degrade all females.
Focusing on pums to build up your
country never made any jamaican very rich!
It's why they still poor and illiterate still
ranking below most in CARICOM!
Yolanda (guest)
Jun 21,2009 @ 6:13PM
Guyana is in worst shape than jamaica.
Anonymous (guest)
Jul 08,2010 @ 10:48PM
Guyana is the best caricom country, ten years from now all the bajans gonna want to come to Guyana, but they have a rude awakening, all barbados has is white sand and blue water. Guyana is about ot become the bread basket of the caribbean once again . and just to note , everyone stating that guyanese women makes up a large percent of the whores in Barbados, yet the Bajan man run down the same Guyanese women. since bajan men like take a taste (literally) Guyanese Women 'taste' better. Guyana is definitely not in a worst shape than jamaica, Yolanda.
Anonymous (guest)
Jul 09,2010 @ 7:54AM
TOP 10 Poorest Countries by per capita GDP [according to the International Monetary Fund (IMF)]:

1. Haiti: $1,317

2. Nicaragua: $2,698

3. Guyana: $4,029

4. Honduras: $4,275

5. Bolivia: $4,365

6. Paraguay: $4,786

7. Guatemala: $4,907

8. El Salvador: $7,564

9. Ecuador: $7,786

10. Belize: $7,894

Please stop the boasting Guyana is a hell hole u got s***!u on the top 10 Poorest Countries in Western
Anonymous (guest)
Jul 09,2010 @ 8:09AM

Poor bastards!!! Jamaica can never be like s*** Guyana, Barbados and Guyana belongs two shitty place no one wants to see...
edhino Dosilvio (guest)
Aug 16,2011 @ 12:29AM
It is a sad day, when ignoramous Barbadians can socially defrock the beautiful women of our beloved Guyana, and subject them to subhuman treatment because of their only means of survival in their little dirty island, where homosexuality is the norm. I am curious as to how much income a heterosexual woman can generate on an island where such a high percentage of f*** run around.
edhino Dosilvio (guest)
Aug 16,2011 @ 12:36AM
Probably the poorest managed-politically. Your little dirty island cannot match us for natural resources. Hope we pass a law to keep you Bajan f*** out of our country. I have three daughters. If ever one of them gets involved with one of those he/she bajans, I would personally execute flying fish and cuckoo bastard. Hate you Bajan bastards. You will need our country again. Study your history.

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Comment by Judes on August 17, 2011 at 2:29pm
WOW!!!! smh....LMBO!!! ya'll got me cracking up sooo bad.  Yup me neither @ Durwood thought that everyday I'm seeing island peeps be continuously at each other's throats. I know some good GT ppl , both reg & Indo (lol)  De same "little island" as you call we is extremely OVER POPULATED people!!!! You can't see dat or you in denial?? I feel bad that the history of the two islands can't come to some conclusion, but that's from our elders not the young ppl today who are doing illegal things and being disrespectful...... just so you know, those of you who can't admit it to yourselves, our ancestors WERE all slaves, all of them were dropped off de boat, so get over it!!!  I hate ignorant talk, I'm still baffled as to why they are still migrating there and won't leave if it aint nothing there and things are bad? Problems are all over not only Bdos. MOVE ON.......... Huuummmmm?? I can't figure it out at all. :-)
Comment by LiveLovin on August 17, 2011 at 2:18pm
Whats with all the hate and venom ? Are we really going back to that old argument? The issue shouldnt be who is migrating where (legally or not) it should be WHY do they feel the need to do so.  The focus should be on how to strengthen our countries in order to be productive and self reliant, without having to sell our souls and natural resources to the IMF devils and their cohorts for dollars....................... People, whilst we are busy tracing each others countries, THINGS WILL REMAIN THE SAME AND EVEN GET WORSE. Time to get off that effed up inter island argument and look at the bigger picture or we will be forever shackled - mentally, economically and spiritually.
Comment by Dequom on August 17, 2011 at 2:16pm
And the reason for posting this old news again is what?????....clearly CF had nothing interesting to post so they brought this back up with the old comments just to spark a debate (rolling eyes).......
Comment by durwood grosvenor on August 17, 2011 at 2:01pm
Never thought I would live to see the day Guyanese hate Bajans especially Afro Guyanese and mind you Afro Guyanese have been here for years even the illegal one however the Indo Guyanese cause real problems in any country not only Barbados Afro Guyanese come to get some money send back some to Guyana Indo Guyanese cone to put down roots as soon as they get her they get children and then they call themselves Indians not Guyanese then they go about hating blacks even they own people How come the bajan haters don't do the same thing to England and the USA
Comment by fret dem lana on August 17, 2011 at 1:57pm
I hate bajan people,their or the worse set of black people in the world,dem sell out dem self to the white man.
Comment by Brian O'Reilly on August 17, 2011 at 1:57pm


We will not progress, because  we are petty and shortsighted in our dealing with each other.

The  big picture  will remain hidden to us by our ignorance and the foreigners who continue to  keep us  divided, down and  disillusioned.

As we continue   with our  petty  bickerings  we will only be "allowed" to eat the scraps they  throw at us as we only see  the little that the blinders of  shortsightedness and  ignorance allow  us to. 

My fellow  Caribbean people, "Grow UP, discard the antiquated Colonial mentality and  unite if you want to  become  progressive and  prosprous....

Take an example from our Chinese compatriots who continue to grow and be successful.

We  need to discard the yokes that  keep  us  divided and down.


This is kind of backward rhetoric is the main reason why we  in the Caribbean will remain stagnated.
Comment by Gideon Charles on August 17, 2011 at 1:49pm
It's sad to say but it seems as though anywhere East Indians in the majority (Trinidad & Tobago and Guyana) there would always be some kind of chaos and confusion.
Comment by Clive on August 17, 2011 at 1:30pm
Wow¡ All of you are so ill-informed and ignorant. The real world is watching all us Afrikans fight over small things. Wake up my people.
Comment by Mervin E Yearwood on August 17, 2011 at 1:30pm




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