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By Nigel Boys

A father was filmed recently launching into a sexist tirade at a Post Office worker in Los Angeles, telling a female worker that he would put her in her place after claiming that she wasn’t treating him with respect, the Daily Mail reports.

“I gotta put you in your place because you’re a woman and I’m a man,” the unidentified man said. Stunned customers looked on as his six-year-old son, who has obviously heard all this before, hung his head in shame.

Gordon Cooper, another customer in the Post Office in Miracle Mile, pulled out his cell phone to record the embarrassing moment as the child attempted to hide from the camera amidst his father’s wild rant. The young child hid his face in his hat and was seen walking around the post office, obviously uncomfortable and wanting to leave.

“I got a six-year-old standing with me and you need to speak to his father with some respect,” the outraged father says. “I don’t care who you talked with today, you’re going to talk to me with some respect.”

“My son is standing right here. You want some respect you’re going to get some,” the man continues. “I tried to deal with you civilized [sic] but now I’m going to put you in your place because you’re a woman and I’m a man and I’m not going to let you talk to me any kind of way.”

Whether he’s trying to take attention away from his irate father or just too embarrassed to know what else to do, the young boy eventually starts pulling funny faces at the camera, before leaning his head into the small of his parents back.

“You do your Post Office job to the best of your abilities and learn how to talk to people or go get another career,” the angry father continues, apparently oblivious of the embarrassment he is causing his child or not concerned about it.

“’No you wait! I’m a taxpayer in this community and I don’t come here to get this kind of service,” the man continues as another male Post Officer worker attempts to intervene.

“No ‘sir’ nothing, you can’t serve me because she should’ve done it right the first time,” the man says, adding “Call the police, I didn’t do nothing, I didn’t make any threats.”

As the female member of staff starts to walk away from the counter, the man points at her stating, “That lady needs a reality check and some Lipton Ice Tea because that is not acceptable.”

As the young child apparently gives up on trying to get his father’s attention and get him away from the counter, the man launches into another tirade insulting the woman’s intelligence. He boasted that while he is a university graduate, the woman probably has only a high school diploma.

As the boy starts moving toward the exit by himself, his father continues his tirade by telling the other members of staff, “You just keep talking to people. I will make a crusade to come up here and make this my business.”

“See what you’re doing is messing with the wrong people in this community,” the man concludes. “I’m a taxpayer here, trust me, don’t make a crusade you don’t want to start.”

Cooper, the user who uploaded the footage to YouTube, said the Post Office staff did eventually call the police to respond, but the man was long gone by the time they arrived.

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Comment by El-Bull on October 18, 2015 at 8:34pm

First off I am fairly certain a white person recorded this---Secondly this site where the article came from ( is nonsense as it is now and has been for a while white owned. In effect they are pushing the status quo that Black people, specifically black men are to remain passive and don't speak up for any mistreatment, perceive or otherwise or they are the attested by them calling the police. Furthermore, children are going to be embarrassed anytime a parent calls attention to themselves. Instead The site is inferring, surreptitiously and pusillanimously that the big bad black man is wrong, a threat, sexist and an embarrassment to his child. This is nothing more than another attempt at poisoning our minds, indoctrination us and spreading continued propaganda to us, against us  in the hopes we happily eat it up, believe it,spread it and use it against ourselves and our people whereas in the same situation it would be OK for a white person to act the same if not more outrageously so.. Fortunately too many of us are wake and aware of their mind tricks and mind manipulations ......WAKE UP PEOPLE----JUST BECAUSE A SITE PURPORTS TO BE BLACK HAS A BLACK SOUNDING NAME----IT ISN'T NECESSARILY BLACK NOR IS IT OPERATING IN OUR BEST INTERESTS

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