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New York Rep. Michael Grimm threatens reporter after being asked about fundraising allegations


Ok so we have seen all the slandering media about Richard Sherman's immediate verbal response toward his opponent Michael Crabtree based on their past history they had and their in game altercations; but how come the media is not slandering New York Republican Congressman Michael Grimm who threatens a NY1 reporter. The threat was made on television during an interview where he mentioned as I quote "I will throw you off this balcony" now if this threat was made by a black man or a man of colour that individual would be placed in jail not by personal charges filed by the reporter but by the state. No where in the media is he label,slandered or stereotyped as mobster or gangster based on the area he represents, which is Staten Island where there are a abundance of Italians who portray the mobster life and ironically there are mobsters who live there. Of course I and other level headed black people and people of colour know what time it is and these issues do not have to enlighten me how the system set. Since I came to the US in the 80's I have experienced racism and discrimination as a youth but even worst discrimination by people of my own colour. I know this blog will not have people of colour wake up because there have been many more atrocities afflicted on us and we still have not opened our eyes. Richard Sherman did not deserve the slandering remarks that was bestowed on him but there are many European men who can be free to state whatever they feel and no one will say boycott this or disregard their products or reality shows like Duck Dynasty Phil Robertson's remarks about black people and other rants he has made. As a reward he was safeguarded by politicians who are aligned with his thoughts and feelings as well. I'm so glad that I am a person with dual citizenship but I do feel sorry for those who are subjected to staying on the plantation with no way out as they may assume. I have served in the military for 8 years and have also experienced the reality of racism, discrimination, and marginalization. Do you see any of these rich Europeans' youths serving this country that reward them so much. I can ask my people of colour when will you wake up but what point will it make when you rather be continue to subjected to being treated as chattles. Willie Lynch and others did a great job on our people and the process only continues and improve as time progress in different ways.


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