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Man that really sucks because it takes a long time to get it it will not make me want to play the game again Its not that bad really not because of your reason anyways, OHK is like what, rank 9 or something? Its not that terrible a grind to get to Will probably take them atleast a few days to get this patch up, just stay up all night and finish modding your OHK before then :x Its still unfair.

I might not be able to play enought to get. And when I say me I say anyone one else Welp, just saw the 6 8hr maintence .patch rolling out? xDYeah, I wish they woulda announced it a day or two ahead of time, to give people a break :S ah well I don t think specialist ribbons will be too bad though, lets wait and see Same with me, i was close to getting K98 kurz with scope all gone instead now my sniper to be can buy a machine gun and an AT launcher yay, what a crap.

Great . Now wallet warriors can buy their way up through ribbons and badges. I thought the was to keep these things unique to players who had the balls to grind them   WHAT?? Its not fair at all! It took me some time to try and unlock this upgrades! Its not fair that I lose then now!!!! RETO??? don t you think this is a bit unfair??? if u read the article correctly it said that if you unlocked upgrades for a weapon and BOUGHT them then you would still have them, but if you unlocked an upgrade and DIDN T buy it then you would have to unlock it again.

I bought the M1 carbine for my infantry using GOLD, after the new build, is my M1 carbine convert into M1 M2 carbine??please or i need refund! i doubt they will convert it because they are adding scopes to both the m1 carbine and m1 m2 carbine in the new update. Changelog: Infantry soldiers who have a M1 carbine have been given a M1 M2 carbine .

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