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Future 'Disses' Steve Harvey In New Song & His Daughter Lori Harvey Co-signs {VIDEO}

Future Drools Over Lori Harvey’s Baddest Instagram Photo Yet, “Thank You God”

Future 'Disses' Steve Harvey In New Song & His Daughter Lori Harvey Co-signs!!

Rapper Future is going viral today, and so is his girlfriend Lori Harvey. Lori is the daughter of legendary funnyman Steve Harvey.

Future dropped a new song over the weekend, where he mentioned 61 year old Steve Harvey, in a manner than many are calling "disrespectful."

In the track, Future claims that Lori Harvey calls him "daddy", because the rapper's "money's long like Steve's."


Steve Harvey has been unusually silent about Lori's relationship with Future. But now, the talk show has may have no choice - but to address the matter. Especially since his name was brought up.

Lori and Future have been together now for the past 6 months. And the two are pretty serious. There are rumors going around social media, that Future may ask Lori to marry him soon.


Future & Lori Harvey Video Kissing In Jamaica Went Viral {VIDEO}

Imagine Future drooling over Lori Harvey’s photos on the Gram.

Future is showing a side of him that we’ve hardly ever seen. At least not since he dated Ciara back in the day have we seen Hendrix reacts like this over a female he is dating. Perhaps Lori Harvey is the one whom he has been searching for since Ciara pulled the plug on their engagement a couple of years back. The newly minted couple is still in Jamaica with some famous friends living their best lives. It’s almost as if they planned on staying on the island forever and live out their love story.

Now back to reality. On Friday, Lori Harvey posted a photo of herself in her bikini on the Gram taken in a cave in Jamaica. Just like the rest of us, ordinary folks, her boyfriend Future couldn’t contain himself. You can’t blame him after seeing this photo. Clearly, she knew exactly what she’s doing, but to see someone like the Freebandz rapper, who is known among the ladies in the game, react like this, is telling.

Not only did Future shared the same photo on his Instagram story, but he also comes through with the caption, “Thank you god.” Of course, a caption like that wouldn’t be complete without a heart emoji. It’s good to see Hendrix like this, showing his emotions and smiling a lot more than usual. This week, she shared a photo of the two of them enjoying each other’s company in Jamrock, and the Freebandz rapper had one of the widest smiles you will ever see.

Whether or not this relationship lasts, only good things can come of it. Perhaps another baby mama in the making or maybe some fire music about how he dropped all the other females for this dime piece. Let’s hope its the latter. Speaking of music, Future got some new music out now with Drake and 2 Chainz be sure to go and check them


Marjorie Harvey Warns Daughter Lori Harvey Against Dating Rappers

Lori Harvey broke the internet when she shared a video of Future kissing her in Jamaica as she celebrated her 23rd birthday.

The short Instagram Story clip quickly went viral on social media. Last year November, we saw Future making his relationship with Lori Harvey Insta-official when he posted a pic of her on IG Story calling her a dime. Now, as we start the new year, we see Lori is making it Insta official with a vintage video of her and the “Life is Good” rapper riding in the back of a car while he plants a kiss on her cheek. Now the two are dominating social media on this fine weekend. Future also reposted the same video clip Lori shared on his own Instagram Story.

Future and Lori Harvey are currently in Jamaica vacationing for her birthday weekend. On Thursday night, the two were spotted on a local nightclub in Montego Bay, partying with a few other celebrities, including Teyana Taylor. The “Crushed Up” rapper made sure that no expense was spared when it came to his woman and made sure her friends were included to shower the birthday girl with love.

Steve Harvey Kicks Lori's Boyfriend Future Out Of Thanksgiving? 

The festivities began with champagne (as do all good shindigs), roses, and balloons as the model boarded her own private jet for the day. Where was she off to? No one was saying as Lori was simply told that she was en route to a mysterious destination. That destination included a hotel with a room that had candles lining the floor, and of course, more roses!

Lori Harvey looked as though she was sleeping in a florist, with her room inundated with red rose petals. The delicate pieces were also specifically arranged on her canopy bed to form a heart and an arrow. It seems Future pulled all the stops for this getaway to Jamaica.

“This birthday is super bomb,” Lori said on her IG Story while showing her fans around her hotel room.

The pair first sparked dating rumors after Lori was spotted at his 35th birthday in November, with it almost feeling as though the couple has celebrated two milestones. Even so, Lori’s step-dad, Steve Harvey, may still be slightly in denial as he said “I don’t know nothing” about the couple being on a relationship.

Poor Steve can hardly delude himself any further after all the effort that Future went to for his girlfriend — especially seeing as this is his birthday ritual for all the ladies he’s dated! Yep, Mr. Hendrix created the exact same rose petal room for his exes, Brittni Mealy and Joie Chavis, on their special days.

Come on, Futch, get your team to come up with some fresh ideas.


Marjorie Harvey Warns Daughter Lori Harvey Against Dating Rappers!!

An old video has resurfaced, which shows Marjorie Harvey, the mother of socialite Lori Harvey warning her daughter against dating rappers in the industry.

"I know you just started dating this year," Marjorie said to Lori in the 2015 video. "No athletes, no rappers. We gonna come up with a list. Don't ever try to fit in when God has clearly created you to stand out."

Marjorie then continued, "Always be a lady, and understand you are the prize. Don't give yourself to anybody that is not going to be your husband. If they love you- if they really care about you, they'll wait on you."

Lori is currently dating rapper Future and over the past year has been linked to several high profile celebrities, including singer Trey Songz and media mogul, Diddy, as well as his son, Justin.

"When it comes to dating, my mom has nothing to worry about. I got this," Lori said in response.

Watch the clip below.

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Comment by vaughn mitchell on February 18, 2020 at 9:40am
All Steve, gas to do is tell her she has choice he she lose the a****** or she cut off for life, she can live off futures money not his, and if he comes to his house he will be arrested. Let her go marry him, but she is not getting a dime from himm
Comment by mr1stroke on January 19, 2020 at 12:11am
Ill buy her those two books her daddy wrote
Comment by lynz on January 18, 2020 at 8:30pm

Listening to her mother & saying to myself,gurl shut up. Let her live her damn life. We LIVE and we learn. 

Comment by Endya Rose on December 5, 2019 at 2:45pm

Advice from a homewrecking drug dealing hoochie.. now her daughter running around hollyweird loose as a goose...#Karma

Comment by vaughn mitchell on December 4, 2019 at 3:04pm
They do not listen until, they end up pregnant, then they want people to feel sorry for them.
Comment by NYJamaican on December 4, 2019 at 9:13am

Welp! That talk was fruitless

Comment by Ignar on December 3, 2019 at 10:28pm
Comment by S. Young on December 3, 2019 at 9:46pm
Fallen on deaf ears boo.

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