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More than a MILLION Americans have been using dry shampoos that may contain cancer-causing chemical — including brands like Dove, TRESemmé and Nexxus


• Dove Dry Shampoo Volume and Fullness

• Dove Dry Shampoo Fresh Coconut

• Dove Dry Shampoo Fresh and Floral

• Dove Dry Shampoo Ultra Clean

• Dove Dry Shampoo Invisible

• Dove Dry Shampoo Detox and Purify

• Dove Dry Shampoo Clarifying Charcoal

• Dove Dry Shampoo Go Active

• Nexxus Dry Shampoo Refreshing Mist

• Nexxus Inergy Foam Shampoo

• Suave Dry Shampoo Hair Refresher

• Suave Professionals Dry Shampoo Refresh and Revive

• Tresemme Dry Shampoo Volumizing

• Tresemme Dry Shampoo Fresh and Clean

• Tresemme Pro Pure Dry Shampoo

• Bed Head Oh Bee Hive Dry Shampoo

• Bed Head Oh Bee Hive Volumizing Dry Shampoo

• Bed Head Dirty Secret Dry Shampoo

• Bed Head Rockaholic Dirty Secret Dry Shampoo

The home goods conglomerate identified the propellant in the spray as the culprit. 

Butane, a petroleum product, is a common propellant in aerosol spray cans. If not refined properly, the resulting gas could contain other components from the crude oil, such as benzene.

Benzene - the cancer causing chemical found in millions of dry shampoos

Benzene is a cancer-causing chemical, also known as a carcinogen, that is widely used in manufacturing in the US.

It is used in the creation of plastic, nylon, rubbers, paint and glue products.

It can also be found in tobacco smoke, motor vehicle exhaust and industrial emissions.

Long-term exposure to the chemical has been linked to severe damage to a person's blood.

In has been linked to blood cancers like leukemia and non-Hodgkin lymphoma.

The chemical has also been linked to anemia.

Source: CDC

enzene is at the top of the Food and Drug Association's (FDA) list of dangerous solvents.

Inhaling or absorbing the chemical over a long period of time can have devastating health effects because it causes cells in the body to work incorrectly. 

Overexposure to benzene can also cause bone marrow not to produce enough red blood cells, which can lead to anemia, as well as blood cancer.

It can also wreak havoc on the immune system by altering blood levels of antibodies and killing off white blood cells. 

Inhalation of high concentrations of benzene in the short term can cause a myriad of adverse effects such as dizziness, headaches, irregular heartbeat, and, in certain severe circumstances, death. 

Benzene belongs to a class of chemicals called volatile organic compounds, which evaporate in the air.

It is made from coal and petroleum sources and is present in gasoline. As one of the most commonly-made solvents in the US, benzene is often used to make many other chemicals. 

It's present in cigarette smoke, gasoline, glues, and paints.

Benzene is also crucial to developing certain plastics, rubbers, nylon, synthetic fibers, resins, dyes, pesticides, and detergents. 

Recalls over benzene contamination are not unprecedented. In fact, a slew of aerosolized products including deodorants, conditioners, and sunscreens have been recalled in the past two years over possible contamination. 

The dry shampoo recall is the second recall over possible benzene contamination that Unilever has issued this year. 

In March, the company pulled two Suave 24-hour protection aerosol antiperspirants from the market after an internal review detected the presence of benzene in some product samples.   

Last year, Procter & Gamble recalled 32 dry shampoo and conditioner products after detecting benzene in some of them.

It was among over half a dozen recalls of products contaminated with the cancer causing chemical.

Also last year, Johnson & Johnson issued a recall for five of its aerosol sunscreens after finding trace amounts of benzene in them.

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Comment by stephen myers on October 28, 2022 at 7:30pm

Made in China, go figure.

Comment by Sheldine Forde on October 28, 2022 at 7:08pm
Not surprised. All these new products have chemicals that cause cancer. Stop being lazy people and wash your hair the old fashioned way, with shampoo and water. How much dirt can a dry shampoo remove anyway?
Comment by John Smith on October 28, 2022 at 2:43am

Great awareness for all of us..

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