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Alex Morgan will only be on the American version of the cover and won't be seen in the rest of the world, but even so the inclusion of women's national teams is a massive step forward to legitimizing women's soccer. There are 12 women's teams in the game (all cheap Fifa 16 coins), and they have motion captured female players and added a physics engine just for the women's side. I hate EA but I have to give them props for taking this step.

Some interesting facts about women's soccer:
1) There are almost more registered female soccer players in America than in the rest of the world combined.

2) America started the world's first womens professional soccer league in 2000. It folded after 3 years. Japan's women play in an amateur league.
3) The Women's World Cup only started in 1991, after the US lead a coalition in FIFA to create it. This year it wasn't even on real grass. Its still not even broadcast in the overwhelming majority of countries.

4) Canada got to host the women's World Cup because no other country wanted it.

5) For the last Women's World Cup, 93% of the total global TV viewership was from the USA.

6) Over 22.8 million Americans watched the women's world cup final. This is comparable to the World Series Finals (men's baseball) and NBA Finals (men's basketball). Nowhere else on the planet does women's soccer get even a quarter of this audience.

7) The current US women's team coach is from England, yet she never played soccer in England as there were no leagues. She came to the US and only started playing soccer there.

8) Women's soccer was banned in England until 1971. The Football Assocation claimed that "the game of football is quite unsuitable for females".

9) The US women's player Alex Morgan earns over $3 million per year, and gets nationwide advertising campaigns and is a household name. Other players like Hope Solo, Abby Wambach and Mia Hamm are also household names.

10) England's highest paid women's soccer player earns £65,000 per year, and she is the highest paid by Fifa 16 coins android. The Japanese women that the US women's national team defeated in the final of the women's world cup are literally amateurs and all have a second job to support themselves.

11) The US Women's national team is considered by far the best women's soccer team in the world, yet the few times they have played against amateur boys high school, they have always lost. They lost 8-2 to an American Under 17 boys team in scrimmage. They lost 2-1 to a Under 15 boys team.

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