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Mexico Dental Tours is travel agency serving Americans traveling south of the border for dental work in Mexico. Our clients range from first time patients in need of major dental makeovers to regulars making short trips for routine checkups. Our dentists practice conventional modern dentistry, using state-of-the-art-equipment to bring healthy smiles to people of all walks of life and economic backgrounds. We pride ourselves on matching and often exceeding the standard of care of American dental clinics at a fraction of the cost.

At Mexico Dental Tours, we are committed to conservative dentistry based on universally accepted ethics used throughout the developed world. It is our belief that all of our patients should be well-informed and empowered to make decisions about their treatment. We never recommend procedures that are not needed, and give honest, professional assessments. Many of our patients come to us in need of major restorative work, and it is important that we provide them with as many options as possible within their budget, while also taking into consideration their long-term oral health. It is this long-term outlook and honesty that set our dentists apart.

Our patient coordinators are all American citizens who have personally undergone extensive dental work in Mexico, and have a unique understanding of the needs and concerns of other dental tourists. As your main point of contact, they are responsible for planning and scheduling your trip, as well as making your visit as comfortable as possible. They will work closely with your dentist to map out your treatment plan and ensure that all office and lab work is completed within your time constraints.

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Comment by orochimaru on May 4, 2022 at 10:45am

Does anybody know if Aspen Dental works in Mexico? This clinic can boast with a huge network all over the United States, I would be happy if I could visit one in Mexico, too. 

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