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Oreo Displays Their "GAY DAY COOKIE" To Celebrate Homosexuality & Sparks An Outrage

gayoreo218921 Oreo displays their Gay Day Coookie to celebrate Homosexuality + Sparks an outrage!

America’s favorite cookie is stirring up more than milk today after Kraft Foods posted a gay pride Oreo on the cookie’s Facebook page.

Oreo posted the photoshopped picture of an Oreo cookie stuffed with rainbow-colored layers of frosting Monday evening with the caption “Proudly support love!”

Over the past 17 hours more than 157,000 people have “liked” the image, 40,000 people have shared it and 20,000 have commented on it.

But while many of the comments were supportive, some Facebook users pledged to boycott the cookie because of the post.

“I’ll never buy Oreo again,” one commenter wrote.

“Disgusted with oreos,” wrote another. “Being gay is an abmonitation in GOd’s eyes i wont be buying them anymore.”

Basil Maglaris, a spokeswoman for Oreo’s parent company Kraft Foods, said in a statement that the image was part of a “series of daily ads reflecting current events in a fun way using images of OREO cookies and milk.” Kraft is not planning to sell the rainbow-stuffed Oreo in stores, Maglaris said, as it was created solely for the advertising campaign in honor of Pride month.

“We are excited to illustrate what is making history today in a fun and playful way,” she said in an email to ABC News. “As a company, Kraft Foods has a proud history of celebrating diversity and inclusiveness. We feel the OREO ad is a fun reflection of our values.”

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Other images in the Oreo ad campaign, which celebrates the cookie’s 100th birthday, include a parody of the No. 1 hit song “Call Me Maybe,” depicting an Oreo and glass of milk next to tweaked lyrics.

“I just met you and this is crazy, but here’s some milk so dunk me maybe,” reads the ad, also posted to the Oreo Facebook wall.

Oreo is the latest in a string of juggernaut brands to show support for the LGBT community.

In honor of Pride month Target launched a line of gay pride t-shirts, and the proceeds went to support the Family Equality Council, a Washington D.C.-based gay rights advocacy group. The pride shirts sold out in less than a month.

Ben & Jerry’s, a longtime supporter of LGBT causes, renamed its apple pie flavor “Apple-y Ever After” in scoop shops throughout the U.K. in March, while the British government was debating legalizing same sex marriages.

The Vermont-based ice cream company re-vamped its peanut butter-filled pretzel flavor in 2009 when same sex marriage was being legalized in Vermont, swapping the “Chubby Hubby” name for “Hubby Hubby.” Source

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Comment by Big Shot... on August 3, 2012 at 11:34am

@Ruff de Gehto Travler:As for your comment about animals, you may have been joking but there is much truth to what ya said. There was a story at the early part of the year were a man was caught having intercourse with his dog. He was brought in and immediately let go because the laws. The laws protecting animals from this sorta thing are disappearing. In a minute you will be able to marry your pet to make a long story short. According to them he wasnt causing any harm to the animal because it was some kind of affection to the animal non-sense.(WHAT? SMH.) This is garbage, a sick mentality. Bestiality is right next to homosexuality in the bible as far as the biggest sins. An abomination, Leviticus 20:13..

This whole thing is population control/ethnic cleansing (eugenics) nothing more, do your research people...

Comment by Big Shot... on August 3, 2012 at 11:15am

@James Brown: Ive said what you've stated here over and over again as far as the females go. To me its is so stupid. Why would any female/woman in their right mind support a male that wants to be them. Why help a male that wants to be around them simply to copy or study them {like a specimen}, (now Im starting to wonder who's has more of a mental disorder).. This is the ultimate insult when you think about it, women should be in an up raw about it, not thinking its cute. A person imitating you in this fashion is a disrespect, its like saying, I can do you better then you or as good as you even though Im of another gender. Thats crazy, and many women embrace them, its terrible. They use people, women most of all because the women are clueless about cause and effect so they view them as harmless. Thats UNTIL he takes what she has or wants. Now how lame is that? Then they wanna get angry because they don't have a good man or have trouble finding one. The older you get the less choices you have, for the average. Now do the math, (she only getting older), having more age looking for a man with quality, financial stability, education, knowledge and know how, add the chances of that up, then divide that.with homosexuality... The answer in the end is a bitter lonely person that could spend their life alone unless they settled for anything that came along including the very problem that causes a lot of the issues... And for the longest we've heard the myth about women being smarter then men, huuuuum..In the end, yeah it may hurt straight men also in a lot of ways, but it completely destroys women faster and in huge numbers perpetuating a cycle of destruction...

Comment by Big Shot... on August 3, 2012 at 11:12am

@Gary R: You are so right, just more sneaky, dirty, recruitment tactics, just shameful. No scruples what so ever...

@James Brown, @Banton, @Ruff de Gehto TravlerI couldn't agree with you more. Its ridiculous and way outta hand. None of it makes sense, it promotes human extinction, how can that be right on any level? (Free to love? WTF) thats nuts... LOL, And a f_g cookie, this is straight madness. Chick-Fil-A has the right idea, and just look how many supporters they had, it just goes to show you, DON'T BELIEVE THE HYPE. Most people are still not with it as much as its falsely being reported.

Comment by Ruff de Gehto Travler on July 3, 2012 at 9:48am

@ Tall island Girl I was just being silly but !!!! listen right the argument is about love why is it so insane to love an animal but not insane to love the same sex !!!! If love is love so people say!!! Who is anyone to judge what we can love !!! It should be no difference then !!! at which point u would be as judgemental as I am!!! Right and memba empress I value ur opinon not arguing or nutting I like debates!!!

Comment by Ruff de Gehto Travler on July 3, 2012 at 2:39am

It's crazy to me If people agree with this then why not let people who have sex wit animal marry dem hey u claim love is love right!!! Who say dem na really luv dem animal!!! Maddness straight maddness!!!

Comment by Ruff de Gehto Travler on July 3, 2012 at 2:37am

This is maddness!!! Shackels on sneakers now a gay cookie !!!! I am so tired!!! really!!!

Comment by Panache E-P on July 2, 2012 at 10:55am

Rolling eyes at JB and KK.  I'm with you, TallIslandGirl, Kiana, and MiLuvMiGoodLife. =)  True love, and treating others with love doesn't always mean you have to agree with everything they do.  One love for all people.

Comment by Jesus Brown on July 1, 2012 at 10:38pm

Its mainly women who support this bullsh!t yet they talk about they don't want no undercover endorse these people that make being gay common and when people see something as common they believe it to be ok to do.So go ahead women keep thinking its cute and you black women will really have no real just a bunch of F#c* boys. Insest is just like being homosexual, you are having sex with someone you are not supposed to be having sex with, soon America will except every perversion and call it civil rights lol 

Comment by Kiana on July 1, 2012 at 6:46pm
I think it's cute :-)

Equal rights for, even those who eat them black a$$ cookies! Lol I <3 oreos
Comment by One Love on July 1, 2012 at 2:55pm
Kk.its you and the.half percent.who will fight the.losing battle.
Kk don't you hate.everybody? That's

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