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Mavado Former Manager Says He Is An Informer, Send Cops To Cassava Piece

Mavado Threatens Former Manager Julian Jones-Griffith War Of Words Over MoneyMavado and Julian jones Griffith

Is Mavado a snitch?

Mavado’s and former manager Julian Jones-Griffith is calling the singjay an informer. The two parted ways some time ago but last week things got heated between them on social media with Vado releasing Jones-Griffith personal phone number on Instagram saying that he owes promoters money.

According to a post made by Jones-Griffith, Mavado once sent cops to raid a house in Cassava Piece to search for guns.

“You do anything to get where you want to go,” he said about the Gully Gad. “Me see you send police to Cassava Piece and tell them gun in certain house and let them lock up Corpa.”

It will be interesting to learn who is Corpa.

Julian Jones Mavado rant

Julian Jones-Griffith also accused Mavado of taking US$25,000 from Drake to build a library in Cassava Piece but that project never happen and he never returned the money.

These are all damning allegations against the Gully Gad.



Mavado Delivers At Rebel Salute 2016 As David Brooks + Mavado Says Beenie Man Not In His League, Talks Vybz Kartel and Bounty Killer

Mavado and Julian jones Griffith

Mavado and his former manager Julian Jones-Griffith is currently is a war of words on social media. 

Sources close to the Gullyside singjay told Urban Islandz that promoters have been calling him asking about money that was paid for shows that he didn’t turn up to. But Mavado is now saying that it was his former manager who collected those money and never paid him for the shows.

“It’s past due for my promoters to get back their money now how you say you a money man and for over two years you have the people them money that you take for shows that I have no idea about,” Mavado wrote on his Instagram page.

Fortunately we have a screenshot.

Mavado manager Instagram

The dancehall hitmaker went on to post his former manager’s personal phone number and accused him of being a thief, before deleting the post.

Julian Jones-Griffith hit back accusing Mavado of taking US$25,000 from Drake to build a library in Cassava Piece that was never built. Jones-Griffith also added that he parted ways with Mavado because he is bad for business and put money over everyone and everything.

“You have hundreds of thousands of dollars for promoters you sh*tted on… Drake gave you $25,000 to build a library that never built,” he said.

Julian Jones Mavado rant

Jones-Griffith also posted a series of tweets on Twitter.


MAVADO This Is The One Room Shack I Grew Up In, Not Showing Off On Beenie

Mavado Rebel Salute

Mavado was the headlining act at last weekend’s Rebel Salute Music Festival in St. Ann, Jamaica. The dancehall hitmaker performed on the show as David Brooks, delivering a solid performance of his more conscious hits.

The dancehall hitmaker is currently back on Jamaican soil after spending two years overseas due to immigration issues. This marks Mavado’s first performance in his homeland in over two years.

Patrons told Urban Islandz that his set was well received by a massive crowd gathered inside the venue.

Check out some highlights of his performance below.


Mavado 2016

Mavado is finally back on Jamaican soil after over two years overseas. The dancehall hitmaker now lives in Florida but was unable to travel back home due to some immigration issues.

The “So Special” singjay says all of that is now out the way and he is free to travel to and from his homeland. The singjay sat down with Winford Williams for a candid interview about returning home, as well as, his beef with Beenie Man and Bounty Killer.

“Beenie, nothing can’t go on with me and Beenie, me and Beenie are not in the same league,” Mavado said when asked about his feud with the dancehall icon. “Beenie himself knows that. I did a song that said ‘better them chill like the Doc and go simmer’ remember its he who said sim simma.”

Mavado also sound off on his long standing feud with Bounty Killer, as well as, addressed Killer’s statement about buying his father casket.

“At the end of the day I can’t hate him no matter what happen even if we don’t deal for the longest time,” Mavado told Winford.

Mavado also added that if Vybz Kartel was freed he would be making a lot of money and have a mansion next door to his.


Mavado home

Mavado came from humble beginnings to become a global dancehall star with one of the most expensive house in Jamaica.

News surfaced recently claiming that the dancehall hitmaker is responding to Beenie Man with photos of his mansion overlooking Kingston. But the singjay told us that he would never show off on Beenie Man with his house because he remembers where he is coming from.

“I grew up in the ghetto in a one room shack and now I am here with a mansion in the sky,” he said. “Why would I show off on another man with material things. I am just living my dreams and reaping the fruits of my hard work over the year.”

A few months ago Mavado posted a photo of the house that he spent part of his childhood in.

“Years ago I stay in this house in the country side like over 20 years ago my sister and Breda family thanks for the experience as a kid,” the “So Special” singer said.

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Comment by Johnny Mello Ringo on January 23, 2016 at 11:32pm
Its not just the hits, it's what he have to show for it. Having hits and nothing to show for it is a waste.
Comment by paul ward on January 23, 2016 at 10:08pm
You right about that DJ Bravo, Movado will never be in the same league as Beenie, I can't believe he is still making hits after all these years
Comment by DJ Bravo on January 23, 2016 at 9:40pm

When it's all said and done, Mavado will go down as one of the best. Beenie will go down as one of the greastest. So Beenie is above Mavado league, though they are both very good. Beenie has way more hits than Mavado and still making them.

Comment by Sh Miller on November 23, 2015 at 5:46pm
Them people then were good, in the space a whole house use to operate in deh and now yuh look back and wonder how the grown people did it then.
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4-5 years old we use to cool in the June plum and starapple tree
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