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Oprah’s Voting Message / Company Gets Election Day Off … with Pay! / WATCH

OWN - oprah winfrey

We’ve got some interesting news from Oprah Winfrey regarding her new company policy and the election.

Winfrey posted an important message yesterday regarding the critical nature of voting this election and her commitment to ensure OWN employees have the ability to do so, and I wanted to check in to see if your team would cover today.  Look forward to your thoughts, thank you!

In celebration of the 100th Anniversary of the 19th amendment and the fight that must continue to ensure voter rights heading up to this year’s election, Oprah shared that OWN is providing a full paid day off for election days (both national and presidential, starting with this November 3, 2020)  to all employees in order to vote and volunteer.

OWN was also proud to recently announce its very first voting initiative, OWN YOUR VOTE, that empowers OWN viewers with the tools they need to make their voices heard this election season. This bipartisan campaign of actions and events — for and with Black women — helps connect our viewers to urgent political issues, gives their concerns a powerful microphone, and places a spotlight on key community issues. For more information please visit

Oprah encourages employees to not only spend the day casting their ballot, but to consider volunteering time to support a fair and democratic election process. Below are some ways to get involved:

  • Become a Poll Worker
  • Volunteer to support Election Protection efforts through a non-partisan voter protection program led by the Lawyers’ Committee for Civil Rights Under the Law.  Volunteers are trained to provide support to voters by way of the 1-866-OUR-VOTE hotline
  • Volunteer to call or text voters in states where voter turnout will be important. As a volunteer, you will call and or text voters and encourage them to use their power at the ballot box. In the fall, you will receive contact information for 10 infrequent voters in your community. Sign up for the NAACP’S non-partisan program here:
  • LA County’s volunteer page for California residents

To register to vote, update your voter registration, or request a vote-by-mail ballot, please visit

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