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Shocking moment an unarmed black man walking between traffic is shot by a plain clothed officer through the closed window of an unmarked police car 'because he feared he was about to be robbed'

Johnson was taken to a hospital and is said to be in critical condition

  • Joel Johnson, 28, was walking between several cars on Monday night at approximately 8.50pm in Philadelphia
  • Video shows Johnson walk up to the detective's vehicle and in the next moment, several shots are fired and the man falls to the ground
  • He was taken to a hospital and is said to be in critical condition 
  • Police explain that the officer believed that Johnson was a carjacker and also armed with a gun
  • No weapon was found at the scene
  • The man's niece said that he is mentally disabled and known to beg for change, the latter fact the police commissioner corroborated 

Shocking footage shows the moment that a man said to be mentally disabled was shot by a plainclothes officer in Philadelphia. 

Joel Johnson, 28, was walking between several cars on Monday night at approximately 8.50pm when the shooting occurred. 

Video shows Johnson walk up to the detective's vehicle and in the next moment, several shots are fired and the man falls to the ground. 

Philadelphia cops shoot an unarmed special needs man
Shocking video shows the moment 28-year-old Joel Johnson was shot while walking the streets of Philadelphia on Monday night

Johnson was rushed to a hospital in critical condition as is expected to survive. 

Johnson was taken to a hospital and is said to be in critical condition
Police explain that the officer believed that Johnson was a carjacker and also armed with a gun and the man was shot in response
The man's niece said that he is mentally disabled and known to beg for change, the latter fact the police commissioner corroborated
'It's not automatically an issue of whether there's a weapon or not. I know for some people they think that's the way it should be - obviously, it's the first thing we look for,' he said

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Comment by Nicole Nelson on March 30, 2020 at 6:14am

What a shoking information here! It's a pity that we still have a lot of such news, but I hope that one day we will be ble to change it. For example, you can check our website, which contains good information only.

Comment by Michael Thomas on May 29, 2019 at 1:43pm

We should not find this surprising. Police officers know they can kill black men & women and not worry about prosecution. Unless the black race truly unite, this will continue.  

Comment by vaughn mitchell on May 27, 2019 at 6:31pm
How the f*** you shoot an unarmed panhandler, and say your scared for you life? No run running for president is bringing this up.
Comment by Boanerges on May 27, 2019 at 4:49pm

7 years. Cops supposed to know their beat and this was a know pan handler f*** outta here he wanted to pop him. Plus he shot through the window.  All I want to know is if he used standard issue or off market then you'll see if the BS argument he wants to go home holds up. FOH

Comment by Boanerges on May 27, 2019 at 4:46pm

Another 30 credit cop at it again

Comment by rafael monzon on May 25, 2019 at 7:15am

See there is no way that I would be selfish enough to think that a cop don't want to go home to his family. Yes they do have a hell of a job to do I agree but as someone who grew up in the Study as well there is a big difference in the way policing when I was younger. First off the police are not allowed to live in the area they patrol. That causes a distrust between the community and the police. When I was a kid the neighborhood knew the cops from the 79 and there were far fewer sirens blazing through than there are today. Things changed since then. I've seen many occasions when they were called and things went left real quick and it became something that shouldn't have been. Now this I say with having friends.and family in the PD from NY to Baltimore. At the end of the day they show respect and that's what gets them home to their families each and every night. Again you have a valid point they do deserve to go home to their families just as much as the citizens do. The point that I started to make was that you can't hire cops.from somewhere else have the media portrait the areas that they work in as complete war zones and then expect them to feel safe going in. Which back to training. The training they get is great for.combat but there is no discord on how to respect properly. You can't go up to a.person and say I'm detaining you because you are suspicious and until I know who you are. Come on you're in the Stuy we all been randomly pulled over or stopped and frisked just for nothing, but you go into the burbs and they drive right by or they're parked somewhere on a.road.doing nothing and trust me there's just as much going on out there as it is in the hood. Dee I'm not going to drag this out.anymore we both know that there are two sides to each and every incident that goes.down. I just want to see the stories in pop up as a cop went out his or her way to help someone rather than another story about a cop being shot or shooting someone or strangling someone to death. I'm pretty sure  we can find these stories and get them out there to the public just as much as we can the negative ones.

