Diddy got extremely DRUNK while filming an episode of the popular podcast DRINK CHAMPS – and some are saying . . . that he was “acting gay” on the show.

Here’s what happened. Diddy drank heavily throughout the show, and at one point he appeared to be flirting with a Jamaican rasta.

It then gets worse, as Diddy starts telling the sows host  NORE “I like that daddy.”

Then Diddy turns his antics to rapper Fabolous and asks Fab why they never “partied” together before. The popular Brooklyn rapper is noticeably irritated and uncomfortable. He tries his best to ignore Diddy’s apparent advances.

At some point, it even appears that the Drink Champs host NORE is uncomfortable and irritated with Diddy’s over-the-top flamboyant behavior.

The Rasta walks off at some point and Diddy drags him back and proceeds to make even him uncomfortable.