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Mark Golding Responds to Ninjaman’s Prison Rehabilitation Letter

Ninjaman Speaks on Jamaica Prison Reforms, Rehabilitation And Being a Man of Peace In Powerful Letter From Prison to PM Holness

OMG, opposition leader Mark Golding responded to Ninja Man letter of changes to the prison system - YouTube
Leader of Opposition, Mark Golding, penned a letter to Ninjaman in response to the incarcerated veteran’s most recent proposal to the country’s leaders of implementing a prison rehabilitation system in Jamaica.

In a two-page letter addressed to Mr. Desmond Ballentine, o/c Ninjaman, housed at the Horizon Remand Centre in Kingston, the Opposition leader noted his agreement with the statements made by the deejay and welcomed the recommendations to improve the correctional system in the country.

Golding expressed his concerns about the re-offending rates given the prison’s current state, whilst highlighting that emphasizing rehabilitation will help in reducing crime and violence. He also solicited urgent attention from the Government, with support from the PNP and the society as a whole to place importance on the suggestions outlined by Ninjaman.

“Your insights, stemming from first-hand experience, are worthy of serious consideration with a view to action. The issues you have raised regarding the inadequate attention to rehabilitation, and the lack of post-release employment or other income-earning opportunities, are pressing matters that demand the immediate attention of the Government, with support from the Opposition and Civil Society.”

Golding further reiterated the stance that Ninjaman wrote in his detailed correspondence, which declared that a large number of persons incarcerated have untapped skills that should be utilized. He again expressed his agreement with the practical ways that were suggested, such as financial incentives and work programmes, noting that this will allow them to positively give back to society.

He also communicated his willingness to be a part of the discussions in prison reform going forward if invited by the key stakeholders, such as the Prime Minister, Minister of Justice, Minister of Security, and the Chief of Justice.

“I therefore hope that the Government will facilitate a bipartisan and inclusive process to move this matter forward. I am ready and willing to play my part.”

In concluding his letter, Golding thanked Ninjaman for his commitment to improving Jamaica’s correctional system and encouraged him to continue creating awareness as his voice can play an important role in effecting change.

The full letter can be read below:


Ninjaman Speaks on Jamaica Prison Reforms, Rehabilitation And Being a Man of Peace In Powerful

Incarcerated veteran dancehall deejay Ninjaman offers guidance and solutions to those in authority regarding Jamaica’s penial system in another of his potent letters. The entertainer addresses the letter directly to the Prime Minister of Jamaica, the Opposition leader, the Security Minister, and to whom it may concern.

In the audio version of his letter, read by a female narrator, Jojo Mac, Ninjaman points to the lack of rehabilitation offered to inmates, saying it will only be beneficial for Jamaica if the rehabilitation process is improved. He suggested that once convicts have served their time behind bars, those individuals should be offered meaningful assistance to help integrate them back into society.

“It is imperative that the powers that be see them (prisoners) for who they were before they became the people who got involved with crimes or the situations that place them in this system. The men and women who are incarcerated should be given some hope that when they return to society they will have the options, or more than likely, a great number of them will return to the very thing that got them locked up in the first place maybe worst,” Ninjaman outlined.

Also, Ninjaman suggested that, as a general rule, physically fit prisoners serving time should be put to work to help fund the prisons. He went on to state that a percentage from the proceeds of their labour could be set aside in an account, that if they get released, it could help with a fresh start or be delivered to their family.

The deejay offered to use his knowledge and personal relations skills to lead the proposal once the relative authorities handed him the green light. He continued his letter by also addressing the elderly prisoners who he suggests should be released and sent home because of their poor health and their lack of ability to be of a negative influence on Jamaican society RELATEDRELATED: 

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