Comment by Dee Lee on May 25, 2019 at 1:18am

@rafaelmonzon you make 2 points 1-Cops these days are punks that why the shoot so quick. ost cops dont come from the hood. I live in the hood Bed Stuy but Im a very objective thinker. But at the end of the day all cops want to go home to thier family, if you or me was a cop we would want to go home to our family. If some one broke into your house or trying to kill you you would call the cops and want them to protect you. Cops out here at the end of the put their life out here to protect us for better or worse. Saying a cop should know that most people would not hold a gun in two hands is crazy. People who are train to shoot guns are train to hold a gun in two hands you get a better shot with two hands. So by him having two habds together is actually more alarming

to a cop. Look 99% of cops are not trying to shoot or kill anyone, it can end their career or put them in jail. At the end of the day they are trying to just get home to their family. 

I get a lot of beef from my friends because I say 95% of the people   who get killed by cops are their own fault

because they are fighting or running from the police! If a cop tells you to turn around and put your hands up to get cuffed or yell dontmove then you F****** do that! When you fight and run down a dark alley with a cell phone the you might get shot. I know if I was a cop and I tell you dont move and you make me run after you and a dark alley and you turn and I see anything in your hand Im shooting you dumb ass because Im goimg home to my family! I did ask you to not move if you run then im thinking you are holding something. If I ell you to turn and put you hands up to be cuff dont fight me Im just doing my job and Im not giving you the chance to grab my gun.

Sometimes you have to put yourself in the cops place. Being that said a lot of cops are a******* and some are racist but you have to respect them as the law and not do dumb s*** and put your life in play just real talk here.

@Olabisi I dontsee your point just like the cop shot through  his window if a person had a gun he could have shot the cop through the window also. And at the end of the day a cop is trained to react when they see someone pointing something at them. Imnot trying to piss anyone off but the cop may have been a scary ass white guy that dont know the hood and seeing a guy walk with his hands together like a gun would throw you off. Thats way I feel they need to put cops from the hood in the hood. Im in New York and I see all the long island and whiteville cops in the hood They dont understand the hood and are quick to shoot at the end of the day. We need to tke this s*** up with the Mayor and Governor to get these scared ass cops out of our hood!

Comment by Jerome S [ Barz ] on May 24, 2019 at 10:11pm

Detective pecker- checker thought he saw a gun? So he almost killed a man down on his luck.

  • I wonder if the details of his report will be published?
  • Was he eating or drinking anything at this time?
  • Does he feel or show remorse from his involvement?
  • Of course,  what has been his record of incidents and registered complaints  (against and from him)?
  • What were his exact words uttered when he couldn't find the gun that he thought he saw?
Comment by rafael monzon on May 24, 2019 at 1:13pm

@Dee I see what you're saying but it still doesn't answer how is it that the drivers in front of him didn't race off if they thought he had a gun. What were they doing differently. Now that you're making me think which person outside of a cop or a person that has been trained into firing a weapon holds a gun with two hands. How many times have you seen someone run up on somebody they're trying to shoot or are going to shoot at hold it with two hands that was not trained to fire a weapon like that. I think we have all seen enough videos where you have reckless knuckle heads shooting and it wasn't with two hands. As a cop he should have known better. Nobody else jumped at the site of him and he should not have either. This cop shot through the glass which means he had way more time to evaluate the situation than he made out. My thing is this he was on duty probably doing or getting ready to do something illegal was already scared and didn't want to chance it. Think about it what plain clothes cop aka detective rides alone? Out of all the police that has been in the news that killed unarmed people shooting them in the back they got out the car and at least made a claim that they tried to address their victims. He could have threw on his siren and his lights had his badge out no he decides to shoot out through the window. So he thought he was going to be harmed and the only person who got hurt was the person he and  only he believed was harmful.

Comment by BIIGMANN on May 23, 2019 at 10:12pm
Before white people become cops they should take a course in the hood & around ALL types of black people, to see how they react in order for them to be given a job!
When you give a punk a gun he/she thinks he’s/she’s tough, that’s why guns shoukd be taken away from these punks!!!!

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