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National Vaccine Advisory Committee Seeks Comments


A notice was published in the Federal Register regarding the June 7-8, 2016 meeting of the National Vaccine Advisory Committee to be held in the Hubert H Humphrey Building of Health and Human Services in Washington, DC, and that the public was asked to present their comments regarding vaccines either in person or via written testimony submitted via email to this address:

Here is the three-page written comments that I emailed to the NVAC regarding Federal Register Doc. 2016-11243

Members of the NVAC and HHS:

Thank you for requesting public comments regarding vaccines.

After researching published vaccine information, research, and studies literature for decades, I’ve come to the conclusion that much is lacking regarding transparency at several levels, especially by dispensing physicians and healthcare workers and, most notably, what goes on within Big Pharma’s manipulated ‘science’ and within the CDC/FDA.  Therefore, my comments reflect what I suggest is needed to protect public health and welfare, and to recoup credibility with healthcare consumers.

No. 1
William Thompson, PhD

Why is the CDC, a federal health agency within HHS, not conducting a public investigational hearing into the allegations made by CDC epidemiologist William Thompson, PhD, regarding the deliberately skewed published falsified ‘research’ that omitted verifying the link between the MMR vaccine and autism, especially in young black boys under three years of age?  Congressman Posey has asked for a congressional hearing; why has it still not taken place almost 2 years after Thompson’s confession?

Dr Thompson states categorically that he was present when CDC scientists decided and actually trashed into a trash can, relevant and pertinent MMR/autism research data that impact vaccines negatively, and that the published paper did not include those pertinent autism research findings.  That’s outright deliberate and blatant FRAUD by government agency employees, a crime prosecutable at law.  What will HHS/CDC do to bring credibility back to the CDC/FDA since the movie VAXXED is an overwhelming public phenomenon, which definitely exposes the incredulous fraudulent vaccine ‘science’, research, and apparent fraudulent information the CDC produces and propagates?

No. 2
Poul Thorsen, MD, PhD

Dr Thorsen has been indicted for fraud and embezzlement regarding CDC research funds to the tune of $1 to $2 million, and yet the following has not happened:  His published papers regarding his apparent fraudulent findings of no association between vaccines and autism have not been retracted nor removed from official CDC/FDA vaccine information websites.  Thorsen’s work must be discredited, disowned, and disenfranchised by HHS/CDC/FDA if federal agencies expect healthcare consumers to take seriously any information those agencies dispense.  As it stands now, it’s clearly an evident sham how CDC and FDA operate, and that’s why the public distrusts the system, vaccines, and government agencies in general, I think.

No. 3
Nanoparticles in Vaccines

It is my understanding that nanoparticles are being incorporated into vaccines, and yet nothing is said about them neither are they identified as ingredients on the official CDC/FDA websites nor are they listed in vaccine package inserts.  Where is full disclosure transparency about vaccine components, excipients, and media?

No. 4
Physicians and Other Healthcare Professionals Dispensing Vaccines

Informed consent is paramount in the practice of medicine or, at least, it should be.  However, when it comes to vaccines, informed consent is totally lacking, plus obviously deliberately withheld.  How come anyone who dispenses vaccines is not mandated to provide prospective vaccinees or their parents/guardians full disclosure of adverse effects/events, contraindications, and other pertinent derogatory information stated in vaccine package inserts? Consumers are told vaccines are ‘safe’ whereas double-blind studies are not performed on vaccines as required for other pharmaceutical drugs.  Deliberately not providing full disclosure amounts to depriving consumers of their right to informed consent and fraudulent practices by the medical profession, which should open healthcare practitioners dispensing vaccines to legal prosecution, including criminal liability.  HHS/CDC/FDA must mandate that all vaccinators must provide full adverse disclosures about vaccines to prospective vaccinees and/or their parents/guardians.

No. 5
Titer Testing

Since numerous vaccines can induce long-range negative health effects, e.g., chronic diseases at younger ages have been correlated with periodically accelerated vaccine schedules, the CDC/FDA must require, plus implement, titer testing in order to prevent adverse reactions from unnecessary vaccinations at prearranged dates for everyone, especially small children, regardless of their actual immune status, thereby avoiding over-vaccination and adverse events.

Testing vaccine titers is done through a blood test that can identify the presence of antibodies induced by vaccinations. If the levels are satisfactory, the person is considered to have “protective antibody” and is considered to be “sufficiently immune” to the disease. You can argue that no further vaccination is necessary at this time. The tests can be ordered for both children and adults and the “protective levels” are the same in all age groups.[1]

  • Chronic conditions now affect 15 percent to 18 percent of children and teens, and even those estimates may not fully account for obesity and mental health woes, the Harvard team said.[2]

In veterinary medicine, there is increasing evidence that over-vaccination is linked to acute and chronic diseases in dogs. Dr. Jean Dobbs, once considered a rebel by the veterinary profession, has uncovered this link and speaks nationally on the topic of over-vaccination. Subsequently, veterinarians have begun to use annual titer tests to determine the need for additional vaccinations.[3]

Why are pets’ immunity and health status treated more equitably than children’s?

The current schedule of vaccinations for children is nothing short of over-vaccination, I offer, and it’s leading to more damaging health statistics for children, something not seen prior to the increasing mandate schedules!  That status also impacts and increases healthcare costs at all levels in the USA.

No. 6

Since vaccines contain neurotoxins, plus other toxic chemicals, that can and do cross the blood brain barrier and also damage organs, educated and informed parents are reluctant to vaccinate—and rightfully so—I offer.  Who wants to have a permanently health-damaged kid after receiving a vaccine?   However, there is an effective alternative, which I encourage HHS/CDC/FDA to promote; it’sHomeoprophylaxis.  Homeoprophylaxis strengthens the human immune system to build greater immunity and immune responses without toxic chemicals, mycotoxins, foreign DNA, etc. to induce a vaccine’s “antigen response,” which somehow is considered immunity.  Nothing is further from biological fact, I offer, because the innate immune system is the only biochemical mechanism that can give extended or life-long true immunity.

Vaccine antigen responses ‘wear off ‘, decrease, or are impacted negatively by microorganisms’ mutated strains, thus the cause or reason for fully-vaccinated vaccinees contracting the very disease(s) against which they have been fully vaccinated, as confirmed by demographic studies.

Rewiring the human immune system via toxic vaccines to engage and activate the humoral immune system apparently gets many children into life-long trouble.  That’s an unnatural construct that can and must be avoided to keep children healthy and not burdened with chronic diseases at earlier ages. Society has been experiencing that relatively recently, coinciding with numerous multi-valent vaccines given at ages when immune systems still have not become fully developed—infants under two years of age.   Furthermore, all multi-valent vaccines should be banned since they never have been tested for biochemical interactions with each other or for the capability to cause a toxic syndrome.

HHS/CDC/FDA are totally remiss in not being able to produce evidence-based-science regarding the safety of multi-valent vaccines administered together or with other vaccines totaling 9 at one time!

I heartily discourage giving the dangerous Hepatitis B vaccine at birth—or any time during infancy.  Babies don’t do illegal street drugs nor participate in unsafe sex, so why give them that jab?

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