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One Capitol cop is ARRESTED, 2 suspended and 17 under investigation 4 conduct during invasion - including one who took selfies and another who put on a MAGA hat & took rioters around Capitol

Doug Jensen from Iowa, in a QAnon hoodie, was arrested on Saturday after his role in the riots

  • Video of the Capitol Police officer posing for a selfie on Wednesday went viral
  • The officer was relaxed and jovial as a pro-Trump mob stormed the building
  • On Monday the unnamed officer was suspended
  • A second officer, who playfully put on a MAGA hat, has also been suspended
  • One Capitol Police officer is facing charges
  • Up to 17 members of the force are under investigation, Rep. Tim Ryan confirmed
  • Ryan is leading an investigation for the House into Wednesday's chaotic events
  • He said there were clear failures in planning from the Capitol Police
  • Ryan warned 'there's going to be a number of people without employment very very soon'

Two officers with the Capitol Police have been suspended and a third member of law-enforcement arrested for alleged misconduct, a congressman said on Monday, as it emerged a total of 17 Capitol Police officers are being investigated.

One was suspended for taking a selfie with a rioter. Another was suspended for putting on a MAGA hat and acting as a 'guide' for rioters around the Capitol. 

The selfie moment was captured by journalist Timothy Burke, and posted to Twitter in a tweet now retweeted 233,000 times, and 'liked' 220,000 times. 

News of their suspension was confirmed by Tim Ryan, an Ohio representative who chairs a House panel probing last week's events. 

Ryan also said interim Capitol Police Chief Yogananda Pittman is taking 'aggressive action' to see if there was any internal 'help' by officers in the Capitol chaos. 

A Capitol Police officer who posed for a selfie with a rioter (above) has been suspended

Instead of repelling the intruders from the building, the officer hung out with them

Trump supporters storm Capitol building and take selfies with police

'I know there were two people suspended,' he said on Monday, in a press conference giving an update on progress in his inquiry. 

'One was the selfie officer and another was an officer who put a MAGA hat on and started directing some people around.'

Neither officer has been named. 

A photograph taken by @Report4America's Chris Jones showed a Capitol Police officer in a MAGA hat, holding a megaphone and addressing the mob.

Jones reported that the officer put on the hat in an attempt to get the attention of the rioters, and distract the crowd surging toward an open door of the building.

As the officer waded into the frenzied group, he became surrounded, giving other police officers the chance to shut the doors behind him, Jones told

The actions of some of the officers during the insurrection sparked fury, with Joe Biden among those noting that if the rioters had been with Black Lives Matter they would have received very different treatment.

The chief of the Capitol Police resigned after the building was invaded for the first time since 1814, and the Sergeants-at-Arms of both the House and Senate were forced to quit. 

Others have been praised for their actions, including Eugene Goodman, who averted a possible disaster by distracting the frenzied mob and provoking them to follow him away from the unlocked Senate chamber door.

In a different incident from the riot, Capitol cop Eugene Goodman is seen running away from the mob, leading them from the Senate. He is being hailed as a hero

In a different incident from the riot, Capitol cop Eugene Goodman is seen running away from the mob, leading them from the Senate. He is being hailed as a hero 

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Comment by caribmama on January 15, 2021 at 9:43pm

And they have the nerve to call minorities animals.

Comment by stephen myers on January 13, 2021 at 11:09pm

Animals, Satanic devils, Malcolm X was way ahead of his time. 

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