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More than 20,000 New Yorkers are still without power after their electricity was disconnected in order to prevent a larger blackout under strain of 100F heat

Locals celebrating Trinidadian Family Day at Canarsie Park pictured at the time of the black out

  • More than 20,000 New Yorkers are still without power, officials said on Monday 
  • Power was restored power to about half of the 33,000 customers in Brooklyn  
  • Con Edison said 21,000 customers will have power by Monday afternoon 
  • NY Governor Andrew Cuomo slammed Con Edison after a massive black out left more than 50,000 people without power across New York City on Sunday
  • 'We've been through this situation w ConEd time & again & they should have been better prepared—period,' he tweeted Sunday evening     
  • Con Edison blamed outage on the heat wave, which reached a peak heat index of 110F this week and led the city to hit new high for weekend power consumption 
  • More than 800,000 Michigan homes also lost power this weekend due to storms 
  • Con Edison worked overnight to restore power and hope will be back by 11am

Early Monday morning Con Edison tweeted: 'We have restored about half of the 33,000 customers in sections of Brooklyn without power since last night. 

'Our women and men continue to work safely to restore everyone as soon as we can.'

That tweet was followed by another tweet two hours later that confirmed there were still thousands without power. 

More than 20,000 New Yorkers are still without power after Con Edison (employees pictured Sunday night) disconnected their electricity in order to prevent a larger blackout under the strain of 100-degree heat
Early Monday morning Con Edison tweeted: 'We have restored about half of the 33,000 customers in sections of Brooklyn without power since last night'
That tweet was followed by another tweet two hours later that confirmed there were still thousands without power. 'We expect the rest of the 21,000 customer to have power this afternoon,' Con Edison said. Workers are seen restoring power
Around 30,000 customers in Brooklyn were taken off power Sunday, so the utility could make repairs and prevent a bigger outage, Mayor Bill de Blasio said

New York Governor Andrew Cuomo ripped into Con Edison for failing to prevent sweeping blackouts that left over 50,000 without power in the Big Apple on Sunday
Mayor Bill de Blasion called for an investigation into the power outages
Governor Andrew Cuomo reprimanded ConEd for the series of outages and deployed state police, generators and light towers to assist with the black out

De Blasio said he no longer trusts Con Edison after it decided to turn off power to thousands of customers
New York has seen temperatures higher than 100F this weekend. The scorching three figure temperatures from the past two days will finally begin to cool on Monday
Con Edison outages on Sunday pictured above as thousands were left without power sweltering heat that reached a heat index of 102F in Brooklyn
Locals look on after they've been without power for hours in the Soundview section of the Bronx on Sunday
Debris from a power line that caught on fire and landed on a vehicle during Sunday's blackout pictured above in Soundview in the Bronx
Senior citizens evacuated from a nursing home that lost power in Brooklyn were transported on a bus on Sunday in the midst of the heat wave
Locals gathered to help senior citizens evacuate safely from a heated nursing home into a cooler area in the midst of Sunday's power outages

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Comment by mr1stroke on July 24, 2019 at 5:47pm

S. Young I used to live in Brooklyn, my family runs a business between Brooklyn and Queens, so con ed  do it with people who allows it, so lets face it majority of the black community are comfortable living poor making others rich and wealthy, they dont learn the law and their rights, when i had my apartment in Brownsville Brooklyn I stop paying coned because they were sending an estimate bills for more than 6 months because i was a new tenant in the apartment, i called them transfer the account and they continue to do so, i work hard for my money like a jew i will not give any one a dime unless i get a clear explanantion, so i was not going to pay con ed any estimated bill, when you over paid them they wont give you a refund, only credits, well like you said they turned off my electricity , fits i filed a complaint with consumer affair, than with the City of NY and than filed a motion to sue in suprememe court for damages, stress and intent of fraud, i was the prose, no attorney, and guess what i won they send the district supervisor out to make sure my electricity was turned on, they told the court that they couldnt get access to the basement when the meter was. So the truth is if people in Brooklyn  had any sense every one who had a black out can sue for what ever reason, its up to them, find one, my folks always says every crisis is an opportunity, take advantage of it dont cry, right now im hoping for recession in 2020 election year so i can invest and pruchase a few homes next to nothing, i sit watch and wait

Comment by S. Young on July 24, 2019 at 5:16pm
Con Ed LOVES turning off lights! Even if your bill is paid. They overcharge customers with NO valid explanation! There's no other electricity option in Brooklyn so we have to deal with these corrupted, greedy crooks. Its ridiculous!!
Comment by mr1stroke on July 23, 2019 at 10:21am
Brooklyn cannot afford black out, too much crimes, too many hateful people lives in this borough your next door neighbor will run up in your house because they dont like you, that borough is filthy and NYPD is useless at times like this, some places cannot be in the dark, thats why the projects have stadium and construction lights, go figure

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